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Wino Gets High, Gets Off

6/12/2008 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How does this make any bloody sense: London coppers have pinched the two people who allegedly gave Amy Winehouse the drugs she did on tape -- but aren't going after Amy herself!

The po-po say the two have been charged with conspiracy to supply cocaine and ecstasy to Wino. They were nabbed after those crazazy pics ran in the Sun a few months ago.

But here's the rub: Amy herself has been cleared of any charges from the incident, even though she was the one caught doin' the drugs.


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Well of course she is cleared...................she made a deal with them. I'll give you the name of the dealers and you let me go! We will be reading about her OVERDOSE one day soon.

2327 days ago


Amy is thanking someone's God that she is Jewish/white. A little bit more browner and she would be charged and given a death sentence!

2327 days ago


Not weird at all. The law is enforced against the person selling the drugs. Happens all the time.

2327 days ago


Don't blame them for not going after her. Let less they have to handle her the more they save on rubber gloves

2327 days ago


Britain is Notorious for letting famous people off. Kate Moss was FILMED doing drugs and they gave a B.S. excuse for not going after her. Pete Dogherty was arrested something like 6 times for drugs before they made him spend 30 days in Jail. Amy is filmed doing drugs, and she is let off but the non-famous people who brought her the drugs get busted. Typical, Britain really needs to get it's judicial system to be less class/fame oriented.

2327 days ago

Amazing T!    

"I used to have a drug problem, but now I have money- So there's no problem."
-David Lee Roth

2327 days ago


She gave them up to save her own a$$.

2327 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

It just a shame that anyone would become so lost in the haze of drugs. The handful of famous people that are out there seem to have issues with drugs and alcohol so the numbers for us normal people must be astronomical.

Hopefully she will get help, find out what it is in her life she is trying to numb, and get well.

I admit I watch Celebrity Rehab and Intervention and am intrigued by the people that are there. How someone can become so dependent of drugs is very scary and a world I have been lucky enough to avoid. I had parents that scared the crap out of me when I was young and I never wanted to risk disappointing them. Maybe more kids need to have scary parents and that would help them think twice before they started.

2327 days ago

Parents learn to entertain your own kids.    

Entertainers get away with everything! Drugs, Sex, and Murder! :(

2327 days ago

VAN HALEN 5150    

the ugly bitch snitched

2327 days ago


That's the differnece between Europe and the US. In Europe, the dealers get the rap; users are left alone.

2327 days ago

Terry H    

"The Po Po"

This confirms that TMZ has little children writing their stories or possibly wannabe rapper/thugs.

2327 days ago


When the user rats out the dealer the cops give the user a pass for their cooperation. Typically the user will do anything to continue using thus their info is less than pure. They will now inflate the ammounts they sold her to make her appear a much bigger user and less creditable the next time. Eventually she will be in jail or the morgue, either way the world will be better off.

2327 days ago


The cops have to arrest someone. Good get rid of the dealers. Thats the first step to stopping drug use. But I think if she wants to kill herself by using drugs let her. I look at her and I don't see her for her music but I see her as that crackhead chick that is only famous for her using drugs................Sad.

2327 days ago


Wow what a shock. #2 playing the race card. I was sure someone would.

2327 days ago
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