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Kim K -- You Can See Her Ass From Space

6/13/2008 1:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In case of emergency, Kim Kardashian's badonkadonk may be used as a flotation device.

With sis Kourtney safe on dry land, The Tush cooled off her biggest asset with a dip in Monaco on Thursday.

There ain't enough fabric in the world to properly cover that thing up!


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Just the Facts    

#41..some women are blessed with a small waist and a huge ass....I am one of cellulite at it IS POSSIBLE WITH NO SURGERY!!!! If you don't have your facts straight...don't post!

2323 days ago


Her sister is SOOOO much prettier than Kim is, so why does kim get all the attention...oh yeah, she's the attention whore.

2323 days ago


Her sister (in this picture) is so much prettier with better body and WAY better personality. How did Kim get to be the most famous ne??? Oh yeah she hung out with Paris =( Her butt is sooooooooo nasty w/ all that cellulite!

2323 days ago

Kitty Angel    

I don't see that her rear end is all that big .... her boobs are just as big and over all she is very well proportioned.

2323 days ago

Aussie Mom    

Ok while some of you guys and girls think that this incredibly huge butt is attractive just remember.... big now .. bigger later. I don't think its a fake bootie because of all the cellulite. I know its difficult to lose weight in certain places and some of this is hereditary but gee whiz... thats a huge bootie... Now lets see what it looks like in 20 years when it starts to sag a bit and jiggles beyond jello when walking. Then I want to hear all the comments about how great it looks and how men love big booties.... after a couple of kids she will be wearing the clothes that most of us overly endowed women wear to hide the flaws too.

2323 days ago


Kourtney is actually her OLDER sister!!

2323 days ago

they actually weren't bad    

ok the problem i see, besides her needing to buy her bottoms two sizes bigger than her top, is that these two beautiful girls are going swimming with full on makeup on. talk about vain. you can tell they both have nice bone structure and probably not need all that makeup. neither one of them is fat. kim's butt does look out of proportion to her body, so i'm not completely convinced that it's real, but she definately is not fat.

2323 days ago


Kourtney is her older sister and I can't believe her ass really is that big. I am jealous!!!!

2323 days ago


Good Lord, It's HUGE!!!!

2323 days ago



2323 days ago


comment 19 Jonesy ~ Obviously you are a very lonely man who has not shopped for women's clothing in your life! There is NO way Kim K'ho is a size 2!!! She could not get a size 2 pass those chunky calves much less anywhere near her ass. It is physically not possible..........................her upper body looks like a size 6 or 8 and her lower body is probably a 10 or 12!

To those of you saying "she has NO cellulite"........................oh, YES she does. That is why she always has her backside covered up usually when she has a bathing suit on. I am positive that this was a "surprise" pic. She had NO idea that someone was behind her ready to snap a photo. If she did, you would have gotten a front view!

Kim K'ho keeps SPANX in business!

2323 days ago


I will say I saw her one day without makeup and she looked WAY better. They do have great bone structure, a little masculine but ok. These sisters wear WAY to much makeup for everyday.

2323 days ago


I don't believe I've ever encountered another female to ever inspire so much jealousy and cattiness. And you know what that means, right? It means that other females know that Kim K. is not only hot stuff, she's a raging inferno in the beauty department, and most normal, heterosexual guys recognize this fact. On top of that, she actually seems like a genuinely nice gal. Of course, this makes Kim the target of jealous females everywhere. Females are hyper-competitive when it comes to attractiveness and are always quick to put down the ones they perceive as a threat. Ladies everywhere, listen up: it's time to face the facts - Kim K. is a remarkable human work of art. She's the ultimate sexual fantasy of men everywhere, right up there with Vida Guerra. That's just the way it is. Accept it, and get over it. End of story.

2323 days ago


At least she looks like a woman and not a prepubescent boy. I wish I had her butt. Curves rule! Like they say: Meat is for men, bones are for dogs!

2323 days ago


Wow playa racist much?

2323 days ago
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