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R. Kelly Jurors: No Doubt It's Him on the Tape

6/13/2008 7:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even though jurors in the trial of R. Kelly absolutely believed it was him on the tape, they could not reach a guilty verdict because they said there was "not enough evidence to prosecute." Huh?!

Five of the twelve jurors met with reporters immediately after handing down the acquittal. They said they just couldn't reach a verdict even though they voted on the hour, every hour because the alleged victim hadn't testified and refused to cooperate. As recently as this morning, we're told, the vote was split nine to three for a not guilty verdict.

The jurors were also "absolutely disgusted" with the tape. Unlike the bootleg version you can buy on the street corner, the version they got to watch was "clear as day."

We're hearing R. Kelly will be partying it up tonight in Chicago.


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the racism only shows your ignorance. he was wrong but money talks. the real issue here is why he got away with the postponemetns until this chid was legal and could accept his money. Sadly she chose to be a whore and get paid for the manner in which he defiled her. His behavior is a compulsion not a reace. It will happen again. he will be back in court, he will get bolder and he will get caught at about age 45 like most pediphiles.

2324 days ago

Beachcomber Bill    

Hey! Pamela Andreson and Tommy Lee are back together. TMZ will break the story in about four days. They're always late.

2324 days ago


little girls need to be taught not to sleep with older men!! i blame the girls also and i dont care how old they are. as long as its not rape these pathetic slobs , tramps and who would do anything for a cigarette need to talk to mom or dad or mom and dad need to talk to them .

where is the parenting these days?? you have very young girls on the net doing porn who are very young .WHWERE ARE THE PARENTSSS! probably smoking crack . its like they dont care what kids do these days on the net ands even off the net .
kids get away with murder these days and they need to start taking responsibility instead of the blame game which is very old .
i also blame cell phones with cameras on them because they love doing stupid things and throwing them on here !!

2323 days ago


why dont you people get a life and the girl was young but she knew what she was doing and like JESUS said who is without sin cast the first stone, i not saying it was right but everyone deserves a 2nd chance and now we will see what he makes of his life from now on.......GOD bless you Kelly man

2323 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Looks like if you black and famous, the carefully selected juries refuse to convict. Defense attorneys are exclusively Democrats. And this is a pure example as to why I say democrats are evil. In this case, they choose to look the other way. Just look at what the democrats on the Supreme court did the other day. Pure evil

2323 days ago


Another black man walks free. What a shock.

2323 days ago


Why are some posts crying 'foul' this was a racial issue and making reference to the OJ trial? This is far cry from OJ. The only similarities are that they are both black men w/fame and and fortune. Let's look at the prosecution and the jury. This jury's demographic was not made up anything like the jury which decided OJ wasn't guilty. (hmm....) Moving on. Acoording to the AP, R. Kelly's jury was comprised of: eight white people and four black people. The prosecution had the tape, the jury saw the tape and believed it was R. Kelly. How could they not convict? Blame the jury! Also, someone mentioned, the democrats, this has nothing to do with political party either. Give me a break!

2323 days ago

keyf merfee    

mother efer!!!! probably got off cuz barack obama got involved!!! damn welfare livin monkies!!!! this is BS!!! OJ must be laughing his ass off.

2323 days ago


What I find as disturbing as the crime is some of the comments. Blame the child?? Our society is supposed to protect children because they do not make mature decisiions...period. It was statutory rape, do any of you know how a person with power money and fame can manipulate an impressionable child and often even adults? Think before you speak.

2323 days ago


I forgot to add, as the article states the tape they saw was much clearer than what any of you saw and they said it was him no doubt. I do agree that without her identification they cant tell the age and cant convict. He has a compulsion though and in time he will be convicted.

2323 days ago


Hey keefe murphy... wake up it's the twenty-first century! We dont feel that way anymore (i'm ashamed to think my ancestors ever did)

2323 days ago


He be's payin off the vic 6 years ago. Black Licorice was enough to be doin the trick. Ya feel me?

2323 days ago

John McCain Jr.    

That justice system burns doesn't it? Take that America...and I hope he gets to baby sit your daughter next keefe murphy.

2323 days ago

keyf merfee    

i apologize to anyone i offended. i used to date a black man and he hurt me bad. acted like he loved me and heard him calling me cracker behind my back. i shouldnt blame all black people for it. im sorry.

2323 days ago


First off R. Kelly is GUILTY! He looked right into the camera while taping, also he didn;t get off because he's Black so all of you racist idiots need to do some reading. Look at all of the men being released from prison due to new DNA testing, the overwhelming majority of them are Black. So stop pretending blacks always get off, A Black man is more likely to go to jail if someone White claims they commited a crime and they CAN'T prove they didn't. White celebrities don't go to jail either and nobody white ever complains about that do they? All of these famous criminals should be in jail Michael Vick went to jail for killing his dogs but Robert Blake and Phil Spector are free after killing bhumans so what do you racists say about that? That eing said this was a jury of morons that let a pedophile go free to commit more crimes.

2323 days ago
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