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How Monica Felt

6/11/2008 2:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bill Clinton showed off his oral talents when speaking at a rally in Orlando a few weeks ago. Geez - that poor microphone doesn't know what it's in for.

Guess no matter how hard he tries, the C-Man just can't get the taste of Hillary out of his mouth.

Just like the rest of us.


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Over It Already    

Oh thank you TMZ for making my day with this one... I laughed out loud!!! Too funny!!

2291 days ago

Common Sense    

Over the line, TMZ. You're acting like a bunch of misogynistic adolescents. It really is possible to be witty and entertaining without being crude, offensive, and sexist (e.g., see Daily Show). All it takes is a decent IQ.

2291 days ago


for all you 'they should go far away' nuts, you are either 12 years old or just retarded. The man left this country in the best condition it had seen in centuries and a surplus of billions. Bush comes along and stole all of it for his pals for helping him to lie his way thru the WMD mess. As far as anyones sex life goes, grow up, I couldn't care less about theirs or yours for that matter. It's none of my business......... and republicans should keep that in mind too.

2291 days ago


I kicked your ugly wife's azz.

2291 days ago


I thought TMZ was above such nasty, disgusting, and sexist remarks. What do you have to say about the revered John Kennedy who also ran around the White House like a slut. I don't condone his morals (power, corupts) at the time, but he WAS a good president, and why do you feel it amusing to slam Hillary? She is smart, educated, loyal, and capable...she ran a good race for the Dem nod getting half the votes. So go find someone worthy of your scorn...Kardashian, Hilton, Spears, Lohan, Gibson, etc.

2291 days ago


Looks like he has given up his famous cigars and is chawing t'baccy.

2291 days ago


Oops - I meant to say I agreed with #21 - Denise! The heat's getting to me.....

2291 days ago


Yep thats right Bill Clinton is disgusting!! While he was so busy those 8 years he was suppose to be President, lets see, the US Embassy was bombed, the USS Cole was bombed, we paid higher taxes than I have ever paid, health care did not get any better, oh and while he was focused on Monica, the result here was costing us taxpayers over 40 million dollars to defend his arrogant lie!!! Oh and lets not forget, then he let 9 - 11 happen because oh yes he was busy being President.
So why would we want Hillary to be President.

2291 days ago


Hillary's campaign really took a beating when she was caught blatantly lying about her Bosnia trip. Bill didn't help her campaign at all, he comes across as a crazy person anymore.

2291 days ago


Kathi - don't vote for McCain just because you're bitter about Hillary. That would keep this country in the mess it's in now. Obama is a very intelligent man and will be good for this country when he is President...and he will be.
Donna - You can blame the 40 million on Kenneth Starr. He spent all that time and money just for us to find out President Clinton got some oral sex. 9-11 happend 8 months after Clinton left office. W was the one who dropped the ball there.

2291 days ago


Oh Kathi get with the program. You can't blame everybody else for Bill Clinto being such a sex hungry, dirtbag.
And yes he did cause 9 -11, he was not taking care of the US during his so called time as president.
Bush had nothing to do with 9 -11. That was leftovers from Clinton because he was to busy always getting what you call sex.

2291 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Democrats get so angry when they are confronted with the truth.

2291 days ago


Bush is an idiot! Wake up Donna! Bill Clinton didn't "cause" 9-11. Bush was so concerned when it happened that he continued to read childrens' books and didn't even bother to take immediate action. Bush has done nothing but get this country in debt and embarrass us. Check his approval rating.

2291 days ago


jack - what's sad is the right wing continuing to make fun of his sex life. I guess they can't find anything to criticize. By the way, old George Bush was screwing his secretary the whole time he was in office. And yes, it's the truth.

2291 days ago

Just Me    

All of you Clinton haters need to step back and take a look at the last 8 freakin years of George Bush and what he has brought to this country, and then go back to Clinton's term and review what he provided our country with. Clinton walks all over Bush without a doubt. Who he was pokin it to is quite frankly none of our business!! He was the best president this country has had in a long time. What he did wasn't right, I will agree to that but I still hold firm on it being nobody's business but his and those close to him. Anyways, I would vote for him in a second if it was possible. He at least cared about the people.

2291 days ago
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