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Cops: Hogans Threatened by Graziano Relative

6/13/2008 5:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clearwater, Fla. police tell TMZ they are investigating threats made against Hulk Hogan and his family, allegedly made by members of John Graziano's family.

The St. Petersburg Times reports that police have listened to threatening voicemails. Clearwater PD spokesman Doug Matthews tells us there's an "open investigation" into the calls.

Graziano was seriously injured when the souped-up car driven by Hulk's son Nick crashed.


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So much for Hulk's high dollar damage control. Things are worse now than they were before. Hulk, is it God's will that you're being threatened now?

2323 days ago

damian demento    

Good god! Can Nick at least get a cell the size of his bathroom at home? That would be.... 20'X60'? Two sinks... A bidet with an attachment for rinsing the genital area. Heated floor and towel holder. Blow dryer for his blonde tipped hair. Lotion to keep his skin soft. And of course a full length mirror so he can see for himself the Punk-Ass-Bitch his Father raised.

2323 days ago


Wow, I don't want this to mess up the civil suit for the Grazianos. Both sides need to keep their mouths shut until after this case is settled. Killing Terry isn't going to help the Grazianos pay for all of John's care & get him out of that hole in the wall V.A. hospital he's in now. Everybody needs to start thinking long term about this. We can't let our rage get the best of us. I am 100% pro Graziano but come on you guys, you're wishing some really awful crap on this family. It makes us sound no better than the Bollea supporters. The worst thing that can happen to the Bolleas is that they are shunned as "celebs" , that they don't get anymore tv shows, that they pay big time after the civil suit & hopefully they'll all disappear from the radar. The threats against them are just going to make more idiots feel sorry for them.

2323 days ago



2323 days ago


If this is true, who can blame them after what he said on LKL! John's family should have been given air time, too, if the Hogan's got it...just another example of why people should boycott all these so called celebrities...people like us make them and we can break them, too...I say it's time for the Bollea family to man up. I would love to hear what Hulk would have to say if Nickie was in a vegative state.....he may be by the time this is all over. It was all caused by gross negligence and the ultimately the Hogans are responsible. Instead of barhopping and crying in their drinks, they need to be seeing that John and his family are cared for.

2323 days ago


SO sad, but not a bit surprising. If John were my son or brother, I'd probably want to threaten them too. The things the Bolleas have said JUST IN THESE FORUMS is enough to make me ill, not even talking about what was caught on tape. It doesn't make it right, but I certainly feel for the Graziano family. I just hope they're able to sue the pants of the Bolleas and let the lawyers do all the threatening.

Interesting that this was information was released. I wonder if it's even true or just another ploy by the Bolleas to try and smear the Graziano family.

2323 days ago


Maybe Hogan paid someone to make those calls to take the heat off of him and his sleazy family. I just don't see the Graziano's doing that when they have made it clear they intend to sue the Hogan/Bollea's. After all it would be pretty hard to win a judgment from them if they were dead, even though the obvious is that they should pay up.

I am not a violent person but I would not be sad if I saw that the entire Hogan/Bollea family was wiped off the face of the earth. They make me sick.

2323 days ago


What they should have done was immediatly act human and show compassion and concern for the passenger in a car that they owned. They should not have tried to cover up and place the blame on someone that cannot tell his side, they should have forced their son to accept the responsibility of his action, they should have left the press out of this. Nick isnt being punished enough and if John dies I hope the charge him with manslaughter.

Posted at 6:36PM on Jun 13th 2008 by whatever

How about vehicular homicide? Much more fitting in this case I think, even though John got in the car with Nick, it was still Nick's responsibility to:
A. Not drive drunk.
B. Not race.
C. Make sure his passenger had a seat belt on.

Okay, so maybe negligent vehicular homicide if there is such a thing. I think manslaughter isn't punishment enough.

2323 days ago


Ok, I won't me so quick to 'gudge', lol, moron, learn to spell and use proper grammar before you flame others.

I would never condone violence, but Hulk flapping his stupid lips all the time about how the accident was John's fault, and God's will, well quite honestly, I think any family member would be enraged. This isn't a normal case where the parties only encounter each other in the local paper, this is a story that has national coverage and when you get a douchebag on national tv, completely disrespecting and humiliating a very much grieving family, well you have to expect some fallout. People have only so much emotional self-control when they're watching a loved one die a slow horrible death in front of their eyes. Their grief s heightened when every word from the perpetrators of their family members condition, do all they can to discredit the young man, blame him and then the parting shot...tell the world that John deserved it because God wanted him and his family to suffer so horribly.

There are reasons that whole law books have been written about 'crimes of passion'. Yes, threatening people can be a crime of passion in this case, I honestly hope this is where it ends, but I totally understand how the Bollea's complete and utter insensitivity can further devastate an already emotionally vulnerable and fragile family. What Hulk has done, is akin to bullying the victim and his family. Hulk has made no threats, but his message is the same as the message a bully sends--I can say and do what I want to make your life miserable and there's nothing you can do about it.

Please Bollea family, just shut the heck up. If you're not going to apologize. If you're not going to accept responsibility. If you're not going to ensure this will never happen again. Just. SHUT. UP. Please.

2323 days ago


Boo-Hoo Hogans. Is your son going to be walking around free by Christmas? Here is an idea, show some remorse...

2323 days ago


See, this is why BOTH parties should just STFU!!!

2323 days ago


So now the Bolleas feel threatened? Like they have not had it coming with all the stupid and insensitive things they have said. No body has said the Graziano family is perfect....the Bolleas are far from perfection. The point is, the Grazianos have more grief than any parent should have to live with. For all purposes their son's life is over. The Bolleas will see their son walk out of jail. They will continue to cover for his stupidity. He will more than likely kill someone eventually. And once again they will blame everyone but themselves. It was not up to the state of Florida to stop him from driving. It was up to Mr. and Mrs. meathead Bollea to take his licence, take the cars and put a stop to him. I am sick to death of those who keep on harping that John was not forced into the car...Nick did not do it on purpose etc. John may have been in the car but who was behind the wheel? Nick. John may have been drinking too. But who was behind the wheel? Nick. Who said "John only bumped his head"? Nick. But according to Nick's daddy dearest, it is John's fault, bad attitude, bad karma and God's will. How much is the parents of that 23 year old man supposed to take? I doubt the Bolleas were threatened by anyone except someone they may have paid off to do that. God I pray the civil trial is televised. Let Terry and Linda and Nick get on the stand and tell the truth for once in their sorry lives.

2323 days ago

pk3palm beach    


2323 days ago


Posted at 7:36PM on Jun 13th 2008 by gazoo

Very well said!

2323 days ago


I bet the Hogan's had the calls sent by someone they know. The Grazianos have more class than that and know it would hurt the lawsuit. Just sayin....

2323 days ago
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