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Heinous In High-Def

6/9/2008 12:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Some stars just weren't meant to be seen in high-definition. Whether it's botched surgeries, bad acne or just plain atrocious extremities, these guys and gals are better suited for airtime that's a little less technologically advanced.
i hate high def -- click to launch


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the loser    


2292 days ago


i took one look at this women said OH
MY God and quicky turned away lol!

2292 days ago


Shame on TMZ for making fun of Seal's scars caused by his lupus. Take it down. However, Jackie Stallone looks like living hell. She scared by grandbaby who now keeps asking to see the MONSTER LADY picture. ~LMAO!

2292 days ago


Add Heidi Montag to that list. - Her skin is nasty rough in HI - Def

2292 days ago


tmz. is that all you have to do. go around, check out irregularities on people. kinda negative eh??? do you actually
think the people you are writing to, us out here in email land., CARE. i am so perfect i cant imagine?????? go
look in the mirror. what's the saying , those who live in glass houses.??? get real. zits on britney CHEST.??????
THIS JUST IS RETARDED. DID YOU GO TO 'COLLEGE' FOR THIS.???????? irregular areas on a chest. i can only
shake my head. your moms must to proud. go back to school, quit the drugs, and pray.

2292 days ago


Sweet Mother of God. lets lighten up. we have economic collapse, high gas prices, and TMZ is showing us less
than perfect people. is this supposed to be informative. i dont really give a rats' ass. duh. thank you, for one
thing, no more ugly gummi,/paris. outwardly paris is so so, but ugly stoooopid inside. like the kids at
tmz. lets try and not be so hateful/ spiteful// juvenile/ try, i know its difficult to be a little mature. ask harve,
maybe he knows how. remember no drugs.

2292 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

What the hell are these people doing? They've even got make-up on and can still scare the crap outta anyone. Can you imagine waking up next to any of them first thing in the morning???? Yikes! Jeepers Creepers!

TMZ, remove Seal from that horror show please.

2292 days ago


Didn't you just show most of these pictures last week?
Get off your fat a**es and get some new junk.

2292 days ago


I'm eating!!!

2292 days ago


Bruce Jenner looks like a burn victim who has had many skin grafts to his face.

2292 days ago


As usual TMZ is showing people with less than perfect skin. Stooping so low as to make fun of Seal who has a medical condition resulting in his facial scars. Some of those people, yes it's true, don't look so great after plastic surgery but you shouldn't make fun of someone who can't help it and has to live with what they have been dealt in terms of scarring.

2292 days ago


Can you show Gillian's lips? I know she's a nobody but they still look funny.

2292 days ago

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