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Shia to Buddy: Smack My Bitch Up!

6/9/2008 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shia LaBeouf got royally bitch-slapped after calling his friend a "faggot."

He asked for it!


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Yep, #31. This is one of our biggest stars. He's human, after all and he may even be a fan of How I Met Your Mother. Galling, isn't it?

2293 days ago

Shia I still love you    

omg, i can't believe one of his "friends" sold a private video like this! that is NOT cool. he was obviously drunk. I hope nothing comes of this. I still love you Shia!

2293 days ago

Shia I still love you    

I watch TMZ almost everyday because most of the stuff they put on here is funny. They do take it to far sometimes. TMZ should be ashamed of themselves for putting this on here!

2293 days ago


I’m a big Shia fan and I work in the industry as well. I understand Shia is young and he needs to act as a normal 21 year old guy – But this video is unnecessary – as a supporter of this kid, I have to admit that when I saw this video something didn’t look good about him and I’m sure his people didn’t like it either. My personal opinion is that his publicist or his agent must be a little bit more careful of what leaks in the media and take action if it’s needed. This guy is an A-list actor and a social etiquette to his fans. People make a lot of money out of him - so they better be more discreet and protect him for things like that in the future. This is a private video that it shouldn’t be publicized - and the worst part, is that it looks that someone made money out of it – shame.

2293 days ago

shia rock on buddy    

People need to relax I swear. Some of us are actually 21, 22 and this is just the way we all act in front of our friends when we've had some drinks. Stop hating on a cool ass guy who just happens to make a lot of $$$ who is having fun with his friends. At least he's not out whoing himself out like some other sluts we know.

Note to Shia: You need to find this person who videotaped it. You can literally hear them at the end of the tape say, you gotta give me this if I'm going to keep this and make a short buck on it.

2293 days ago


I wasn't really feelin this guy before...but, this video might actually make me like him more.

2293 days ago


you can tell this is obviously an older video, Shia is now 22 yrs. old... have any of you been around a group of drunk guys? all sorts of things fly out of their mouths and that word usually isn't meant in a homophobic context. well at least from the men i've been around and i seem to doubt in this case either... just a slow news day and friends who tried to make a story off a friend.

2293 days ago


You guys were all young too don't act like you never did anything wrong. Plus it looked like a playful slap. I think he is great and I love his acting so take a steppin. Like Cortnety said you guys are jealous. I would be too. He is super cute he is hot and funny. Go Shia

2292 days ago


this vid wasn't actually leaked to the press, it was posted on youtube by one of his friends a few days ago, and obviously someone at tmz downloaded it and put it up on here... either way its still funny as hell, and you can tell by looking at him that this is actually kinda old cause he looks quite young here.

2292 days ago


Shia can hold his head up high. All of the slightly negative press he's gotten (i.e. Walgreens, smoking trouble etc.) pales in comparison to his talent. I'm glad to see that most of the comments here and on Perez have been positive. I feel bad for him though. He seems kinda lonely to me.

2292 days ago


If he is lonely I can keep him company. I think he is so cute. Keep your head up Shia. Call me. hehe

2292 days ago


41 & 42, I agree with you. I also think he's kinda lonely. He always looks sad when he's out in public. But probably when he decides to let go and have fun, he gets in trouble... like normal people do, it's just not caught on tape.

Keep rockin Shia!

2292 days ago


Hey Shia --

I'm gay and I'm NOT offended by what you and a friend were just having fun in doing. I don't see why you should apologize nor is there any reason to! I'm tired of these GLAAD and LGBT groups getting all uptight when they hear famed straight individuals making remarks as this. The gay community complains against the Bush Administration for trouncing on gay rights, yet the same gay community trounces all over others, like a police state, when these so-called disparaging words are uttered by someone outside the community, yet, it's okay for us to throwing the words to one another like cheap, meaningless words in the wind. So Shia, DON'T bow to the pressure!! Keep enjoying your young life!

2292 days ago


Is it wrong for an almost-41 year old woman to find this guy incredibly hot?

2291 days ago


like you didn't act like this when you were his age?! and i think its wrong that peple expect celebrities to have a higher moral code than your average joe. they aren't gods. theyre normal people who screw up and make mistakes, and act stupid once in a while.

2291 days ago
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