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Celeb Five Heads

6/15/2008 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sometimes fore isn't enough! These celebs were cursed with five.
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FIRST with this loser site

2320 days ago


What lowlifes you have on your staff! Even you are ruder than Perez.

2320 days ago

nikkis mom    

I have always respected TMZ because they were a little bit above. (like People magazine versus Star) Harvey Levin seemed like an OK person. Then, the girls (Britney, Paris, Nicole and Lindsey) started behaving and they put in fillers like Prince von A-hole alot. I would just pass it by without reading it because I looked at the source; BUT TMZ has gone too far this week. The pimples, the stretch marks and now, the forehead are something that is part of a person. Karen Carpenter died because she starved herself because someone said that she looked heavy.
Harvey, I don't make fun of you because you are Jewish, gay, short, a little paunchy and a lawyer(bottomfeeder) that turned into a parasite that made his living reporting about celebrities. After all, it is where the money is at. That is who you are. Start reporting on the news instead of filling in with their deformities??? Everybody has pimples, cellulite, stretch marks and foreheads that are not perfect.
This column has turned into TMZ - PEREZ

2320 days ago


Who's your Daddy............................Happy Father's Day boy's!

TMZ, this post is a little rude. When one comes into this world, one has NO control over where the hairline starts hence, a "high forehead".

You need to take a staff photo and let all of us examine and comment on your foreheads!!!!!

2320 days ago


Does anyone else miss chubby Carson Daly?

2320 days ago


How did you forget to add Britney to this slide? She is the QUEEN of fiveheads! And to all the tightasses, loosen the hell up. It's just snark. Gee'z. Fivehead or not, most of these female celebs are gorgeous and the uniqueness adds to their beauty. Embrace the fivehead!

2320 days ago


i think the same thing everytime i see carson daly,he looks like he is sick,i know he's not but he looked way better with a few pounds on him.
does anyone else think sarah jessica parker is ugly?

2320 days ago

jacq said a mouthful!!! Keep it up!!!    

#6...i totally agree with you. SJP is hideous! I dont understand why so many people claim her to be sexy. Just because she starred in sex and the city does not make her sexy. She's ugly and way to skinny. Compare a pic of her face to a pic of the witch on The wizard of oz. Go ahead deny it...they are sisters.

2320 days ago


Must be a slow news week for the piranha at TMZ. Who gives a damn abt how big someones forehead is??

2320 days ago


I knew it! You are on the Jolie pay list. Her six head should be there. Booo Hisss.....blogs shouldn't take sides, thats what happened to the rag mags, they chose the wrong side. Bwahahahahaha

2320 days ago


What about Britney????? She has a ten head!!!

2320 days ago


I don't get it. We are now making fun of people's foreheads????

2320 days ago


Five heads? And I'm guessing you think this is clever and cute? Does TMZ hire everyone who can't get a job anywhere else? Is Harvey actually performing a public service? Or does Harvey hire the dregs because he can get them for minimum wage?

2320 days ago


yawn, yawn, no....make that triple yawn. I mean this the best you can come up with?

2320 days ago

cavity creep    

Rihanna, has on a regular basis, been beating on Chris Brown with her big Buddha head.

2320 days ago
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