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Brangelina Shows J.Lo Who's Baby-Ballin'

6/9/2008 7:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony may have spent a whopping $50K on their twins' nursery, but that's seriously Lo-budg compared to what Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are spending for their babes.

Rush & Molloy say that Brangie racked up a $140,000 bill putting together their nursery at Petit Tresor. They got everything from organza bassinets to "Versailles-style" cribs (guillotine not included?) to a $4,500 armoire, and two matching pink crystal chandeliers for $899 each.

And then there were all of those cashmere baby toys – the ones that are so easy to get the slobber out of.

Swayze Gets Back on "Beast"

Patrick Swayze, stricken with pancreatic cancer just a few months ago, is already getting back to work on a new TV series.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Swayze is starting work on "The Beast," an FBI-themed strip that will premiere on A&E in 2009. The show is set to go into production this summer in Chicago.

Swayze has been battling cancer at Stanford University for the past few months, and his doctors have cleared him to get back to acting.

Jessica Alba Has the Cash Baby

The coronation of the World's Luckiest Man continued its inexorable progress this weekend.

Jess Alba gave birth to her baby with retired P.A. Cash Warren, reports People: Honor Marie Warren was born June 7 in Los Angeles, according to her rep, Brad Cafarelli. It's the first spawn for the couple, who met on the set of the "Fantastic Four."

They were married May 19 at a Beverly Hills courthouse.

Party Favors: Criss Angel Gets a Black Eye ... Kelly Ripa Unloaded a Ton of Baggage ... Run on Orlando's Hard Rock Parks ... Dept. of We Are Getting Too Old: You Won't Believe Who Just Turned 50.

Magician Criss Angel had a "run-in" with a 2,000-pound Brahman bull a couple weeks ago, and all he got was a shiner under his right eye, reports Vegas Confidential. Unclear why the bull went easy on Angel. ... Kelly Ripa has been auctioning off a bunch of her bags over the past couple weeks on eBay, teaming up with Electrolux -– yeah, the fancy vacuum people -- to benefit the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, and she's aiming to raise $500K. ... MTV's Sway and DMC –- the initialed half of Run-DMC – rocked the grand opening of Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach last week. But do the water rides have swim-up bars? ... And doves will surely cry upon learning that Prince turned 50 years old this weekend.


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Vintage '51    

To: LLS (poster #7@9:09 AM)-YOU owe TMZ an apology. You don't know anything about ranching.You "assumed" it was "Brahma Bull" but if you had goggled first, you wouldn't have made an ass of yourself. It is "Brahman Bull". So,today you learned something.

2297 days ago

Make It Right!!    

I think the BEST celebrity baby name that showed a real sense of humor was "Rumer Willis." And I did not like the name Shiloh despite being a fan of Brad and Angelina until I just read in Vanity Fair that it was the name of a Jolie sibling that died and that it was also the name Brad used to call Jolie when she stayed at Hotels so the staff would not know it was him. That makes it have alot of meaning for them.

2297 days ago

Make It Right!!    

I'm not sure I believe this story because it insinuates the sex of the twins and Brad and Angelina would NOT let that information get out by buying girlie stuff for a nursery. Unless the pink chandeliers are for Z and Shiloh. And she is famous for buying her kids clothes from 2nd hand stores like Wasteland. I think Petit Tresor is desperate for publicity after the Cruise fiasco.

2297 days ago

Make It Right!!    

And it isn't just celebrities who name their children "bad" names! I have known Rocky and Ivy Wall. I have known a Venus, Precious, Honey, lots of Harley's...naming your kid after a motorcycle????Pleeeeeze!!!! I could name a bunch more but I'm late for work. Bye and love ya all! Enjoy the threads while I am working!!

2297 days ago

Make It Right!!    

One last thing...Honor is better than Charlie and Denise giving their daughters "stripper" names, as Denise said so herself!

2297 days ago


YOur AD Here!,

I also worked with a mother and daughter at a restaurant, and the daughter's name was Venus but spelled it "Venice" as in Italy. I always got a chuckle when people called her Venice and not Venus. lol

2297 days ago


Posted at 9:48AM on Jun 9th 2008 by Kay

LOL,,they think they are important enough. Jessica Alba's child is probably a cutie but the name is lame.

2297 days ago


Honor --- I don't even know her! Ha ha.. she should get used to being teased.

TMZ< shame on you.. comparing Brangie with that dumb Jlo.. at least they do charity work so spending that obscene amount of money can be overlooked for them but Jlo is just plain ridiculous!

2297 days ago

get a life    

Doesnt anyone have a job here? Brad Pitt and Angelina need to adopt some of ya'll! ? Who cares what they bought their kids?Jealous?They have to raise that BROOD ya know=not you all.Every body i know got more kids than they can feed now.Aint ya glad these Stars can afford it?

2297 days ago

by me    

She does look like if she is kooky...........

2297 days ago

by me    

Angelina looks like she loves attection................ Just like J-Low,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I think they are friends or is it Brat friends with Mark?
Because when he was with Jen he loocked down to earth but you just never now??????????
Maybe he is over wellmed?????????? Or
Maybe they like to compet with other people to show of there money?????????

2297 days ago


Hey so that the WORLD knows, I gave birth on 12-6-2003 to a healthy baby boy. We named him Daniel. Mother and child have been doing well for the last 4 1/2 years.......seriously I wish her well (just wonder why this is breaking new all over the place)

2297 days ago


Honor? Is her nickname going to be "Ho"? I agree that children are unnecessarily burdened with ridiculous names like Apple, Phennis, Cooper, Sunshire, and now Honor. Is it a lack of education that influences such poor taste?

2297 days ago

Make It Right!!    

wow, "who nows" has serious spelling issues! Almost every other word is misspelled! Even in the Name! Is this intentional? I can't believe someone would be that lame...maybe it was the American PUBLIC school system spelling class. "Who Nows" should be "Who KNOWS"...and its attention, not attenction...and its looked, not loocked...and again, it Know, not Now... and its overwhelmed, not over wellmed...and its competE, not compet...and one shows OFF money, not show of money. And Brad and Angelina have nothing to do with the likes of JLo and Marc Anthony. That's Tom Cruise that they pal around with!

2296 days ago

Make It Right!!    

And I'm not hatin on anyone...I love unusual names for kids.I have one picked out for my first born! I love Brad and Angelina. I am happy for Jessica Alba and Cash Warren and baby Honor. My blessings go out to Patrick Swayze. And Brad and Angelina don't need to compete with anybody! I just noticed on AOL's moviefone gossip page, Brangelina is the ONLY couple/celebrity that has their very own photo gallery that you can click on. Comparatively speaking, this thread is relatively a hate-free zone!

2296 days ago
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