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No Stretching the Truth

6/13/2008 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Becoming a big star in Hollywood can leave a mark -- literally! Check out the lines even the A-list can't avoid.
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What stretch marks? Saggy skin, sure. Give a girl a break.

2325 days ago


These women are beautiful! Its no wonder teens, children and women have such bad body images! Life happens! Shame on you guys for posting these pictures!!!

2325 days ago


I am so sick of the media blasting celebs one minute for being too thin or caring too much about thier dress size and in the same breath pointing out every little flaw. Crucifying them because they aren't perfect? Who is? No wonder 90% of women have such unhealthy body images and/or low self-esteem.

2325 days ago


These are great !!! lol That makes me feel a whole lot more normal

2325 days ago

King Beef    

I think I'm gonna have to call B.S. on the Cindy Crawford picture. That doesn't even look real.

2325 days ago


these pictures are so cruel! most of the women in these photos have had children, and stretch marks happen to most pregnant women! you shouldn't criticize these women's bodies just because they are mothers!

2325 days ago

Get over it.    

I've always believed that stretch marks from having children should be regarded as highly as the scars soldiers come home with. They were earned for a purpose and the should be respected, not criticized!
TMZ, this one was out of line.

2325 days ago


I think this goes beyond the call of duty. It's bad enough that you snap these pictures and post them, but then to combine these pictures AGAIN to attack stretch marks, which usually occur from child birth or weight loss, makes you despicable creatures. Harvey, I wonder how your mom feels today, as she remembers earning those stretch marks that her disgusting son gave her??? I am a size 5, 33, and fit. I have stretch marks. I also have two stunningly beautiful daughters which caused them. They are worth it.. I wonder if your mom feels the same way?

2325 days ago


Battle Scars...AMEN!...very well put

2325 days ago


Oh, puhleeze. Nothing wrong with stretch marks but for the love of all that is holy COVER IT UP. And for all you women that are whining about this, I say the same to you "nobody wants to see it."

2325 days ago

Get over it.    

I wonder if Harvey would post a picture of his wife's or mother's stretch marks here and let his staff of idiot writers, most of whom barely have high school educations, take shots at them. Just a suggestion.

2325 days ago

Get over it.    

Those pictures look doctored, especially the ones of Char Jackson and Cindy Crawford. How come Cindy's face is so blurry, but her stretch marks are so clear??

2325 days ago

Me in DC    

TMZ! You grow boobs and have babies, then show us our bodies without stretch marks! Idiots!

2325 days ago


TMZ you are a bunch of deploable idiots!! How dare you judge these poor women and for what having children?? God forbid they didn't run off to the nearest plastic surgeon to rid themselves of stretch marks. How can we as a society ever expect to overcome the insecurities of our young girls and teens, when media outlets like this one exacerbate the situation!!!!

2325 days ago


You know what's funny - why didn't you put any of the hollywood fat men up there. You see, TMZ - you can't take it - but you sure can dish it out.

2325 days ago
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