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Charlie and Denise Battle Over Needles

6/10/2008 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Our spies tell us Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen are at loggerheads over whether to vaccinate their kids.
Charlie and Denise
Charlie is convinced vaccinations are poison. We're told they are now at a stalemate and may end up in court. Pretty ironic and Hollywood, that a judge may have to decide whether to make the kids cry.

Apparently, the doctor for the kids has been siding with Denise. We got hold of a threatening letter Charlie's lawyer sent to the pediatrician last month, advising him Sheen did not consent to any treatment and promising legal retribution if he doesn't listen.


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We know who is unethical    


Did you read what you posted from the FDA. Thimerisol is not used in vaccines for kids under the age of 6. So what are you complaining about since there is NO MERCURY in the vaccine!!!

2324 days ago


In America you have to get vaccinated. The children will not be allowed to attend school if their not. They would be putting other children at risk. It's really not as terrible as the media and Hollywood has made it out to be. My brothers and I all got vaccinated and we're all fine and doing wonderfully. Most of you have also gotten vaccinated when you were younger. I hope the judge sides with Denise on this issue.

2324 days ago


Dude....."Maybe your Kid is Just Stupid".....What a great point!! Kudos for your wording. What are the autism rates in other countries and do those children really receive the same vaccines as American children????? I agree with the crappy parenting VS. Autism diagnosis. I see it all the time...sensory integration disorder, AD, ADHD, a lot of it is parenting, plain and simple. The over diagnosing is hurting the system for the kids that really have the disorders!!!!!

2324 days ago


Autism is a genetic disease not an immunization disease. People just want to put blame on it because they don't want to feel blamed for what is hereditary. It's a fact. You must be immunized here in America in order to attend school.

2324 days ago


Autism is a genetic disease not an immunization disease. People just want to put blame on it because they don't want to feel blamed for what is hereditary. It's a fact. You must be immunized here in America in order to attend school.

2324 days ago


These kids need their vaccinations. There is no proof they cause autism. If one of them should contract measles or mumps, is Charlie's going to take care of them since HE wants to block their vaccinations? No, of course he won't, he'll instead somehow blame Denise.

2324 days ago


Denise quit pimping out your kids,just because you can't get any work,don't take it out on them.what are yo going to do when your looks go completely?Charlie's on the #1 show on tv,your on a reality show on E. I'm just saying...

2324 days ago


i agree with 15. why is he still arguing over everything !?!?!?!?

FOR ALL THIS HE COULD HAVE STAYED MARRIED TO HER. What's next taking her to court for pottytraining without you filming? He's getting to be abit much. I understand that you want to be involved with your kids, but you left the home and you've MOVED ON. so take the hint.

now your' just looking simple.

2324 days ago


I can see where people would rather have their children get Polio and other deadly diseases instead of being subjected to a little Mercury. For all you dim wits out there, you are exposed to more mercury in your daily food and other environmental substances than you are in a vaccine.

Plus I would bet over half of you arguing about this don't even have children.

2324 days ago


What the hell is wrong with this guy? Everyone gets there shots and like everyone else said it is required. I personally have never seen someone get extremely sick over a shot. Yes you might get a little bit sick but would you rather have you child get a cold or some serious life threatening sickness. Man, people on here make no sense. Oh shots cuz autism, I have never heard that before until I read it on here.

2324 days ago


Ok, some vaccines *might* be toxic to some kids. But ya know what Charlie? So is measles. And the mumps. And Hep B. And as he sits by his daughter's hospital bed as she battles the often-fatal meningitis, I hope Charlie is damn proud of his decision not to vaccinate her.

2324 days ago


Didn't these kids have any immunizations while Denise and Charlie were still married? Was this their belief before the divorce? Was it a problem then? It sounds like Charlie is power tripping here. Its going to backfire on him and make him look like a neglegent parent that is willing to put their child's health at risk. I hate to tell you this Charlie and Denise but the courts own your children now! Keep up the great co parenting work! Denise if you are reading this watch out honey! Charlie is going to try to take those kids from you!

2324 days ago


Lawyers have a huge list of letters they can churn out to taunt and harrass the other parent in a custody suit.
Can't believe Charlie's lawyer hasn't sent the one out yet about "Charlie's concern" that the kids shoud only eat and wear organic products! Get smart people, the lawyers want your business and your kids' trust fund money.

2324 days ago


So according to the letter from the lawyer, the doctor is not allowed to treat the girls without Charlie's permission. That's great, hope that they don't get sick or injured while his cell phone is out range.

2324 days ago


I cannot believe how many Autism experts comment on TMZ.

2324 days ago
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