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Never Mind Rotten's Brutality

6/9/2008 6:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Sex Pistols showed up in Vegas over the weekend to play and party, seemingly ignorant of the brutal lawsuit allegations -- and we were there.

Johnny and his pistols were firing all night at Carey Hart's new club Wasted Space at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.


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I thought Johhny Rotten died..

2295 days ago


please DON'T waste our
time with the FIRST idea;

2295 days ago


this guy is discusting! ::gags self::

2295 days ago

No One Gets Out Alive    

The Sex Pistols are the most over-rated punk band ever that couldn't even play their instruments. Long live the Ramones!!!

2295 days ago


im so bored with the usa

2295 days ago


where are the photos of the other band members?

to #5 - the Ramones didn't know how to play their instruments, either, when they first began. a lot of punk bands didn't know how to play their instruments when they first began. that was the beauty of punk rock. it was when they did learn how to play that they were considered to be "sell outs" by their fans. you need to do a bit of research of punk rock history, #5.

2295 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Since when has John Lydon EVER been known for his chivalry?????? But, when he was on Judge Judy, he did mind his p's and q's in her court room! But even Judge Judy told the guy suing him that he was nuts if he thought working for Lydon would be "more professional" in nature. She tossed his lawsuit out!!!

2295 days ago


He looks like Fred from "Drop Dead Fred"! The 90's movie about the imaginary friend of Pheobe Cates. Hilarious!

2295 days ago


isn't it "Corey" Hart?

2295 days ago


Punk was a PR stunt and big joke. It changed nothing, and ushered in 10 years of Margaret Thatcher. Sad to see Johnny Rotten doing the same old act 30 years later...

2295 days ago

Lydon Fan    

If someone beat you would you wait 6 or 8 months to do something about it? And instead of filing criminal charges would you file a civil lawsuit?

John Lydon does not beat women - that's just stupid.

John is known for a lot more than just the Sex Pistols - he was the driving force of P.I.L.. - he also starred in two of his own television shows and wrote a couple of very good books.

Contrary to popular belief he is quite intelligent and immensely talented.

2295 days ago


To those who keep comparing the Sex Pistols with the Ramones, please learn your punk history. Malcolm MacLaren (sp?) and the Sex Pistols originated the punk movement in England. The Ramones were part of the slightly later American movement and the two were quite different. It's silly to compare the two bands. The Sex Pistols could indeed play their instruments, with the exception of the iconic Sid Vicious who never played a note on one of their albums.

John Lydon might not be the most genteel person, but he is highly intelligent person and a brilliant writer. To try and cast him as unimportant to musical history is to just show ignorance.

2295 days ago


to #11: the ramones played their first gig in 1974, with their first album in 1976; the pistols formed in 1976, with their first album in 1977. but that misses a broader point: malcolm actually copped the whole punk aesthetic from the early ny cbgb scene, and specifically richard hell. that secene started in 1972 with the neon boys, for god's sake. malcolm took the idea back to england with the express idea of forming a band--hence the pistols. "learn your history" dummy.

that said, I feel dirty just commenting on this site.

2294 days ago


Both CBGBs opened and the Sex Pistols formed in 1975, pal. Look it up. Geesh. Ramones played their first gig at CBGBs in 1975. Richard Hell didn't even play his first gig until 1974. Maybe you should check your own history, dude.

2294 days ago


He must have some bills to pay =( Sex Pistols are not the sex pistols w/out Sid Viscious. Johnny needs to let it go - he is done

2294 days ago
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