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Jessica Biel -- Where's the Funeral??

6/11/2008 4:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She's dating the hottest guy around -- so why does sourpuss Jessica Biel always look so damn unhappy?!


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She needs to get over herself!! You ain't all that Jess, and it's only a matter of time. Smile beeeaaaacccchhh!

2322 days ago


to beard spotter
very good..a for you at the medium school here where perez gets his info.
ps..there is nothin hot bout that rug cleaner...

as the director said for the love guru they stuffed his pants too..

just ask cam.....


2322 days ago


gray clayface. justin timberlake, is lak, annoying to me. he thinks he is so funny, but hes like, dorky!
i dont know..just kidding!

us non celebs, just LOVE celebrity couplings! so naturally, we love that these fresh faced cutie 'kids' are dating! they are what most of us want to be! they have it all, and most of all, they have each other!

and justin taste in girls is what the media deems hot, sexy at the moment...he should get his scrambled egg hair back...and like, i dont know!!??! date um...

ME! jt, call me!
(just joking)

2322 days ago


oops i should of made my name, shes such a 'biel"

2322 days ago

just wondering    

Justin seems like a real sweetheart and has been properly raised to be a respecting individual and I like that. Jessica is treated like royalty by him 100% because that is the way he treats his mother and it has nothing to do with $$$$$. She does always seem so sullen and annoyed and u can't blame her..but she has chosen a profession that if u r lucky enough to get to where she is within its community of not many...then she should play the game a bit more and smile, at the very least she needs to learn how to do it cause she chose to date a #1 recording artist who is very classy and mature and totally knows how to play the game. Good luck Jessica...otherwise...maybe u should just stay home and become barefoot and pregnant, I'm sure JT would be totally happy with that!

2322 days ago


seriously, she looks like a crackho and my sweet justin looks a bit scared of her. he needs to throw her back under the bridge she came from before she burns down his gorgeous 10 million dollar mansion. shes just nuts!

2322 days ago

just wondering    

MY FINAL POST...jESSICA..ur boyfriend has been a star for a long time...cheer up...if it wasn't for him and ur wanting to be with him..u would have long been abscure!! gezz....SMARTIN UPGIRL!!

2322 days ago


On Jessica Biel, she's not that pretty but has a hell of a body! I just hope she hasn't let herself go. I mean, don't put on tons of makeup but a good touchup will do.

As for Justin, I don't like him at all. I'll admit he's had some hits musically but ever since he left Janet holding the bag after the SuperBowl 2004, he's been on my personal celeb sh*tlist!

Funny thing is, women fall for this guy! I mean, he had Britney Spears in her prime (prior to her going crazy and meeting K-Fed), he all but admitted he did Janet (in months prior to the SuperBowl), he was banging Cameron Diaz for years and now Jessica! Got to give the man some credit, he's managed to pull some decent celebs.

2321 days ago


looks like she just gagged, or threw up...looks sick

2321 days ago


biel is getting more gross everyday while britney is getting hotter!!!! Justin, go back to brit...

2321 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Is she german? she sure looks it..

2321 days ago


I'd trade places with her anytime!

2321 days ago

Michelle LL    

Looks like mother and son and oh, he is sooo not hot. One word ... man-child !

2321 days ago


without all these attentions from the media they would be nothing,so she sholud stop.come on,she can't even act and he can barely sing

2321 days ago

No symphaty from me    

Hottes guy around....You`ve got to be kidding. He was much cuter when he was still a kid. As a man, he`s doesn`t come close to being hot! Sorry but, that`s my opinion......the guy needs to cover his face as much as possible!

2321 days ago
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