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Hulk Hogan: "God's Will" That John's a Vegetable

6/11/2008 9:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk Hogan almost broke down last night on "Larry King," but his outrageous behavior over his derelict son's criminal behavior was in full blossom.

For starters, Hulk said he felt Nick's accident, which put friend John Graziano in a vegetative state, was God's plan to make John a better person.

As for questions about Hulk going to Hooters after the sentencing, no questions about rubbing his daughter's ass, no questions about Linda saying she was the real victim. Oh well.


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Is it "Gods Will" they all have to overdose on peroxide every month? I could go on and on but I will stop...

2271 days ago


It is apparent that the Hogan/Bollea family does not have a clue what God is all about and until they do, they are DOOMED! Satan has been working overtime with this family!

2271 days ago


Kelli...OMG! What he did touching his daughter like that just disgusts me! I really dislike this guy!

2271 days ago


I hate that whole f***ing family. They all make me sick.

2271 days ago

my, my, what truth dacoits you are    

I used to think Hogan was a mere moron, but this interview shows him to be an imbecile, bordering on idiocy. Wonder what his high-powered PR firm thinks of "Hulk's" foray into our living rooms via the almost catatonic Larry King? Does Bollea really think that he can convince the public of anything other than the fact that he's a scheming, manipulative, lying piece of sh#t, narcissistic, paranoid, unfeeling...Why bother? We, the public, know what he and they are,even if they have no clue. Bolleas, enjoy your lives in oubliette and Anna Freud land(denial). You're useless and pathetic. Poof! Be gone.

2271 days ago


Once again Larry King spends an hour showing his audience he should have retired 5 years ago.

2271 days ago


Kelli, I think you should continue :)

2271 days ago

Social Worker    

He is still wearing his wedding ring.

2271 days ago


Jerk. God's plan to make John a better person? How is he supposed to do that, as a vegetable! I bet if Hulk stopped making excuses for his son's horrible attitude and actions and showed genuine concern and compassion, people would forgive him. This interview just made him look worse.

2271 days ago


Is it "GODS WILL" he wears that rag on his head? I hope so, who wants to see that shiny thing glowing!!

2271 days ago


Oh yeah, I would love to see Nancy grace interview that idiot. I'm sorry, idiot doesn't even describe him. I nearly kicked the TV when he started in on Debbie Graziano being homeless etc. No compassion whatsoever. The Bolleas are the only ones who are suffering and his child is a good person, ad nauseum. I thought his lawyer was going to have a stroke. At best he looked about as comfortable as someone who drank a 12 pack of beer and was denied the use of the toilet. Frankly I hope they televise the civil suit. What 'cha gonna say on the stand then brother?

2271 days ago


I found it seriously hard to believe when he said that if the situation were reversed he would forgive John.

2271 days ago


eddie, are you for real? He bought his son that "souped up car". he continued to let him drive after his son had gotten numerous speeding tickets, and HE BOUGHT HIS SON THE BEER!! OMG...

2271 days ago

hot snot    

Eddie, he is only bringing it on himself. He really needs to just keep his mouth shut. I understand trying to "protect" certain things, but making excuses is not protecting anything or anyone. He is just digging himself a hole. If people would just say "I f*cked up" or "my son f*cked up" then it wouldn't be so bad. but he needs to just be silent and work on whatever "projects" he has going on. they are only making everthing worse by trying to "reason" their way out of everything.

my advice is ...shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

2271 days ago


Why is he still wearing his wedding ring? WTF?

2271 days ago
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