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Snoop Dogg's Wife

Gin and Juiced

While Driving

6/14/2008 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

061408_snoop_mug2-1Hopefully the Doggfather has some pull at the station.

Snoop's wife, Shante Broadus, was arrested at 12:15 AM PT this morning in Fullerton, Ca. for driving under the influence.

She was released with a citation -- there's no bail needed for DUI arrests in Fullerton.

Snoop and Shante are high school sweethearts.


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negros? What are you 80? Wow, that is sad.

2287 days ago

Black Teef    

If I had to come home to that pimply dogmeat, I'd smoke like Snoop, too!

2287 days ago


She is toe-up, from the floe-up!

2287 days ago


No TMZ. Snoop and Shante are not high school sweethearts. They WERE high school sweethearts who have been husband and wife for quite some time now. Do you people hire high school interns to work on the weekends or what? Hey, I actually have dual degrees in English and History, I could use a part-time job. Hire me. Lord knows I couldn't do much worse.

2287 days ago



2287 days ago


Snoop's wife looks much better on t.v . I didn't know make-up do mircles.I thought she was a weed head.I can't believe she was so irresponsible.Get it together girlfriend.Why didn't you have your driver,drive you around?Then you could have gotten twisted and wouldn't have had that jacked-up picture in the paper.Damn..........

2287 days ago


People who use racist words aren't always racist, or even bordering it ... racist people are racist. Make sense? haha

Negroes is old, but not so offensive, and if you have issues with "colored", you should take it up with the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). They must be the most racist of them all then, right "IMO"?

Someone called me a "negroid" and I loved it, but not as much as porch monkey - that's my all time favorite!

2287 days ago


I don't care for the name NAACP either, but it IS an institution that has been around a long time...since before any of us were born Therefore, it is much easier to forgive that then someone who is alive today using the word "negro" which stems from the Mexican heritage for the word black to describe an African-American. There has been many debates amongst the African-American community about changing the name of the NAACP, but it was decided against because it and it's name are such a big part of history.

What exactly is a negroid? It sounds offensive, and I know that the word porch monkey (btw, what's the etymology of that word) is definitely offensive. Are you trying to be funny, or all you just looking for a FIGHT?

2287 days ago


Ever hear of negroid, mongoloid, and caucasoid from social studies back in elementary school?

2287 days ago


you sure thats a women.come

2287 days ago


Not trying to be funny, just being me. I think that the NAACP is a prime example of how we should first look at our own community, and fix that before we try telling people what they can and can not say. My daughter, who is 3, learned the N word from nobody but members of my BLACK family.

The only people who make the words offensive are people who get offended by them. You're only giving them pleasure by whining about silly words.

Porch monkey: "Low-income housing with no air conditioning led to many blacks in the projects sitting on the porch to stay cool. It was said that they looked like monkeys at the zoo. The adults were called "porch monkeys," and the children were "yard apes."".

I'm sorry, I can't be offended by it. The ignorance just makes me laugh, and makes me happy to be me. That's how you should look at it when someone says something that offends you. The following day, when they wake up they will be them, and you will be you ... you win.

If someone calls you fat, and you're not fat, will you care? If someone says you smell like behind, but you don't, will you seriously be offended? By getting offended you give credibility to the accusation, or label. Quit crying foul every chance you get. Suck it up, and maybe people will actually care about REAL issues in the black community.

2287 days ago


Ma and pa were brother and sister, huh? Keeping it in the family keeps your race pure. I had to grow up aroound inbred hicks like those on here making commens and I am honestly surprised they an (1) afford computers, and (2) can use them well enough to navigate to websites and comment.

Behavior makes a person not their superficial features.

2287 days ago

East Bay Native    

Why get all nutty and stupid with the personal attacks? I don't condone her behavior. I think instead of being rude about how she looks or what she seems like on tv, focus on the fact that DUI laws are too lax. Oh, and for the record, I think both she and her husband seem like they're pretty down to earth.

2287 days ago

Auntee Flow    

well since there is a DUI lawyer commercial every two seconds on the rock stations, I'd say Chante isn't alone in having a few drinks and driving so quit pinpointing her race as the cause. And "Negro" was used in the 50's-60's, if someone were 80 they'd probably be saying "colored" You bunch of jive ass turkeys. Or should I say "You wack"

2287 days ago

La Mom    

#24 Same here, that word is never allowed in my house, the n-word. I've hated it my whole life. My daughter was in school in the thrid grade the first time she heard N**** from her black friends. I had to find the right way to tell her what a not-nice word it is, but she said her black friends at school use it all the time so it must be a good word. Me, the white mom, had to explain otherwise.

2287 days ago
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