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Paging Dr. Ungreytful -- Get Off Your Heigl Horse!

6/12/2008 12:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's only a matter of time until Katherine Heigl pisses off every writer in Hollywood.

She's already knocked down "Knocked Up" and yesterday Heigl trashed the writing staff at "Grey's Anatomy", too. Sure, the show did kinda blow this season, but she's still gotta work with them. Awkward.


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Oh, and I like the way she didn't want to take a spot from someone else more deserving. So she just assumed she'd be nominated if she put her name out there & she'd get nominated over some more deserving because she is so GREAT? LOL

2292 days ago


And did you notice she had her snagle tooth fixed during the writers strike?

2292 days ago


Too bad she is such a douchebag, she has got a smoking set of boobies!!!

2292 days ago


Why oh why does this happen to some actors? They spend the majority of their life trying to break into the business and if they are REALLY REALLY lucky they get a break. And then what do they do? Turn into divas. Heigl..moanin and groanin about Knocked Up, wants to do movies only TV is too much work, knocking the writers. Whatshername from Lost..I hate Hawaii too many people know me, I wish I wasn't famous, leave me alone. Oh. Come. On. I would bet all my money that neither one of them (or others just like them) will walk away. They should shut it or get out and give others a deserving chance who would appreciate it.

2292 days ago

Dan the man    

Instead of flapping her gums she should grab a pencil and pad and write an episode!

2292 days ago


What an ego. Who's to say she would have even gotten a nomination?

2292 days ago


Always thought part of being a GOOD actor was to make bad writing look good.
Who in the heck does she think she is? Most people still have never heard of her.

2292 days ago

No nonsense    

And they fired Isaiah Washington for this Bitch! Guess who laughing now bitches!

2292 days ago


She needs to shut up. She needs that job more than most. Someone in that household needs to be earning a living!!

2292 days ago


a good actor could read the phone book and have it be riveting. Heigl is just not that good an actor. And pretty presumptuous to assume her ass would end up on the Emmy short list anyway.

2291 days ago


Wow....she's real proud of herself......perhaps she should take her same advise and not speak in public.....

2291 days ago


Oh yeah !!! FLAUNT the camel toe !!!

2291 days ago


Everyone is talking about her and Grey's......................well, let me address the outfit she has on! Katherine dear, when you go out in public, know that there will probably be a papz around every corner. So, please do us ALL a favor and leave those tight, camel toe jeans at home! They are not flattering. The ONLY person they might look good on is POSH.

2291 days ago


Too much (fake) "cutting edge" critique from you, TMZ. This chick always responds to your questions, naturally; not flipantly. She's statuesque; beautiful; Somk'n Hot; and rather graciuos. Her comments about the show's performance were not directed toward the writers. It's the show that she felt didn't merit "Emmy" consideration this year. Her comments were fair, given the respec for the Academy that she asserts she has and is entitled to. Maybe if she learned some "political correct" commentary, which wouldn't mean anything, you'd be more pleased. Please stay real Katherine.

2291 days ago

Fernando Valenzuela    

1. maybe next season she'll fall down an elevator shaft...

hey man that wasn't funny.....

2291 days ago
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