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Paging Dr. Ungreytful -- Get Off Your Heigl Horse!

6/12/2008 12:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's only a matter of time until Katherine Heigl pisses off every writer in Hollywood.

She's already knocked down "Knocked Up" and yesterday Heigl trashed the writing staff at "Grey's Anatomy", too. Sure, the show did kinda blow this season, but she's still gotta work with them. Awkward.


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It's pretty obvious. She thinks she's a movie S T A R now. If she asks to be released, they'll say no. What better way than to make them POd enough that they can her?

Believe me, she knows exactly what she's doing. This has been carefully planned, isn't an accident, and she no longer wants "another actress" to win an Emmy than she does the man in the moon.

2289 days ago


I find her refreshing honest. I would take her over those fakes in Hollywood any day. She probably does want out but two words David Caruso.

2288 days ago


Glad she's not afraid to bite the hand that feeds her. After all, an actress with her range and talent doesn't need a podunk tv show like Grey'a Anatomy. If it weren't for Grey's Anatomy, she'd be another out of work actress. You don't see anyone else from the cast bagging on the writers. I bet she's going to catch a deadly disease next season, or better yet, fall down an elevator shaft.

2288 days ago


This girl is a bitch, and she can't act, and she's not even good looking.

2287 days ago

Make It Right!!    

I think she is being GRACIOUS and I wish other actors were as gracious!!

2287 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Candice Bergman won so many times for Murphy Brown, the emmys became part of the set! But, atleast Candice Bergman GRACIOUSLY withdrew after so many wins to give another actress a chance to win!!

2287 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Helen Hunt was the recipient of Candice Bergman's GRACIOUSNESS and she went on to win year after year...even winning an Oscar and an Emmy in one year and yet still she did not show another actress the GRACIOUSNESS that was shown her and she continued to enter and continued to win until the end of the show Mad about You.

2287 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Kelsey Grammar and David Hyde Pierce should have also been GRACIOUS and bowed out of the emmy competition after they'd both won for Frasier so many times...I mean really, how many emmy's does one need for the same role year after year??? It is refreshing to see someone in the acting profession who has only won once say, hey, I am not deserving of a nomination this year and withdrew her name!

2287 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Phew!! Sorry about all that folks. I tried to make that all one post but it wouldn't go thru until I broke it up into parts!!!

2287 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Sorry!! Had me so flustered...its Candice Bergin not Candice Bergman!!! Sorry, sorry, sorry!!!!

2287 days ago


i'm a writer and she's an ingrate who needs to get replaced! (even though she's hot). actually, i think abc is kind of looking to do that - i saw this awhile ago:
they're billing a summer show called "hopkins" as their 'greys anatomy replacement' and the vid shows a blonde resident juxtaposed with izzie clips that kinda reminds you of the material she USED to have....

2285 days ago


It is about time somewhat spoke up about what passes for good writing on tv shows and movies. Writers get paid alot of money for bad writing because everyone turns the other way rather than face them with the truth because of fear of retaliation. Katherine is and has always been an honest person. She is very brave to speak out about this subject. The fans at home just have to endure the bad writing for their favorite shows. IMO after the Washington fiasco the powers that be decided Katherine was on their black list so they wrote her part lousy and she refuses to take it. She needs supported by the fans; then maybe we would get top quality tv shows instead of one season of a good series and then they turn it to garbage with bad writing.

2285 days ago


Two words....

David Caruso

Took him a decade just to get something decent (CSI: Miami) and he sucks on it.

2282 days ago


It's obvious to anyone who's watched Grey's Anatomy last season that Heigl's character has been put on the backburner, being nothing more than reactionary. So why wouldn't she be pissed off about it? This all comes on the heals of Disney trying to screw around with her salary (Shades of Suzanne Somers?). Are the two connected? Some would say that Heigl's character getting put on the backburner was something Disney (who puts out the show) came up with to retaliate against her for having the "gaul" to ask for an adjustment in her salary to reflect what she is now: a bigger star!

The writers put out what their bosses tell them to, and it's obvious that they were told to screw over Heigl. It'd suck if she had to leave the show becaue of all this crap. Her character is one of my favorites on the show.

2281 days ago


she's so f'in ANNOYING!!!!! Earth to Katherine Heigl your no Audrey Hepburn or Joan Crawford. GET OVER YOURSELF!

2280 days ago
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