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Celine Dion -- Titanic Bitch

6/12/2008 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The fastest way to ruin Celine Dion's "day off" -- just ask her a question.

She is, after all, the greatest singer in the world.


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lynn Spears    

I seen her at a toy store in Vegas before and she was so unbelievably rude to her fans. she wouldn't let anyone around her and if you tried to go in the same vicinity as her her bodyguard yelled at you. She was a tyrant. and very ugly and scrawny in person

2293 days ago


She's on her day off. and happily and politely signing autographs for her fans. She's not telling them to get lost. She politely reponds to several questions. She keeps signing autographs. But because she doesn't choose to do an interview with an ass from TMZ who asks inane, pointless questions, she is "ice"? TMZ, you get lamer by the minute!

2293 days ago


Is it me or does Celine look like a crazy person? She is also the worlds most narcissistic person in the world.

2293 days ago


How was she bitchy?? She was not rude, she was not nasty. You're the bitchy ones apparently! Besides what kind of lameass questions were those????

2293 days ago


Iowa girl, I get you hate her...but that was cruel. Talking about her husband and her son? She wasn't a child when they got together, she was 20 when she finally told him how she felt about him, and she likes being with an older man. Also, there is nothing wrong with her son's hair, that's the way he likes it. If you don't like her, criticize her and not her family.

Asking her about Madonna? How stupid... It's her day off and she's still signing autographs for fans, and yet you expect her to answer random questions? She's definitely not a bitch...

2293 days ago


more like a way overpaid diva.

2293 days ago


The bitch is TMZ! Celine is one of the few artists who is really happy to sign autographs with her fans. And she doesn't care to go out there without make-up. She's the most down to earth diva there is. If she had answered your stupid question, you would still have made fun of her anyway. Glad she didn't bother with you! She's a class act and far from having a big ego as some people wrote here... Quite the opposite!! Glad she's no drug addict and that she can still sell out huge stadiums across the world without faking to be cool or playing the stupid Mariah-Madonna game!

2293 days ago


If you people don't like Celine Dion, keep the comments to yourself. Why you watching in the first place, surely you must have some liking to her if you are watching her video's?
**Always a Celine Dion fan**

2293 days ago


Next time TMZ instead of asking Celeine about Madonna. Can you ask her why her son looks like a girl? And then if she bitches about interfearing with her kid. Say it's her damn fault for plastering her girl-boy child on Hello Canada!! Seriousley what kind of mother is she? Cut your kids hair!!

2292 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

I'm not a fan of her's, but there isn't a singer on this earth that can sing the Titanic theme song like her. NO ONE.

Other than that, she should retire with all her ga zillions of dollars. (man we all should be so fortunate)

2292 days ago

patricia adler    

i met celine, and family at a resturant in flordia. she was celebrating her fathers birthday. . she sent over a piece of her fathers birthday cake, she was also sighning autographs, while she was trying to celebrate her fathers birthday.a very sweet person. she involved us in singing birthday. we should all be so nice.

2292 days ago


Ummm, so what the hell did she say that was so bad? There she was, obviously gracious enough to sign autographs, dressed casually, not ducking the offensive paps nor acting like an "I'm soooo famous, how dare you approach me?" diva and you diss her for not saying something scandalous or crude about Madonna? In fact, she was quite good natured when she said something about "what 50 year old doesn't want to look 20?" She seemed more down to earth than anything.

Geez TMZ, this is your definition of dirt? There is absolutely nothing offensive about this segment other than the ridiculous paps and their stupid queries. Guess it was another slow news day.

2292 days ago


I've also met Celine and found her to be a very nice person, genuinely grateful to her fans and appreciative of all she has. She is one of the few celebs who will take the time to sign autographs, pose for photos with fans, and is always softspoken and gracious...far removed from being a "Titanic Bitch," which is a hell of a lot more than can be said for many other celebs.

Really scraping the bottom of the barrel this time, TMZ. Looking for scandal and controversy where it doesn't exist. Pigs.

2292 days ago


She's so full of herself.. I'm sure she doesn't give interviews on her "day off" since she won't be getting paid for it. She's signing those autographs like a robot... way to appreciate your fans. Highly, highly over-rated !

2292 days ago


Celine is so extra, I mean she should be happy someone is even given her some attention because since the song she did for Titanic, who really cares about her! So Celine you might want to shut your mouth and take it all in, and thank TMZ for trying to help you out with a come back LOL!

2292 days ago
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