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Jodie Foster:

Silence of the Paps

6/15/2008 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jodie Foster must have thought it was Hannibal Lecter trying to get her picture yesterday, and not the pappers.

"The Brave One" star must play basketball on the side, because her defense skills are fierce! Are the Lakers hiring?


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jane doe    

It looks like She's airing Her dirty laundry! Ha!
She's in Movies what does She expect? Stay straight and everything should be ok or just stay Home!

2327 days ago


Les paparazzis n'ont decidement aucune honte et aucun respect! pointer son appareil photo à quelques centimetres du visage de Jodie pour une photo, qui de toute facon n'aura pas grand interet,juste pour faire une photo, c'est lamentable!Qu'ils laissent enfin Jodie tranquille! apres 40 ans passes sous les objectifs et les cameras, nous n'avons que faire d'une photo prise a la sauvette de Jodie faisant son shopping , ou sortant d'une salle de sport! il y a deja, sur internet, des centaines de magnifiques photos de Jodie, prises cette fois-ci avec son consentement et dans le cadre de la promotion de ses films , de manifestations ou ceremonies cinematographiques...alors please!letJodie alone!!
Jodie, ce que j'admire le plus chez vous, c'est le calme, et donc l'intelligence avec lesquels vous gerez toujours ces situations qui,certainement, viennent empoisonner votre vie quotidienne.Vous avez raison : l'indifference est le plus grand des mepris. Bravo Jodie! vous etes formidable! je vous adore! je vous souhaite beaucoup de bonheur dans votre vie et encore beaucoup de succes.

2327 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Uh Sonia, yeah, it also came out here in the States that she came out by introducing her girlfriend of 14 years and thanking her for her support and loyalty all those years AND THEN DUMPING HER THE NEXT MONTH for another woman!! You are the one who is waaayyyy behind the story here on Mz. Foster's personal life!

2327 days ago

Make It Right!!    

And it wasn't too long ago that Aniston fans were hailing Jodie Foster as an actress who adopted children without the publicity that "Angelina needs"...she was heralded by Aniston fans as a real they are turning on her since she came out as Gay....last laugh is on Aniston fans!!! And she ain't preggo with Mayer's baby!!! LMAO!!!

2327 days ago


Whether Jodie is a lesbian or not and whether she dumped her girlfriend for another woman or not is not the topic here! it's her privacy and as anyone , she has the right to live her life freely,without being harassed by paps and judged by the way she lives. Most of people here would not admit being judged by the everyday things they do, their personal choices and opinions , so why that shouldn't be the same for Jodie?
Leave her alone! after 40 years as an actress, don't you think that she must be tired of being pursued by the paps! all the more that she already gives a lot of herself when it comes to promoting her movies in the United States and in the European countries!

2326 days ago

Aging great    

I think Jodie knows what she's doing-she's playing the press to detract from her statement about wanting to kick a wounded bird.Well the bottom line is that bird kickers aren't nice and few people will have much sympathy for her.What sort of role model is the woman? She advocates the Maria Von Trap school of mothering, then goes off with some bimbo and says that she wants to kick wounded birds. Sick, or what?

2326 days ago


Threw??? I didn't see Jodie throw ANYTHING! What a bunch of drama queens you have writing your articles, TMZ. If you can call THAT an article.

2318 days ago


leave jodie alone! can't she just go out for once with no paps going after her? when she wants people to know about her private llife she'l give to you. like when she was with cydney she gave it to us when she was ready for the public to know.

2312 days ago

Respectful Fan    

A lot of personal opinions flying around here (which matter little since none of us know the woman). The most thoughtless though are the ones that do not consider the terror this woman may experience in any given moment when an aggressive and rude stranger pushes their way within inches of her personal space; remember the Stalker that attempted to kill the President in order to "express" his "love" for her? That is just one stalker that has focused on her. Remember other actors killed by stalkers? And the reality is that this is a woman who has proved herself a good person, an incredible actor, is a Yale graduate as well as holding other degrees, a mother of two, and has other family and friends. She likely has deep and important intimate relationships. She also maintains as healthy a body and spirit as she can manage. Whom has she harmed or scorned, trashed or threatened? Nobody. She lives a decent life. And, yeah, like most STARS, she looks different without all the make-up and camera magic; that doesn't make her less than a woman. Is she a lesbian (oh, scary...)? More to her credit considering the foul comments males make just because they are so threatened by that possibility. To the arrogant poster with the tired age-old "just smile": No, you smile the next time some a*s invades your space and won't take no for an answer.

2260 days ago


Good God , you people are *******s. The shmuck deserved what he got. Jodie Foster, I applaud you. As for the pap- get a life shmucko!

1597 days ago
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