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Donald Trump's Flying Carpet Ride

6/11/2008 1:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While in Britain on Monday, Donald Trump's cotton candy, orange glow helmet mess got a blow out!

Somebody get this buffoon a hair apprentice quick.


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sickandtired ofcelebrityendorsements    

omg...and he says he does his own hair! That's so easy to bellieve. Guess he does his own eyebrows too. Poor Donald! He just doesn't know how wrong this is on soooo many levels.

2289 days ago


Is that punishment from God or what? Horrible. I wonder what his head really looks like. Maybe He's a macro or micro cephalic!!! That would be freakin hillarious!

2289 days ago


Yes, the hair's a frightmare...but someone (hopefully a surgeon) pleeeesa explain those lumps on both sides of his nose....looks like that's where the squirrel on his head stores the walnuts!!!


2289 days ago


Marla Maples was interviewed a few years back, and someone asked her about his hair and whether or not he'd cut it. She said "It's never going to happen, period." "Never happen". She was married to him once, and I'm sure she knows...she was emphatic about it. I think Trump does it because he can. He knows people talk about, don't like it, want him to cut it. That's why he keeps it. It's part of his - ridiculous or not. It's like a statement "I don't care what you people think". Yep, it's hideous all right, but he likes the commotion it causes.

2289 days ago


WOW it finally imploded on itself! it just got so massive it like a gas giant at the end of it life.

2289 days ago


Hair: F
Why : Bad, uneven cut, Half brassy yellow, half whitish grey. Balding and very thin.

Face: D+
Why : Poorly groomed eyebrows, (sloppy), slits for eyes, because of the heavy, swollen, wrinkled lids. His mouth is way too small, and effeminate. His eyes are a nice color. His skin is rough and needs work, double chin. Looks much older than he is.

Body : F
Why: Fat, Puffy, slovenly. His golf clothes are ill-fitting and sloppy.

Health: D+
Why: Needs to lose that blubber, firm up, work out, eat healthy.

Net Worth: A-
Why: Real Estate Market , the value of the Dollar, Foreign Money Problems, Gas Prices

Personality: F Selfish, Buffoonish, Cruel, Chauvinistic.

2289 days ago


OMG! I almost choked on my Bugle when I read the caption to this picture. And Candice C., I almost blew my vodka tonic out of my nose! You people are funny! ...Caterpillers...ROFLMAF!

2289 days ago


Two words...............HAIR PLUGS

2289 days ago


He should just shave his head...Then he would look like Daddy Warbucks.

2289 days ago


Donald, Donald, Donald....Althought you have more money than most and I do envy you in that arena, I can't believe you don't look in the mirror and see what we all see.......that hair needs cutting, shaping by a good stylist. You have a decent looking face and you dress like a million dollars but your hair sucks! You have class, money, decent looks and a hot I order you to get a decent hairstylist......asap!!

2289 days ago

just wondering    

I'm looking at visible signs of atherosclerosis...Yep...the wrinkling the bottom lobe of the ears is a marker!!!....Time to change the diet Donald...u can't get rid of the plaque already building, but if u don't make changes u r headed for heart failure, stroke.

2289 days ago


I don't understand how he doesn't see what others see. It is sad in a way. It has to be a self image thing. He would be appaulded by everyone if he just cut it off. Why doesn't he do plugs? Why doesn't his wife tell him or his kids? I will tell h him. Donald darling, please cut that comb over off. Thank you darling.....

2289 days ago


What the heck is that on his head? If I ever see him on the street, I am going to do a run-by and take it off his head. OMG, what if that is real hair, well then, he will be scalped in the process.

2289 days ago


Ugh, head hair, eye brows, nose hair, ear hair, he is not attractive at all! What was his wife thinking when she said I will marry you? I know, I know, he has lots of $$$$$. His baby boy has a somewhat comb over look like his daddy.

2289 days ago


This guy makes MILLIONS of dollars... (excuse me) or is it BILLIONS in real estate and as an afterthought, puts on a TOP RATED reality show which happens to be the NUMBER ONE grossing, TOP RATED reality show EVER... and you "bright boys" at TMZ call HIM a "buffoon" because you don't like his hairstyle???

And what do all YOU "bright boys" at TMZ do, except run after no-talent "celebrities" (and I use the term loosely) with a video camera all day, to catch them picking their noses, all the while throwing out meaningful and profound comments at them about "beautiful" they look. LMAO!!!

2286 days ago
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