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Fighting Fans Screw Laker Nation

6/16/2008 8:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's official -- Laker fans are too damn violent for their own good.

TMZ has learned Lake Show bigwigs are afraid of another hometown fan fight night, like the one that broke out during game two, so they've pulled the plug on broadcasting game six at Staples Center. Sources close to the team tell TMZ, "It gets too rowdy ... and there was one incident in particular that put it over the edge."

A rep for the team says the decision was made because too many police were required around the arena.

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Oh please. The idiot is wearing a Celtics jersey in the middle of a sea of Lakers gold jerseys. If he thought he could sit in Staples Center and cheer for the Celtics without there being a problem, then he's an idiot. He deserved what he got for having such a huge ego. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

2317 days ago


The guy was stupid for wearing a celtics jersey ! He knew exactly was he was getting into! Im sure hes from LA, he should know how LA fans are! Im not saying it was right but hes at fault too! GO LAKERS!

2317 days ago


I agree with "da 1 and only" #15: I also think that if you really enjoy the game and want to watch people play because they enjoy playing then go to a high school or college game. Of course the college guys are playing to get into the NBA. However, they all do not make it but they play hard and that's why college ball is enjoyable to watch. Why watch a bunch of overpaid rich guys play for money and not play for the love of the game.

2317 days ago


I was there during game 2 and it was really quite ridiculous. I think it all really started as a joke. A group of girls got into it and everyone was oohing an aahing. I think that's when words started being thrown around between the Lakers and Celtics fans. Lakers were down by 20, and people were getting frustrated. The lead left people unfocused on the game, and more focused on the people around them. The fights that happened were uncalled for. I've been to the viewing for other finals games, and this has never happened. I brought my family and friends to this, hoping to have a good time. I was ashamed that I had brought my parents and 3 year old nephew to something so negative. I kept saying, if you keep this up, theyre not going to do this for us. It's a privelege to be here, not a right. And lo and behold, Home Court Advantage is gone.

I want to say that not all Lakers fan suck, and are violent idiots. Most of us are pretty level headed. I was at the game against the Hornets and we were sitting next to a Hornets fan. The whole game we were poking fun at eachothers teams, but, there were times that the jabs he was making against the Lakers even made us laugh. When we won, he stood up and shook our hands. Thats what most of us are like.

There are just idiots out there who need to prove themselves, and its sad. Theyre everywhere, and not just in L.A., and not just fans of sports teams. It happens, and we all get to suffer for theyre idiocity.

2317 days ago


Typical Laker Vermin (fans), who are classless morons. And they wonder why they're the butt of jokes from the rest of the country.

At the same time that guy brought it on to himself wearing a Celtics jersey. What did he think was going to happen. He's lucky to of made it out alive.

2317 days ago


So many comments lambasting the guy with the Celtics jersey; "what did he expect wearing green in Lakertown?", "he got what he deserved"...YOU dumbasses are the people who shouldn't be allowed in the stadium. I am a huge Red Sox fan and have been to many games and not ONCE have I said anything to a Yankee fan wearing their shirt in Fenway Park; one should feel free to support their team. Its a freakin' game, support your team and go home like a normal person when its over.

2317 days ago


it's not just Basket ball there's football fans, Baseball fans, Soccer fans & hockey fans who are just as passionate about their teams as the laker or Clipper fans or who ever. And i've seen fight's break out at soccer games baseball games so it's not just one sport it's all of them. Fans tend to get caught up excitment of the game that they tend to let their emotions get the better of them and they say things they regret later. And alot of it depends on how much the person has had to drink as well, they do serve Beer at these Game's, and if someone has too much to drink yeah they can be Obnoxious and rude, So it's has nothing to do with race, or anything else Mexican, blacks, white's, and asians can all be set off if provoked.... So before you even think about saying Mexicans, blacks or Whites ETC are causing problems please do yourself a FAVOR look in the mirror first before even opening your mouth

2317 days ago


You are right Laura! I have seen some of the worse riots and fights, at soccer games in Europe! So, it happens everywhere and with every race/color.

2317 days ago

Andreas Rosen    

I feel bad for the true Fan's!!! That a small Group of IDIOT'S make them look Bad

1583 days ago
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