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Linda to Judge: Throw Hulk's Ass in Jail

6/11/2008 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Linda Hogan wants Hulk to spend time with Nick -- behind bars.
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Linda is asking a judge to cite the Hulkster with contempt of court, because he allegedly didn't ante up money for a $4.2 million Vegas condo, as required by the judge. Yes, the judge ordered Hulk to pay for a party pad. We love the law.

The condo was in escrow when the divorce was filed and the court order required both Hulk and Linda to close the deal and then put the asset in the community pot. Linda has put her share in but Hulk hasn't.

And here's the kicker. In the legal papers, Linda is asking the judge to throw Hulk's ass in the Pinellas County Jail, where Hulk and Nick can sure scheme to hatch the post-pokey real-ality show. Dis and gusting.


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King of Kings    

Courtney is the first intelligent person to comment on this site, besides myself. Good post Courtney. People just rip on celebrities because their own lives are so pathetic it makes them feel better. I have no use for people like that.

2290 days ago


whats with the copy being fuzzy

2290 days ago


I did not have sex with that women miss Hogan. I had nothing to do with her and i will take a lie detector test.

2290 days ago

Let it Be    

When one hasn't been exposed to the ways of the everyday, real world; it' must be nearly impossible for them to comprehend even being faulted for personal lacks of judgement and responsibility.

BTW...Might anyone know what acommodations were made for the families. many, loyal animals that were shown on their Hogan Knows Best, T.V. series?

2290 days ago


i feel bad for the ole' hulkster....he would be rich if it wasnt for his psycho wife, and moronic 2 kids. Now he has to live with the fact he will be broke his entire life

2290 days ago


Without Hulks money Linda will start looking her age. No Botox ,no boob jobs or make up. Linda what the hell? Nick get out soon and take care of your mom she is going through a mid life crisis. No it isnt funny. I love the Hogans and i hate this. I really mean it. HULK HANG IN THERE! I never did like Linda and seen right through her ass. GOLD DIGGER! Oh Linda your like school in the summer time, NO CLASS FAT ASS!

2290 days ago


Let it Be..., I've wondered the same thing. That's the only thing I liked about Linda, is the fact that she's an animal lover. Hopefully they're with her.

2290 days ago


the whole bunch are sick,sick,sick

2290 days ago


How many homes to those people need?

2290 days ago


this just keeps getting more Jerry Springer.....

2290 days ago


I live in Clearwater also and we eat at Hooters all of the time. It isn't a strip club! It's just a restaurant where the servers wear shorts and serve some mighty fine wings! I'd be interested to see how any of you would handle all that this family has been through. I love Hulky!!!!

2290 days ago


What truly disgusts me is the way you people take pleasure in the misery of others. Yes John is now a vegetable, Nick is a totally spoiled rich jerk etc... and I can't buy the "it's GOD'S will" line, But this was an accident pure and simple...sure he was drinking and driving and Im not excusing that...but he didn't mean for this to this to happen. He didnt hold a gun to John's head and say "get in the car!" Yes he deserves to be punished..I agreee...but don't sit there and pretend you wouldnt do the same thing as hulk is doing if you "had the money" and it was your son facing charges. I GUARANTEE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU (including myself) would lie, cheat and steal, keep my son/daughter whatever out of jail. The only thing worse than what their behavior is in the media, is the way you prople keep going on and on trashing this family.

2290 days ago


This woman (if you want to call her that) is so annoying! What the heck does she do for a living but sit and dream up ways to NOT make her own money - get a job!

2290 days ago


Saw Larry King last night. HOGAN EXPANDED HIMSELF WELL

2290 days ago



The only ones getting money these days are their lawyers. I hope John gets whatever is left. Someone needs to spay/neuter Nick and Brooke - we dont need anymore of this kind of trash around.

2290 days ago
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