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Grazianos to Hulk: Sit and Spin!

6/12/2008 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family of John Graziano is telling Hulk Hogan where to stick his "God's will" when it comes to the Hulk's ridiculous appearance on Larry King's show the other night.

Yesterday, through their lawyers, the Grazianos said that whatever Hulk had to say about John and Nick was just a bunch of fake boo-hooing: "No matter how he tried to spin it, no matter how he tried to cry at the end," says George Tragos. "It wasn't going to change people's minds."

Not only that, they're P.O.'d because they weren't given the chance by King to come on the show and respond to Hulk's hooey.


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I think it was wrong of CNN not to give the Grazianos a chance to tell their side of the story. The bottom line is, Hulk Hogan is definitely affected by all of this and though his son was wrong in what he did, he's still his dad and it's got to be tough to have your son in prison at 17. What I don't understand was his justifying Nick driving over 100 on Alligator Alley because everyone else did. Give me a break. He was out of control with his driving. Too much too soon. Train wreck. Choo choo!

2293 days ago


The hogan family is such a mess. The hole family are a fake bunck of people. This family is the worst ever. That family spends more time talking about John's character then their own actions. There son is all to blame, he caused the whole thing. I don't care if John was a bad person, he was so bad Nick was hanging out with him..... Hogan, his wife, and daughter and I won't forget the son are doing it all for the camera. It's a shame the daughter acts like her whorish mother. She is foney like her foney daddy...... It's a family thing....

2293 days ago


I am all for a boycott I stopped watching Gladiators months ago and refuse all that is HOGAN! Stupid Jerks! Also if anyone knows where I can send emails to EXEC's, Companies, Sponsors, Etc...please let me know I am ready to let them have it!

2293 days ago


there is god's will and nicks will and hulks will,hulks will said i am going to let my son drive this car,hulks will said i am going to give my kid booze,nicks will said i am going to race down I-75 and god said don't do it,none of it is legal,but hulk and nicks will said don't worry god we got this covered I-75 is a open stretch of road,i know ive been drinking but you will protect me,god said f@ck you hogans,when you do your will and not my will you suffer the consequences of that choice oh yes and by the way,god also said everything happens for a reason and the reason is john got in a car driven by a reckless drinking azzwipe who with the permission of his parents was drinking and driving a car built for racing and smashed the brains of a young kid who went to war and came back alive,it that does not make you a better person i don't think god will would let you survive a war just to be taken out by some spoiled rich kid,no hulk hogan,this was all your will from the start,don't try and lay it on gods doorsteps,thats why god gave people brains to make laws to stop people like you and your son from breaking them and harming other people.gods will was to obey the laws,your will said f@ck it hogan know's best!

2293 days ago


boycott all Hogan !!!! Crocadile tears Gods will what happen to John PATHETIC!!!

2293 days ago


I am boycotting the Hogans. Which means I no longer watch NBC (bye bye "The Today Show) and I will continue to boycott NBC until they fire Terry Bollea from American Gladiators. I would watch American Gladiators if Hulk Hogan was not a Host. VH1 is easy to boycott. All their programs suck. Listen up advertisers, you are losing MONEY because of him.

2293 days ago


What a joke the Hogans are !!!!! Is Hulk Hogan really that stupid or did he think we were stupid enough not to see how he danced around the questions ?!?!? Did anyone else notice how he kept calling Nick a child and a juvenile .... and yet he himself acknowleged serving said child alcohol on their boat and giving said child a very expensive car even though said child has a history of tickets.....Hulk maybe you've been body slammed one too many times because I think you have brain damage......what a mess your family is.
NICK be a real man and instead of crying to Mommie and Daddy take responsibility !!!!!!!!!
Hogan QUIT pointing fingers at everyone else.....we see right through you and that sorry excuse of a family of yours !!!!

2293 days ago


Remember he is somewhat of an actor!!

2293 days ago


Boycott EVERYTHING Hogan or Bollea.

Everyone in the family and associated with it is a bunch of sanctimonious, self absorbed trailer trash with no class or morals. John and his family do not deserve the creepy way Hulk is stabbing them in the back.

Larry King obviously dropped the ball BIG TIME with this interview - he did not ask the good, hard questions and he did not allow John's family to comment.

See? Everything associated with Hulk turns to $hit, cause that is what he is.

2293 days ago


Well of course the Grazianos' weren't invited to the Larry King show, as clearly Larry didn't want to do or say anything that might upset the Hulk. Larry did everything but pick up Hulk and cradle him in his arms. It was an amaturish question and answer hour and Larry King must know he has lost his edge. He is no longer the hard hitting news journalist he once was, which is so sad. Like Barbara Walters, Larry has gone soft. Poor Larry could have been remembered as the man who made Hulk sweat and answer the though questions but he chooses to be remembered as the paternal grandfather who danced around "the elephant in the room".....Grazianos and their attorneys can request that Hulk and Linda face them in an interview on 48 hours or 20/20 or Primetime live..and then we will see the Bollea family grilled like they should have been on THe Larry King show...

2293 days ago


So, I am wondering, does Hulk Hogan have EXTENSIONS under that rag on his bald head?

Posted at 9:32AM on Jun 12th 2008 by LLS

The hair is attached to that god-awful orange do-rag. Hulk is a mess, physically, mentally and morally.

2293 days ago


I have lost soooooo much respect for The Hogans. I liked them during their show. WOW..look what an ounce of fame will do to a family. It's digusting how they act. I actually feel sorry for daughter Brooke...she doesn't have a chance. Her entire family has gone off the deep end. As much as it hurts, she should distance herself from them, and SHOW them how to behave properly. The world would respect her and probably her family would learn from her. Hulk on Larry King...whaaaaat a joke...and whaaat a no talent pitiful soul. Just pray for them all. Brooke has some talent, and is a beautiful girl, but unfortunately her deeeep love for her family is going to pull any chance she has waaaay down. Break away Brooke...even if it hurts.

2293 days ago


The Hogans are much too important, at least to themselves, to take responsibility for anything. They tried to blame John Graziano and when the public didn't buy it, they're trying to blame god.

2293 days ago


Can you say SLIMEY?

2293 days ago


In the parking lot I think talking to TMZ Linda Hogan said the sheriff has to keep him for a month for evaluation. What did she mean by that? Nick's sentence can be reduced for good behavior and somedays are counted as 2 days served so he can be released in October. But can the sheriff release him after 1 month?.Her comment sounds like something has been worked out or planned but can't happen until Nick completes a 1 month evaluation.

Did TMZ or anyone else catch this odd thing she said?

2293 days ago
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