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Paging Dr. Ungreytful -- Get Off Your Heigl Horse!

6/12/2008 12:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's only a matter of time until Katherine Heigl pisses off every writer in Hollywood.
Katherine Heigl: Click to watch
She's already knocked down "Knocked Up" and yesterday Heigl trashed the writing staff at "Grey's Anatomy" too. Sure, the show did kinda blow this season, but she's still gotta work with them. Awkward.


Despite having access to the best shops, designers and stylists, some celebs just can't seem to pull together a decent outfit.

Check out these A-list fashion atrocities that will have you wondering, WTF are you wearing?!

Celine Dion: Molson Ice Queen

The fastest way to ruin Celine Dion's "day off" -- just ask her a question.
Celine Dion: Click to view!
She is, after all, the greatest singer in the world.

Hollywood Freak Show

Tinseltown is full of trainwrecks. To these stars there's no such thing as negative publicity -- they grab headlines with sex tapes, drug busts, bizarre fashion sense, you name it!
Freak Show: Click to view!

Hulk Hogan's Lean, Mean, Killing Machine

Hulk HoganEverything the Hogans touch these days seems to go up in flames -- especially this time.

The Hulk Hogan Ultimate Grill -- who knew? -- has recently been recalled because there's a chance it'll burn your freakin' house down. Apparently, if one were to do something crazy like use "cooking oils or sprays" on Hulk's cooking contraption, it could "ignite or flare up."

A new user manual is available for anyone who still owns one.

Hollywood Cougars

ATTENTION MOTHERS: Lock up your teenage sons -- cause there are cougars on the prowl!
Cougars -- click to launch

Doc from "Love Boat": 'Memba Him?!

Bernie Kopell is best known for playing Doc on the '70s TV series "The Love Boat." Guess what he looks like now!
Bernie Kopell


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Your people who harass these celebrities are disgusting. There are ways to say hello to celebrities and get them to answer questions, but the way the person behind the camera hounded Nancy Sinatra and George Clooney's ex-girlfriend was horrendous and shameful, filled with vulgar references to breasts and boysishka demands, 'Can you sing These Boots are made for Walking..." . WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT???? What did Nancy do to deserve that disrespect???

Harvey Levin is an intelligent man and I totally had admiration for him, but who or better, WHAT does he hire out there to report on celebrities??? Nasty, vulgar and inarticulate people. Sheesh!

It shows me that TMZ and those working there have NO RESPECT for those in the entertainment business and that is too bad AND sad for all of us.

2289 days ago


Maybe Katherine Heigl liked the writers better from her younger movie days, like Bride of Chucky, i.e.

2289 days ago

roger fulton    

Ungreytful - Katherine, another image smashed. How sad. The magic of the movies and television...I remember Sir Laurence Olivier sad that the essence of acting was to 'fool' the audience. Marilyn became Marilyn, she didn't act. Marion Michael Morrison became John Wayne, he didnt jsut act. Katherine Heigl was well on her way to becomeing the next Marilyn, in my mind, not the next bitch on wheels. Too bad. As a comic once said, it's a poor magician who blames the wand.

2289 days ago

Margaret Dykes    

Celine is the greatest singer in the world--just ask her! This woman makes me sick--she's ugly, conceited, greedy and selfish. Anyone who would marry someone who was a parent figure in her life since she was a child really needs serious help anyway. She had to learn to speak English so that she could come to this country and make a ton a money--and what does she do with all her bilions? She doesn't help the world that's for sure. She spends it on herself and her freaky looking kid that I think she is raisng as a girl.....very weird. She should really invest in serious cosmetic surgery because she is a real bow-wow!!! I really don't know why anyone would even walk across the street to see her even if it were free!
We have enough talent in the US without importing this dog from across the border....did you know that her knick-name when she was a kid was Celine Canine? Because of her dog like teeth?

2289 days ago


It seems to me that Heigl is that all too common combination of rightousness and arrogance in the industry. Although some may find her candor refreshing, isn't she just doing the same thing as those whose views are more polictically incorrect when she inappropriately mouths off about her perceptions of "injustice" in the world. Isn't she just voicing her opinion in a self-rightous way just to get on a soap box and act like she's the savior of the world? Self-rightous celebrities are no better than anyone spewing their agendas.

I also find her arrogant in pulling her name from the Emmy nominations. Does she really think she's sooooo good that she really would impact others' opportunity to win if she stayed in the race? Wow...

2289 days ago


Good grief. What was so wrong about what Katherine Heigel said? You guys acted like she went off on some foul mouthed rage which she didn't. All she did was simply say she bowed out of the Emmys race this year because she'd rather give someone else a chance who really deserved it and she didn't feel her character on Grey's had a worthy year - and to be honest she didn't have the same kind of storyline she did when she won last year with the whole Denny ordeal. The writing for her character was kind of weak this season. I even work in the media but I realize that sometimes although there are certain times actors deserve unfavorable press because they bring drama on themselves by doing something stupid it is also sometimes how the press makes these actors how to be that gives them a bad name. She really didn't do anything as bad as you are making her out to be.

2289 days ago


Celine dion sucks!!!! 1 song from a soundtrack doesn't make her great.

2289 days ago


i cant stand any of these people except celine dion she is wonderful and has a great voice

2289 days ago


I totally agree with #5...TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY!

2289 days ago


It is evident that there are plenty of celebrities that are on ego trips. However, this is because, athough they have average talent, people fawn all over them. We have a cult of personality culture. And, where can I get a job like these bozos at TMZ? I have a camera. I can ask obnoxious questions. It' like getting paid to be a voyeur. Stop buying the magazines and watching the silly TV magazine shows like TMZ and Inside Edition people. Soon, hopefully, that will drive them out of business.

2289 days ago


Katherine Heigl's comments didn't bother me a bit. I agree with her. And, gawd, didn't she look hot!!!!!!

2289 days ago


Dang!!!!! Who's the muck raker that came up with this bog-ass story. Nothing 'REAL' happening?? I thought Ms. Heigl was polite enough to speak to a slob of a papparrazi. Well no good deed goes unpunished. I found Ms. Heigl charming and thought full. If you want to know who is really upset with the writers? Give me a call, I'll tell you what's on my mind., YOU MADE AN AGREEMENT, NOW GET TO WORK!!!!!!!

2289 days ago


Ok, what was wrong with what she said. Hurling insults, I din't hear her hurling anything????

2289 days ago


Heigl needs to get it together.

She's coming across as an arrogant B.

Was a fan, but I'm losing that warm fuzzy feeling.

2289 days ago


Props to Katherine Heigl for her comment and for turning down her Emmy nomination. I think her candor and honesty is refreshing. It's a shame there aren't more Hollywood types like her. As far as I'm concerned, she's a class act all the way.

2289 days ago
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