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Shia to Buddy: Smack My Bitch Up!

6/9/2008 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shia LaBeouf got royally bitch-slapped after calling his friend a "faggot."

He asked for it!


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It was a slap bet people a la How I Met Your Mother. He lost the slap bet and was telling the guy to slap him hard because he would have slapped him hard if he would have won the bet. He wasn't slapped for being a homophobe and that's why they were filming it. SLAP BET!!

2291 days ago


Who sold hollywood on this dork? Does Speilblork really think teens want gaybleepinggoof to represent them? Are they scraping the bottom of the joo barrel? His bad acting screwed up TransF and IJ4 even more so than the Fup'd scripts.

2291 days ago


I LOVE Shia! This has actually been on youtube for a while because I was looking at all of Shias videos the other day and came across it. He is apparently intoxicated and people do dumb things when they are. Everyone has said stuff like this to one of their friends, Just because Shia is in the public eye doesn't mean he should be scruitinized for it. Personally it's funny and he's just being 21 and retarded. He deserves to just be normal like all of us and mess around with his friends!

2291 days ago


Oh...and to all that are trying to diss Shia, you are just jealous of his sucess. He is actually one of the funniest people in my opinion in the business and his acting is believable unlike many out there. Keep doing what ur doing Shia :)

2291 days ago


Jealous a little people? I've done plenty of stuff like that with my friends while out or hanging around. Someones complaining he egg'd it on. Of course he did, so? You've never had a punch/slap match with a friend? Roman Candle fights during 4th of July? The kid is 21, get off his back. At least hes out having fun with people hes comfortable around then hanging in front of clubs and VIP spots and stopping traffic to get his picture taken or some stupid crap that a lot of the young "celebs" are doing. He's old enough to drink, old enough to smoke, old enough to have his own opinion and life. Your just jealous he doesn't have to worry about his bills every month like you do most likely and gets to do "whatever" he wants. Laughable.

2291 days ago


Can I smack his ass too????

2291 days ago


Ummm if you listen closely you can hear that Shia apparently lost a bet and I guess if he lost he was supposed to get what if he was drunk and wanted the guy to follow through.

BTW I think this is ooollllddd

2291 days ago


Another drunken time to be had by a rich young adult. See all the alcohol bottles on the table?....

2291 days ago

Julie from Boston    

All that happened was that he lost a bet. His buddy didn't want to slap him (the penalty for losing the bet was to get slapped in the face). He's telling his friend to not be a baby, just do it. You hear Shia say that if the other kid lost Shia would've slapped him as hard as he could.
So don't understand what the big deal about this video is. Looks just like any typical film from a house party of 20-somethings. (not that i'm condoning the F word, but you people need to relax)
I think Shia's great.

2291 days ago


I saw this on You Tube last night and was hoping it wouldn't show up on TMZ or Perez. I don't think it's offensive at all. He was younger when it was filmed, he lost a bet. Whatever! It was kinda funny, I love watching people get slapped it makes me laugh everytime. Plus, Shia took it like a man. How zexy!!!

2291 days ago

Julie from Boston    

your text for this video is SOOO misleading tmz. making it sound like his friend slapped him because he called him a name.

2291 days ago


Don't want to hear hes just being "young". Sorry but when your profession has you in the public spotlight with big celebrity need to maintain some level of dignity and restrain. This is just another Lindsay Lohan casualty waiting to happen. And it can't happen soon enough for me. He wll be in the "whatever happened to" segments soon enough!

2290 days ago


Rich people aren't the only ones who get drunk when they're young, #26, At least he's not driving.

2290 days ago


#28, But he is just being young. He didn't hurt anyone. He has said that he is growing up and making mistakes. He knows now what it can do to hurt his career. He made a comment that he doesn't plan on slowing down (making movies) any time soon because that's when he gets into trouble. He is a very professional actor. To compare him to Lindsay Lohan is wrong. She's been publicly criticized by producers for going out and partying and not showing up to work. Noone that has worked with Shia has ever complained.

2290 days ago


What a loser, seriously...are these the STARS of today??? YUCK!!

2290 days ago
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