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Tatum O'Neal: Liquor? I Hardly Knew Her!

6/11/2008 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tatum O'NealGetting busted for allegedly trying to score crack and coke ain't gonna stop Tatum O'Neal from having a drink -- but is it alcohol?

The 44-year-old unfit mother of three was snapped throwing back a beverage in NYC on Monday. Some reports say it's wine, while others claim it looks more like iced tea.

Could Tatum be white trash enough to throw cubes in her Chardonnay?


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jane doe    

You only live once!!

2272 days ago


She is a grown woman and she knows what her weaknesses are...................and she is taking care of it! There is not a person on this site including TMZ who is in any position to JUDGE her!!!!!!

2272 days ago

Something smells fishy...    

Who drinks tea out of a glass shaped like that? Why is the poll 55% yes, and 45% no when there are hardly any comments and this was just posted? TMZ is tilting the results maybe?

2272 days ago

jane doe    

She's a Great Actress!
Leave Her alone!

2272 days ago

He's Boring now    

Those are some outrageous eyes she has---the kind that are demon like, one track focused kind of eyes. If eyes truly are the windows to the soul, her soul appears corrupted.

No wonder McEnroe dumped her...even his fiery self couldnt handle her. Send her back to her daddy, but he wont take her either.

Better yet, jail time and rehab time. Scary individual

2272 days ago


Looks like tea, who drinks wine with ice? Nicer places serve tea in wine glasses.

2272 days ago


She has that telltale crazed stare that all alcoholics get once they get their hands on their elixir's.

You can see it in her eyes "I should I order a Pino Noir next? or a highball and then smoke a Pall Mall?"

2272 days ago


Well first I saw this picture yesterday on another site, so it was NOT last night. Tmz, ya'll just willy nilly write anything, facts or not! anyway it could very well be water. But if not, she is an adult and if she wants to f*ck her life up, it is her business!

2272 days ago


Nothing sets off the delightful crispness of my Franzia like a couple of cubes.

2272 days ago


Way to keep the anonymity in AA - douchebags!!!

2272 days ago


I'm appalled at TMZ for this article. Tatum O'Neal deserves better than what you're throwing her way, which is disgusting. You have claimed she is an "unfit mother" and ponder if she is "white trash enough to add ice cubes to her wine". Your "reporting" sounds like catty, highschool-like bad-mouthing, meant to demean, smear and alienate. This is socially irresponsible to your readers, who are more than likely predominantly teenagers. Tatum O'Neal is a woman who has freely admitted and sought help for her issues and continues to (yes, she was caught but she is accepting and admitting what happened now and can you imagine how hard that is to do with reporting like this coming at her?) and she still manages to hold her head up high, despite the trashing she gets from trash like this article. I wonder if every staff member of TMZ has a perfect past, no present issues and no children that have issues either. If they do, I certainly hope you will splash their pictures and vilify and degrade them the way you have to the people you report on. I mean, if we're all supposed to accept that this is the way our society should be, then put your own stories up here. Shame on you all, how can you respect yourselves for what you do for a living?
I'm not going to read this site anymore, it makes me sick. You seem to be out to destroy people and I don't want any part of that.

2272 days ago


Not too often you are served ice tea in a stem glass!

2272 days ago


That is not a wine glass, it is a water/tea goblet. Anyone who has been to a fine dining restaurant, or even picked out a crystal pattern for their wedding, would know this. Perhaps the dumbass is the white trash person at TMZ who wrote this story. It is obviously tea or watered down Coke in that glass.

2272 days ago


Someone should see if that restaurant serves all drinks in those glasses.. If you order an ice tea and get it in a wine glass, then it probably was ice tea. If they only serve wine in wine glasses, well then you have your answer. Come on TMZ do some investigating!!

2272 days ago

Mr. Know It All    

Hey.............this is NYC, we ALL have drinking problems!

2272 days ago
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