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Madge -- Burned by Her Own Bro?

6/12/2008 7:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One person who knows where Madonna's bodies are buried –- her brother Christopher –- is apparently going to reveal 'em all in an upcoming book.

Christopher, with whom Her Madgesty fell out with years ago, is writing a saucy tell-all that comes out next month. And sources tell the New York Post that it's going to ride rough on Madonna. "It's extremely graphic and devastating," says a source. "He wrote it on the sly without telling Madonna."

Or, as a pal of Madonna put it, "Oh, my."

Babs Ditches Hill, Backs Barack

Barbra Streisand –- lifetime F.O.C. (Friend of Clintons?). Not so fast.

It looks like Babs is jumping on the Obama-wagon now that her pal Hillary got beat: The L.A. Times reports that Streisand has "offered to help" in B.O.'s run for the White House. This is the same Barbra Streisand who's been such a strident supporter of the Bill-and-Hill show for years.

Nothing's solid yet, but Obama's H-wood backers hope she'll at least sing at some campaign events.

Party Favors: Pink is the New Relaunch ... Lynne Spears Set to Exploit Brit, Finally ... Paul Newman Pal Backtracks on Cancer Claim

Congrats to our dear friend Trent at Pink is the New Blog on his relaunch. Preach! ... Lynne Spears' big memoir about raising Britney and Jamie Lynn (one presumes, not a how-to) will be out on shelves this fall, its publisher tells People. The book was put on hold when J-L got knocked up. It'll be called "Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World." ... Paul Newman's friend A.E. Hotchner tells Access Hollywood that he never said anything about Paul having cancer, as the AP reported yesterday. He says he was misquoted. And Newman maintains that he's doing "nicely."


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If I were Lynn Spears I wouldn't be going around bragging about how terrible mother I was. And as far as Madonna goes, it's common knowledge how big a whore and demanding b*tch diva she's been over the years,

2322 days ago


First, second and third haters!!

2322 days ago


Yes it is a well known fact about Madonna, remember "Truth or Dare?" It's a shame Uncle Christopher isn't thinking about her kids. Christopher must need the money.

Momma Spears is out of her mind!

2322 days ago


Just another reason to vote for McCain!!!!!!!

2322 days ago


katherine just got too big for her britches,maybe she wants out of her contract to do soapy movies,she has to learn to play nice,her role about denny overshadowed grey's role and they had to pull it back,after all it is called grey's anatomy,not izzy's your lines and shut the f@ck up.

2322 days ago


I cannot believe there is going to be an Emmy Award show!!!! What the heck for. The actors didn't work more than half the year. Why Why Why does Hollywood always pat themselves on the back. Good for Heigel saying she wasn't good enough. Don't watch that show but no actor, no actress was good enough this year to accept any award of any kind. The whole season sucked because they didn't work. Hollywood slays me. Pat ourselves on the back again and again for little accomplishments. If any of us worked for less than half a year we would be fired. I backed the writers for their strike and hope they got fmore money but to have an awards show after last TV season is funny funny funny and sad. I hope the worst people win!!

2322 days ago


Ya, but that's sweet, i'd like to get busy on that!!

2322 days ago

Ha Ha    

"with whom Her Madgesty fell out with"...lose the second "with."

2322 days ago


No material? No kidding! The show wasn't on for months. She's right.

2322 days ago

Lenn K.    

Madonna has this coming with the way she treated people over the years and the debauchery that was going on in her life during the 80's and 90's. Who cares about the communist Barbra Streisand and her vote.

2322 days ago


Grammar police
Thankyou for not blasting the bloggers

2322 days ago

hot snot    

katherine heigl is completely over rated and i am so sick of her face. that is absolutely a crappy thing to say. i hope the new season brings genital warts and other embarassing things for her character

2322 days ago


Madonna actually preferred Christopher to some of her other siblings during her childhood. You can't blame him for wanting to douse her fire though, all of her other siblings have already tried to cash in on her fame.

2322 days ago


I really USE to like Katherine Heigel but, she has become "you can't touch this" BS! It is a well known fact that she desperately wants out of her contract with Grey's. This is certainly not the way to do it! By taking herself out of a possible Emmy, she has just slapped the writers in the face you know, the ones that are her bread and butter. Without them, she might be waiting tables!!

I will defintely read Christopher's book...................Talk about someone that thinks she is ABOVE anyone and anything! It eventually all comes back to you!

I agree with Lenn K., Babs is a commie and could care less who this screaming liberal votes for!

2322 days ago

wrong on this one    

Katherine Heigl is going to follow Jennifer Aniston into nowhere land. She wants out of her contract (shouldn't have signed it, dumbass, if you weren't going to abide by it) so she'll be as classless as possible, bashing the show that GAVE HER her career. Does she really think SHE was the reason anyone saw Knocked Up? I saw it despite her. She'll make a couple of crappy movies after she leaves Grey's (they could easily do without her, there's so much talent on that show) then no one will work with her again since she's such a bitch. Good riddance! (And what's wrong with her teeth? They are really distracting...something's not right there)

2322 days ago
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