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Celine Dion -- Titanic Bitch

6/12/2008 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The fastest way to ruin Celine Dion's "day off" -- just ask her a question.

She is, after all, the greatest singer in the world.


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Considering the countless MILLIONS of albums she has sold, the phenomenal, always sold out 5 year run live show at Caesar's Palace, and the always sold out concert venues throughout the frickin' WORLD, I hardly think that her Titanic recording alone accounts for her popularity.

Sure are a bunch of jealous cows who post on these message boards!

2324 days ago


I remember seeing you working the McJob not Celine!
She has money and talent that could kill all of you haters here and that includes you TMZ people.

2324 days ago


LOL! You can see you guys are new to 'Celine World'.....that's her dry humour! :-D Fantastic.... Don't be so overly dramatic lol
If she would be a bitch, she wouldn't be standing there signing autographs on HER DAY OFF (see Madonna for a definition of "bitch")..

2324 days ago


Just another elitist celebrity bitch. Hasn't the world filled its quota yet?

2324 days ago


She must be...
Wee Harvey's camera goons are following her around.

2324 days ago


"Ice Queen"? Whatever jerks at TMZ thought of that title seriously need a life. She wasn't acting nasty in anyway at all. You stupid reporters ask celebrities questions that make them uncomfortable, what did you expect her to say? "Oh, Madonna's a skank for doing that!". She didn't want to offend somebody, so she shrugged that question off in a joking manner. If that's Celine "flipping out", i'd hate to see her when she's having an emotional breakdown.

And to those saying she is "so yesterday", so sorry that Celine isn't willing to be an attention hog like a lot of the young stars today. She's such a classy lady, she doesn't *have* to sign autographs and do all that on her day off. She does it because she wants to, and for the people at TMZ to make a mountain over a molehill, they are incredible jerks who need to move onto the next set of skanky pictures Miss Miley Cyrus has taken this week. The thing about Celine is that she actually is one of the few, *true* great people, and because of that, everybody freaks out at everything she does. "OMG SHE DIDNT ANSWER A QUESTION HOW RUDE SUCH AN ICE QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Celine has been working hard since the early 80's to get where she is, and because she sings about love, doesn't cause scandals, and gets a little sappy during interviews, everyone feels the need to attack her.

There's no reason to be hating on Celine. You can call me an obsessed, crazy fan who goes around defending her every move, I don't care. I feel a need to speak up when some no-life jerks start to make her look like something she's not! She *should've* been nasty to you, because you jerks at TMZ(and any other tabloid) choose to get in her face on her day off. Just get a life and go report on whatever new set of pictures Miley has taken, or what car Britney has hit, or whatever. Don't turn Celine into something she's not.

2324 days ago

Make It Right!!    

And did anyone really think she was anything else but a bitch??? I mean really?? Just because she sang the song from Titanic they thought that made here sweet or something???

2323 days ago


All have to say is what a JERK that woman is.

2321 days ago


What is the big deal? I thought she was being very gracious. She is taking time out for fans and signing autographs. Why are people so mean to her?

Just curious.

2273 days ago
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