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World to Diddy: No One Cares

6/10/2008 11:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Believing that everyone cares what his name is -- or what he's changed it to, Diddy has recorded his own personal YouTube to "clear up" any confusion you might have about what he's decided to call himself now.

Really dude? Get over yourself.


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I am not really sure why he feels the need to keep changing his name.

How about P. Brain?

2295 days ago


AzzUglee-dat's Diddy. or IGotdabucks.

2295 days ago


Hey Duddy ....who cares? Go do your pimple infomercials!

2295 days ago

Queen Mother    

Who cares !
He's not handsome at all, first and fore most he need to have serious work done on his teeth.
Second, some sort of treatment for the dark circles under his eys is need.

Nobody has to spend two to three hours primping togo out unless they are "UGLY" uou all hear?
Give credit where it's due he's a business amn all about the benjamins!
More than likley he's a good performer in the sack or how else can he attract women beside the vast amount of money he has?
Be Blesses

2295 days ago


Paleeeze. This guy is such a tool. He is so taken with himself. Hiring a man-servant to hold ya brella? Puff-thetic.

2295 days ago


Does anybody care. I think is name should be - Go Away Diddy..... Or better yet Just go away!!!

2295 days ago


Another no-talent loser who happened to tap into some stupid s$#@ some moron would actually pay for. What a pathetic self-delusional idiot. And Yes! Please shut your mouth. Is it possible over those huge rabbit teeth? Gosh! Can't STAND him!

2295 days ago

just wondering    

Well thank goodness he cleared that issue up, I tossed and turned all nite thinking abt what the heck I was suppose to call him!!!!!!!!!!

2295 days ago


"Diddy" helped kill Hip Hop.

2295 days ago


This guy is such a blow hard!! He acts like he is on some kind of drug too. Maybe for his multiple personalities (names). Yeah, good idea blow hard let's all register to vote for your birthday Nov. 4 when it's too late to vote for primary! F'in loser!!

2295 days ago

calling it like i see it    

I am amazed that anyone would think that it is important enough to tell the world that you didn't change your name and blab about how rich you are. In case his sorry, uneducated butt hasn't heard, this country is in a recession. People are loosing their homes and gas prices are over four dollars a gallon. The people that made him rich are the ones hurting right now, I hope all of you realize this and decide to boycott this arrogant, classless, gangster wanna be. Whatever his name is this week, pee pee head, pea size diddy, puffy ego, puke diddy, that's the one I like. Karma is going to come a knocking, boycott him people, wake up and see him for the arrogant puke pea size puffy ego head he is.

2294 days ago


Who cares - his name is MORON in my book.

2294 days ago


What is this guy's talent, anyway? Why is he famous? These self-important douchebags just make me laugh. Why don't you change your name to Self-Important Douchebag, idiot?

2294 days ago


Another RICH old(er) guy with twins/and ,more kids.Move to France Diddy!AND/or adopt some orphans and donate to charity(hopefully,one here in the USA? I'm up for adoption.But,teenagers noone wants! LMAO

2294 days ago


Piss Daddy, what an arrogant fool!

That is a great name, PISS DADDY!

2294 days ago
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