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R. Kelly Jurors: No Doubt It's Him on the Tape

6/13/2008 7:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even though jurors in the trial of R. Kelly absolutely believed it was him on the tape, they could not reach a guilty verdict because they said there was "not enough evidence to prosecute." Huh?!

Five of the twelve jurors met with reporters immediately after handing down the acquittal. They said they just couldn't reach a verdict even though they voted on the hour, every hour because the alleged victim hadn't testified and refused to cooperate. As recently as this morning, we're told, the vote was split nine to three for a not guilty verdict.

The jurors were also "absolutely disgusted" with the tape. Unlike the bootleg version you can buy on the street corner, the version they got to watch was "clear as day."

We're hearing R. Kelly will be partying it up tonight in Chicago.


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Brown Suga    

First of all the jury was not all black and i am very upset he is not in jail right now

2331 days ago


Incomplete reporting: the jurors ALSO said they could not identify the FEMALE. If the female is unknown, then an important element (her age) is not established. Sillies!

2331 days ago


It's going to be fun to watch TMZ in the courtroom with R. Kelly.

I can't wait to see Harvey kissing his ass, on national television.

Oh, this is gonna be good.

I bet there's attorney's lining up outside R. Kelly's house right now, just waiting to take a shot at TMZ.

2331 days ago


the jurors had no backbone. maybe they were afraid of being racists. always a get out of jail card. on to the next time

2331 days ago


Nine out of twelve jury members, were men. This is the reason for his acquital. Did we expect any different???
I sure didn't. Hang Kelly by the gonads! He will do it again. Only next time, he will be convicted. What a shame for the next poor child.

2331 days ago


This guy's career is in the toilet...nobody likes a baby raper...

2331 days ago

theresa s.    

in regards to comment #9 --- are you for real? i'm from chicago and who gives a rat's ass if 13 year olds are more mature? people like you make me sick!! you want to go to the " chocolate factory ?" well, bend over --- his priorities are f_ _ ked up & he likes little girls. he's a fricking pedofile !!! he makes people from chicago want to be from anywhere else! he has substandard morals so you both should get along great. you're amoral too - - do you know what that means? did you graduate high school? probably not ,you're a piece a crap too. you deserve one another.

2331 days ago



2331 days ago

gossip fan    

I don't think it's a racial thing, it's a famous person in LA gets off thing. Phil Spector is White and so is Robert Blake and they both got away with murder. In LA anyone who is famous is apparently allowed to do whatever they want. It's just disgusting.

2331 days ago


Those jurors...what complete whining baby IDIOTS!!!! Do I smell payoff? WTF! If you're sure it's him on the video, how do you not convict? Rot in hell, you MF'ers! He's another perv back on the street, that might do something worse next time!

2331 days ago


Get over it. I agree with those who say is does not matter about the race, creed or color of the individual. Pedophiles are the sickest of the sick.

Now how about the young, WHITE, and BLONDE teachers, for God's sake, that walk on their rape charges because they are "too pretty" to go to jail. Ny comments on that? Double standard I say.

IMO, justice should be for all.

2331 days ago


Innocent until proven guilty. If you dont like it move to China.

2331 days ago


Hey Jason Lee........................ITS CALLED STATUTORY RAPE.

2331 days ago


I don't think the verdict had much to do with race, but it is very upsetting to see him go free. Lawyers pick jurers largely based on intellegence, they want the stupidest jurers possible. I think the feeling is that intelligent jurors are much too difficult to control. I don't know if these jurors were a bunch of idiots, perhaps the case was just not well handeled by the prosecution. It certainly didn't help that the girl in the tape was not willing to testify. I also heard that there was some conflicting testimony about the identity of the girl. Some of her own family said that it was not her in the tape. What conclusion can a jury come to if they can't even hear from her whether or not she was involved. If we don't know the identity of the girl/ woman in the tape then we don't know if she was underage.

One thing that is a bit strange about this whole thing is why did the prosecuter go after him if they knew the girl wouldn't testify? The girl was pretty much the whole case.

2331 days ago

Keep it Honest    

I'm sure he was told to wear the 'thug braids' so that he wouldn't look as close to his image on the tape. Who else would show up in trial that could send him to jail, looking like he's at a parole hearing? About the jurors, isn't a mistrial declared when jurors cannot decide? I hope the prosecution has options to put this back to trial!!!

2331 days ago
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