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Claws Out at the Playboy Mansion

6/16/2008 9:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MEOW! It's cat fight central at the Playboy Mansion!

TMZ spies tell us Hef's number one Bunny Holly Madison is ruling the Mansion with an iron fist ... causing major drama with the staff and on the set of "The Girls Next Door." We're told everyone "hates" Holly, but no one more than Kendra Wilkinson, Hef's other Bunny-in-Waiting.

It's gotten so bad, those two can't be in a room for more than five minutes without totally going at it. And that's posing major problems for producers of the show who have to shoot around the flying fur. As for Bridget, she's Switzerland, often trying, but failing, to keep the peace.

Our spies also say Holly's ambition is spilling over to the magazine too. She wants to have editorial control over the mag's spreads -- which is not going over well with longtime employees.

For their part, "Girls" producers tell us they're "not aware" of any rift between the ladies -- affecting the show or life at the Mansion.

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As a straight woman, I realize that I may not be the best judge of anything Playboy. However, I have always respected Hugh Hefner's genius as a magazine publisher and a businessman. Playboy has always had the best reputation of any men's magazine, and for good reason.

Despite its outstanding image, Playboy has suffered in recent years, primarily from competition from the Internet and "lad mags" such as Maxim. Want to see Playboy decline even further? Let Holly take it over, and it'll go down like the Titanic!

2320 days ago


stop hating bitch's leave holly alone i'v never in my life heard of such a bunch of hater's

2320 days ago

Just my opinion    

Are any of you aware, (or care...) Bridget is married already!

Check it out on Wikipedia

2320 days ago

my, my, what truth dacoits you are    

What do you expect? 3 20-something whores and golddiggers riding an 82 year old man for fame and fortune.BTW, humping the old dude for cash is the classic definition of a slut and prostitute.

2320 days ago


Hollie is a GOLD DIGGER!!!! I am hoping that HEF see's that and gets her ass out of the mansion very soon! (BEFORE she gets herself preggers!)

2320 days ago


I hated her when she removed Anna Nicole and Dorothy Stratten's pics from the office!

2320 days ago


Here you go just a bunch of worthless plastic gold diggers who never
worked a day in their life. I hope Hef says bye bye to all those

2320 days ago


I think if Holly is being bitchy it is because she has to live daily knowing that Kendra is a golddigger who is taking advantae of Hef. Kendra isn't serious about Hef. Look what she wrote on her MySpace:
"I love Hef sooo much and he is the best guy in the world but something like this doesnt really last forever! my goals when i leave here are goin to school,and getting married by the age of 24 and having kids."

She loves Hef like a granddaddy not a boyfriend. She's a golddigging whore.

2319 days ago


I hate Hooly ! shes sooo boring :[

2319 days ago


First, of course they are all at least partially gold-diggers or they wouldn't be there. You think any of them would be with Hf if he wasn't Hef? And I honestly don't think that Hef has any illusions, either. He gets young, hot women because he's rich and he's Hef, no other reason.

Kendra is the worst. I don't think she's pretty at all, and she's so stupid. I don't think she cares about Hef for anything more than her own personal gain. And that laugh! Oh, it's beyond annoying. She needs to take some lessons in ettiquette and manners.

Bridget it sweet, but for having a degree and working for her masters, she doesn't seem that smart. She's in her 30's and once I heard her say on the show she didn't konw if she had a net worth! WTF? She's the one who needs to be clearly planning for a future without Hef. If he dies tomorrow, what will she really have?

And quit being mean to Holly. Whatever her original intentions were, she DOES have an interest in the magazine, and wants to learn from Hef. It doesn't matter if she loves Hef or not, Hef is a grown up and knows that mainly what he has to offer is his wealth. I don't blame anyone for "using" him, it's no different than him using her. In addition, she is no different than any other person/child who gets ahead through people she knows. Christy Hefner may have gone to school, but do you think she started at the bottom? What about his sons? Do you think having Hef for a father made things easier for them. I don't know if Holly is good at photo editing or not, but she it TRYING to learn something with the opportunities she has.

2319 days ago


Holly is #1 girlfriend, and she has certain duties the other two don't. It's only fair she gets certain privileges too.

Kendra is a classless bimbo who doesn't bother to hide her ambition as she takes advantage of her situation and parlays that into wealth and fame. Nor does she bother to hide her disdain for Hefner. She barely looks him in the eye and always appears uncomfortable around him, often making ignorant remarks and showing her immaturity.

Holly seems to have a genuine love and affection for Hefner, and there's nothing wrong with her benefiting from her partnership with him as his #1 g.f.------she has a talent for the assignments he's given her, by offering his blessing on her efforts at the magazine, pictorials, layouts, editing, and so forth.

Hefner is in complete control, and he WANTS Holly involved, and is obviously trying to help his girls achieve some level of success and establish careers while he is around to do it.

He's no idiot. It's his money, his fame, his contacts, his magazine, to offer.

2319 days ago


If Holly wanted Hef's baby, don't you think she'd be pregnant by now?!?!?!?
I often if Hef has sex with any one of them...

2319 days ago


oops, I often WONDER if Hef has sex with any one of them...

2319 days ago


I never thought that Holly had any real feelings for Hef. When you see her kiss him it looks like she cringe's, I have always noticed this. She gives him a little peck as if she was kissing a relative or something. She is just hoping that he gives her more control of the magazine and she is just looking to dominate the Playboy empire. I just hope that his will is up to par and everything is left to his daughter then she could kick Holly to the curb. Besides is Holly even that pretty for Playboy? Kendra and Bridgette I would never think either but at least they photograph nice, especially Kendra. If either one of those girls were on the Stern show seeing if they could get into Playboy, howard would tell them to hit the gym and then only maybe. Oh another thing Holly says she hopes to have a baby by the time she's 30 and thats still a few years away, right? Well then she has some high hopes in thinking Hef will be alive but that would lock her into his money thats for sure.

2319 days ago


122 It wasn't Bridget it was Holly who said if she had a net worth! So you might want to re evaluate your thoughts on Holly cuz she's a stupid conniving little Biatch who wants somthing for nothing cuz she's worth nothing.

2319 days ago
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