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Geeks to Madden: Jock Block This!

6/11/2008 4:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A couple of gamers are tossing up a Hail Mary class action suit against one of the biggest video game makers -- over the biggest sports game on the market.

EA Sports has an unfair monopoly on the football game business, so the suit alleges, because they negotiated a sweetheart deal with the NFL Players Association -- essentially making "Madden" the only game on the market to feature real player names. Would you rather play with Brett Favre or QB#4? And as a final kick in the nads -- they jacked up the price, too!

EA is mum.

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King Beef    

Good... F*ck EA Sports. Not only does EA Sports suck, but the entire EA company and every single game they make blows. They basically half-ass every single game they make just to get it on the shelves quickly and make a quick buck. They don't give a damn about quality.

2323 days ago


It's about time. EA totally hijacked the NFL license....and that sucks.

NFL2K was such a better game....and EA knew that, that's why they just bought out the license instead of competing.


2323 days ago


get over it, it's an exclusive like direct tv. Meritless suit. Madden ftw!

2323 days ago


I've always thought this was the worst thing to happen to games. This would be like if the NBA only allowed Nike to sell its apparel. Suddenly, every NBA jersey, tshirt, or anything would sky rocket in price. I like Madden and have always preferred to the 2k series but they have absolutely no one to compete against and make them better. Besides, this killed the Blitz franchise which was much better than NFL Street.

2323 days ago


First of all, it was the NFL who wanted exclusivity and put out the call for bidding. Why would EA or any other game developer stand by and let another company buy the exclusive rights for a game franchise they had been developing since 1999? They just put in the highest bid. So blame the NFL.

Second, EA didn't just jack up the price. It's called inflation and after 20 years of games sitting at $50 each a $10 next-gen price hike was imposed. $60 is the industry wide standard for premium games and wasn't determined by EA.

2323 days ago

Mike D    

This is completely lame and these people have way too much time and money on their hands to clog up the legal system with such crap. Yes, EA maintains exclusivity with the NFL, but 2K has done a similar thing with the MLB locking up 3rd party exclusivity from 2006 to 2012, in case you didn't know. Even after saying "We believe that the decisions of the NFL to grant an exclusive licence for video games do a tremendous disservice to the consumers and sports fans... by limiting their choices, curbing creativity and almost certainly leading to higher game prices," Take-Two said in a statement.

And they tried to indemnify themselves with the MLB exclusive 3rd party license by saying "consistent with Take-Two's desire for continued consumer choice, the hardware manufacturers such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will retain the right to enter into development agreements for MLB games specific to their particular platforms." PUH-LEEZ!! The real reason for this was 1) Sony was making the #1 MLB game at the time and there was no way Sony or the MLB would let that go, and 2) TakeTwo did not have the market power to piss off the platform developers.

Get off EA's back you monkeys!

2323 days ago


dude madden sux too much physics to enjoy the game that's why BLITZ is the best

2323 days ago


Finally somebody has done something about it, although I think they'll lose anyway, but hey let EA know that we're pissed. 2K needs to come back it was on a verge of defeating madden and that's why EA did this stupid thing. YOUR GOING TO DOWN EA I HOPE THEY ASK FOR AN INTERNET PETITION OR SOMETHING BECAUSE IF THEY DO THEN EA IS OFFICIALLY SCREWD.

2323 days ago

Johny No Cash    

man, you can't even make money because some poor jock wants a piece of the pie as well, by suing you. WOW!! Talk about a crybaby.

2323 days ago


Who is forcing people to buy Madden? are they putting a gun to their head and saying YOU MUST PAY 60 BUCKS FOR THIS............

2323 days ago


the last few comments MUST be from EA employees. can you honestly tell me that nba live 08 is better then NBA 2K8?! no, not if your honest you cant. i personally like to have to option to CHOOSE which game i wanna shell out $60 for based on which one is better. not be forced to buy madden if i wanna play the frolicking packers against the giants. im not saying anything illegal or whatever was done, but its a bunch of malarky that i HAVE to buy a madden game just to play with current players and teams.... there, i said my peace

2323 days ago


Ill be back to playing NFL Football on a console when EA doesnt have the monopoly anymore. Until then.....

2323 days ago


my fiance is a huge gamer and football fan, and he has all the madden's, 2K's, blitz's, and NFL street games.. he prefers madden over all of them, but he also says he doesnt see the difference, a football game is just that, a football game! who cares if madden is the only game offering real nfl stars?.. isnt it also the only game with the online services and ability to play other players around the world? if you dont like madden, or what its selling, dont buy it! stick to the other NFL games.

2323 days ago


EAsports should be sued for putting out an inferior product. As far as forcing people to buy Madden, no, we aren't forced, but when EA has essentially killed any competition, and gamers want to play a football title, what choice is there? While I was an avid fan of Madden Football, I've grown disgusted with how many glitches and problems the game has, and how after a few months on the market, they quit supporting it. How many other products are allowed to be sold like this?

What if Burger King found a way to kill off every other fast food joint in the u.s., and you were forced to eat that crap because you had no other choices, you'd be pissed too.

2323 days ago


The diffrence between 2k and EA, is with 2k you still have some competition (The Show, which is a far better game). With Madden, there is none. The NFL can operate as a monopoly because it is exempted from antitrust laws, EA is not. All they have to prove is that EA has a monopoly on the football market, and they can win.

The best evidence would be the buying of the AFL license to ensure no one could make a competing AFL game.

This suit won't last long, but it sends a message, and farther hurts EA's wallet. And that's all that matters at this point.

2323 days ago
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