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Clooney's Ex Perked Up After Break-up

6/12/2008 12:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Making a very deliberate stroll down Robertson Blvd. yesterday, Clooney's ex Sarah Larson was slammed with questions -- including her rumored boob job.

The smiley ex-waitress let her breasts do the talking -- mostly small talk.


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2231 days ago


Why does anyone care about this chick? She's a waitress and she's not even that good looking. Now that Clooney is finished with her she's no different than any other anorexic, silicone enhanced ho you see walking around LA every day of the week.

2231 days ago


Sarah is a phony as her boob job! Clooney finally got smart & got rid of her. Now she is using the Clooney name to try to do Playboy. Playboy can do much better than this wannabe!

2230 days ago


I do also wondering what sunglasses she is wearing.. Anyone know?? TMZ, help us out!

2230 days ago


Sarah is a sleeze. She posed with no underwear on, took sexually suggestive photos with men & women & drank blood & ate bugs on Fear Factor. She couldn't make it as a model so she had Clooney make one up for her. Lied about her past on TV like we all were stupid & no one from Vegas was going to tell the truth about her & her recent past was all over the internet. . Clooney treated her well & she is using his name to try to get into Playboy now she has had a boob job. I am sure the PR firm she hired let it be known where she would be to promote her wannabe career. Those who think TMZ is lowlife should be happy Sarah is right in her element. She gots lots of goodies from George & time for her to go back to Vegas for someone else to support her.

2230 days ago


All she did was go out with some old guy, what's the big deal? Maybe he's a huge pain in the ass and she's happy to be rid of him.

2229 days ago


This woman, Sarah Larson is absolutely beautiful. Who are these people to call her trash and a nobody. For all these people know, this clip shown could get her a modeling contract worth ten times what they make in a year. And as for the plastic surgery, just because she broke up with clooney is the only reason people are bringing it up. I SAY LEAVE HER ALONE. The one's with all the bad commets will have KARMA bite you in the ass.

2229 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Stop with the "old" comments already, please! Your generation will turn 40 one day and you will see how NOT old 40 is!!! And if us 40-somethings are so old to all of you, then why are so many of you 20 and 30 somethings trying to F*ck us all the time??? I'm not a man and I'm not famous, but man, I have got the 20 and 30 year olds all up on me when I go out and hitting on me all the time!! My current lover, who I have been with for over 2 years now is 32!!!And he's my oldest boyfriend since I split from my ex six years ago!!! The youngest was 25! So what is up with calling us old and if we're so old, why are you all trying to do us??? Even us non-famous peeps??? So don't tell me you wouldn't do a famous old person like Clooney!! I know how you feel tho...I never got the Paul Newman deal until I saw The Hustler about 5 years ago. Then I saw how beautiful he had been in his day. One day, people will be saying these old things about the people you now admire and can't ever believe will be old one day. Pam Anderson was bigger than Kim K could ever hope to be and now look at Pam! Kim K will one day be as old as Pam and it won't be pretty either!!! LMAO!!!

2229 days ago

Make It Right!!    

I was just trying to sound funny, not black...and I am not making fun of African Americans either. I find the rascist comments that are suddenly cropping up all over TMZ to be disturbing and unseemly, even for a skeezy celeb site like TMZ!!!

2229 days ago


George Clooney looks like a florida retiree that isn't getting anymore easy on the eyes in my opinion. His day is over. The only reason he gets these girls is his money, he is gross. PLUS I THINK HE LIES ABOUT HIS AGE- Didn't anyone notice that in mags he is miraculously now like ten years younger?!! LOL

2229 days ago


Phony Model! Phony Boobs! Phony Woman!

2229 days ago


Sarah is not beautiful. She only got on People's most beautiful thanks to George. She was a known Vegas party girl who took trips with rich men. This was her claim to fame along with her lowlife photos she was happy to pose for. Se is a wannabe aspiring model at 29! What a joke! George has more class than she ever will!

2229 days ago


Sarah is rying to pose for the wrong magazine. Hustler Magazine s right where she belongs!

2229 days ago


Don't feel sorry for poor Sarah. As soon as she finds someone to pay her way she will be "In love" again! Way to go George you got rid of her!

2229 days ago


I USED to like Clooney. I thought he was a really good actor. Especially in The Perfect Storm" (where he shucked his Hollywood Look for the role).

This guy goes through women like a female goes through Kotex on her second & third day of her cycle (ladies you know what I mean).

He must be:

Afraid of Committment
Man with Mama issue's
Male Whore!!!!!!!!

I won't even watch his movie's anymore, he makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Like I said ; USED to like him, until he turned into a male WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2228 days ago
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