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Charlie and Denise Battle Over Needles

6/10/2008 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Our spies tell us Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen are at loggerheads over whether to vaccinate their kids.
Charlie and Denise
Charlie is convinced vaccinations are poison. We're told they are now at a stalemate and may end up in court. Pretty ironic and Hollywood, that a judge may have to decide whether to make the kids cry.

Apparently, the doctor for the kids has been siding with Denise. We got hold of a threatening letter Charlie's lawyer sent to the pediatrician last month, advising him Sheen did not consent to any treatment and promising legal retribution if he doesn't listen.


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OK, how would you like to be married to a guy who hurts you and the kids by hanging out with HOOKERS and does drugs, while you are at home wondering what is wrong with him ? Why is he neglecting his family like this, why is he hurting you and why doesn't he care about his babies ? NOW, he's all wholesome thoughts and a good father, family man, etc ??? BS. Sopts on a leopard, Baby.

2290 days ago


OK, how would you like to be married to a guy who hurts you and the kids by hanging out with HOOKERS and does drugs, while you are at home wondering what is wrong with him ? Why is he neglecting his family like this, why is he hurting you and why doesn't he care about his babies ? NOW, he's all wholesome thoughts and a good father, family man, etc ??? BS. Spots on a leopard, Baby.

2290 days ago


I cant stand crazy charliee..He s nuts and has MAJOR head problems..The shots for the kids I can understand..IM not sold on many meds out there..Aside from the shots for the beautiful little girls, He s a wack job..She seems OK who the hell knows or cares...Id leave them with Lovely Denise B4 crude charlie the sex crazed coke head porno prince..I would hate to be in the headlines and magazines with all my personal info out there..Embarassing

2290 days ago

blues fan    

I am opposed to certain routine vaccinations, and signed a waiver so that my children could go to public school unvaccinated. I was told by certain natural-health care experts that the problem in this country is not vaccinating per se, but the way our particular vaccinations are produced -- they are crude and contain toxic elements (like mercury) that aren't found in the vaccinations used in other countries.

2290 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Poor, pathetic Denise. She knew Charlie was a cad but she married him just to become famous. Then she popped out two kids - for the money. She tried to ruin Heather Locklear's life (I saw Heather on a golf show this weekend and she looks fabulous and happy) and Richie Sambora's life. No sane man will ever marry whore Denise so I guess she feels she has to pimp out her kids and father to make money. Besides being a slut, Denise must be dumb as a rock to keep bad-mouthing Charlie. He has an outstanding career and a new wife and nasty Denise cannot stand his happiness. Poor thing!

2290 days ago


The vaccine scare & autism is with shot administered prior to the age of two. His daughters are older than that now and have apparently had no side effects from their previous vaccinations. It's a calculated risk to take. There have been no proven links between vaccinations & autism, but there are certainly many serious risks - i.e. DEATH - if you do not get your child vaccinated. A woman recently said to me..."Well polio and smallpox aren't around anymore, so I'm not putting those poison vaccines in my children." I gently reminded her that smallpox was in Iowa last year...a minor outbreak, so yes, those diseases are still around. Her response to me, "Well, we don't live in Iowa." smallpox can't leave Iowa and spread to other areas of the country!

2290 days ago

Joeseph D    

To all you people that think he has no reason to be worried, look at what has happened in Las Vegas. It is being called an epedemic, where thousands, if not more, are infected with the Hepatitis Virus or HIV. Doctors reused needles from patients infected with diseases and applied them to their patients to save a buck. No Doctors have been jailed, Nurses refuse to cooperate with the police, and those infected are to die a slow misreable death, knowing there is no cure. Charlie has every right to protect his children from his cold hearted fame whore wife.

2290 days ago


You go Charlie. Talk to JENNY MCCARTHY. Denise is stupid and is not a good mother.

2290 days ago


Will Charlie let his daughers get the Gardisil vaccine someday? I bet all the women who got HPV from Charlie & his man whoring ways wish they had the opportunity to get Gardisil shot when they were teenagers!!!!!!

2290 days ago


Is there not a law in California making kids take the vaccine? In Texas, if you ever want your kids to be around other kids (daycare, school, camp, etc) They must have written record of all their vaccines. They will kick them out of school if they arent kept updated. I think it should be up to the parents, not the law. How does the law usually resolve these disputes in California? I know their are a lot of people against them. I was lucky nothing bad ever happened to my kids because of them.

2290 days ago


#33 mod- See that is just it, that is what I was saying, then I was stupid and just beleived the doc, instead of my own instincs, but even knowing what I know now, I still think I would have gotten my kids immunization's anyway. Charile has every right to worry, but these shots start at 2 months old, so his daughters are 3 and 4?, so haven't they already had the majority of the shots? Why was he not griping then?

2290 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Slutty Denise is a worse stage mother than Britney's mom, Lindsay's mom and Paris's mom. If she is such a great mother, why is she pimping out Charlie's kids on a ridiculous reality show. (I watched it briefly and thought I was going to gag.) He gives her gobs of money in child support and alimony but she is such a washed out wanna-be she has to be on TV all of he time criticizing Charlie. Denise, you are a nasty, lying whore.

2290 days ago


What a joke. A drug addict who doesn't want his kids vacinated. Probably screwing some hooker as we speak.

2290 days ago


Gorgeous Little girls..........RUINED..........there is NO way they will grow up to be balanced healthy humans with those two WACK JOBS as "parents"........maybe having autism might be better for them.........they won't be so aware of the wreckage their lives are bound to become. What a waste.

2290 days ago


first of all how old are those kids? They should have received a few immmunizations already and the oldest looks like she's past all childhood imms exept the 3.5 one. anyway I don't beleive that autism now is caused by vaccinations, perhaps in the past when some of them contained high mercury content. They do not contain mercury any longer where I am, Canada, my son has had no ill effect from them.

2290 days ago
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