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Celine Dion -- Titanic Bitch

6/12/2008 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The fastest way to ruin Celine Dion's "day off" -- just ask her a question.

She is, after all, the greatest singer in the world.


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She's signing autographs, something we see a lot of celebs DON'T do, and you are calling her a b***h? She did answer many of the inane questions the pap asked her "Madonna looking 20 yo". You call that a question?

2288 days ago


I also think she's the greatest siger in the world. She has a very strong voice & I love it.

2288 days ago


Celine is GREAT!! She is kind to her fans ans really is the best singer in the world-no one is better. She deserves to refuse an unplanned interview on the street if she so chooses. None of you have her talent and love to talk trash about her because you will never even be close to being successful because of the hate and poor attitudes that you possess. Appreciate and respect God given talent, even if it;s not your cup of tea. Celine is a true success story, an inspiration, and the absolute BEST singer of the 20th AND 21st centuries!

2288 days ago

That is NASTY    


2288 days ago


#14,,, Amy wish she was at least 1 Percent like Celine Dion. Anyone here that is bashing this amazing singer needs a life. Obviously, if you were on your DAY OFF you wouldn't want anyone bothering you with dumb ass questions. TMZ not only do they hire morons to follow these celebs around, they also hired people with not public speaking skills. IS that any way to get an answer out of a famous person? No! How about you leave that job to the reporters TMZ?

To # 3, you prove my point exactly. Only people who have low self-steem like you want to bash on other people. You obviously have no idea who this woman is to make such comments about her life, as neitehr do I. But there is not need for your stupid comment. Let HER be. I bet you are one of those people that has every single one of her albums. I even bet you watched Titanic just so you can get to her the end and hear her SONG. Loser, get a life.

The rest of you, the video clearly showed that CEline is a classy person. How the heck do you expect anyone to react when a dumb ass photobuger grills you on another celebs and their secrets? And to do so when you are clearly trying to be polite and cordial to your fans? It doesn't show she's a bitch at all. If anything I wish she had told the dumb ass to go to hell. THat would have been the best. TMZ get better Employees. YOU obviously lack many of them in your office. Stop wasting out times.

2288 days ago

Yeah Right    

How is that bitchy?! I didn't think that was bad. TMZ is a little more sensitive these days....

2288 days ago


I didn't find her to be bitchy at all! Hello! She was signing autographs! There are some celebs that won't even do THAT!

2288 days ago


Seriously what a ridiculous headlines. You're pissed off because she didn't want to answer a lame question and call her a "bitch," yet there she is taking time to sign autographs for a crowd of fans. There are celebrities who don't even give their fans the time of day. Go pick on them or at least think of something intelligent to ask her other than what she thinks of Madonna (ooh did you think of that all by yourself?).

2288 days ago

Little Victory    

It seems that she was signing a big mess of sutographs and taking care of her fans, even on her day off. We in Montreal know her as being always polite, although more fun than you would think, always a lady. If you don't like her music (and I don't), there is no need to take it to a personal level. As for being a has-been, she just sold out a series of concerts and new ones had to be added. She sold out Vegas for years. She's been married to that to one man for years, no long series of lovers. All entertainers should achieve her status as a "hasbeen", because it is higher than most at their best. Give it a rest, go after those who try to incinerate their children or who flush their stellar careers with drugs.

2288 days ago


I thought she was very gracious considering the intrusion. She also happens to be a very NICE person. Her neighbors, acquaintances and anyone who has worked for her can tell you how genuinely nice a person she is. Shame on TMZ.

2288 days ago


I sooo agree with your little victory. That's exactly what the people in Hollyboooo should aspire to. She's shown to be a lady in all aspects of her life. Not only has she stuck with her husband for many years, she did so through thick and thing. Her concerts always sell out and no one can't say that they did not enjoy it. On top of that, it seems TMZ has something against Mrs Dion, why? A couple of months ago they made fun of her weight (too skinny) and now they have to call her bitch. Great way to show respect not only for women, but for someone who was nice enough to entertain the whims of your Idiot photobug. TMZ is you have nothing nice to say about Mrs Dion, then dont say anything at all. And for you to DEMAND that she apologizes to your pappa, that's absurd. YOU should apologize to her.

2288 days ago


Anyone who sees anything in this other than someone saying they are not doing interview they are signing for fans is a class A idiot. TMZ must be working on a slow news day. The title was misleading and Im being generous when I say that. Its an out right LIE.

2288 days ago


I don't blame her for chilling out.What dumbass questions.Madonna does not look 20,she might pass as 38 to 40 but not younger.

2288 days ago


What the hell, where was she a bitch?? She was on her day off signing a lot of autographs, the woman couldn't be nicer!! C'mon TMZ, where you're right I say you are but this one is way off!!

2288 days ago


over-hyped canadian...i thought she "retired"? guess she realized no one missed her "talent" ahahhhhahah. midge

2288 days ago
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