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Hulk Threats: "Your Kid's Gonna Bleed"

6/16/2008 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The voicemail threats made against Hulk Hogan and his family -- calling them "whores" and threatening to "piss on you and your family's grave" -- have been released ... and, man, are they disturbing.


Bubba the Love Sponge, radio host and Hogan family friend, played the messages allegedly made by John Graziano's brother, Frank, on his show this morning. Clearwater PD tells TMZ there is an "open investigation" into the calls.

According to the Tampa Tribune, John Graziano's dad, Edward, confirmed today that the voice on the tape is that of Frank Caruso, John's 32-year-old half-brother. He said Caruso is a child from his estranged wife's first marriage.


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Nedly Mandingo III    

Wow Shocking Audio.
Bubba the Love Sponge has a great exclusive !
Thank you for posting this article it gives us a true glimpse into the real graziano family from the fake fiancee who had no connection and was dumped by John for cheating on him with 3 men after a drunken party gang bang to the step brother felon and the mother who was getting all her bills paid after the abusive father beat her and threw her out of the house.

This family is pure white trash.

Thankfully we are now seeing what they meant by the family is only after money.

2298 days ago


First of all Nick has maned up he went into court and said i did it so for anyone to say hes not being a man is wrong he is being a man in every sense of the word. How many "men" sit in jail or are free because they said they did not do it. Bubba is just releasing what should have been out to the public to see a long time ago. Of course as ive read here MJ has all his interns and people under him scrambling write anti Bubba comments. So keep it up you pubic haired midget

FTE-Bubba Army

2298 days ago


Wait a minute. Am I the only one who thinks these calls may be phoney and cooked up by some reject "Soprano" wannabe? I think maybe I'll call over there using my best "ALF" or "Courage, the Insult Dog" voices and then we'll see if they start arresting puppets for threatening Hogans. "Their creepy and their kooky.....mysterious & spooky. Their altogether ooky........the Hogan F-a-m-i-l-y."

2298 days ago


are we supposed to feel sympathy for the train wreck that is the hogan family? nice job releasing those tapes to the media but it is gonna come back to bite them...what did they honestly expect to come of all the trash talking they did about that boy and his family...i know if i was in johns' family shoes i would be really pissed off too and might make a few threats myself..johns family are in a very sensitive situation and the hogans have done nothing but try to make nick look like a victim...if it was there son lying comatose in a hospital and johns family said it was god's will nick was there how would they re-act? i'm sure they would be shocked and appalled and very angry. the best thing the hogans could do is to shut up and have a bit of respect and stop whining and disappear from the media spotlight..

2298 days ago

King of Kings    

Frank is probably the one posting 90% of the Hogan hate on here......

Good for Bubba, he released a phone conversation that was not doctored up or snippets, he had the whole thing and the truth. I can understand Frank being upset, but this was a bad, bad move overall. That will not be good for a civil suit. You figure John's Dad is messed up, as he did not care much about his kids for a while and treated the mom like dirt, and he is just around for a payday. I feel sorry for John and his mom the most, along with Hulk Hogan, not so much for his son and his future ex-wife though.

At this point all Graziano's and Hogan's need to do no more comments on this case, and time for the media to leave it alone.

2298 days ago


Well, the Hogans are upset because they were threatened..Let me know when one of them is lying in a hospital bed in a vegatative state with no hope of recovery..then they can complain. Leave the Graziano's alone..if in fact the audio is's just more evidence to the suffering the Hogans have put these people through. By the way didn't Hulk make a living off of threatening his opponants.......

2298 days ago


"idiot. nick was sentenced according to what the family asked for. mother asked for 6mo - 1yr. he did not get any special treatment because he's semi-famous."

That was before she knew that Nick/Hogan said the victim John deserved his fate because of his "negative" demeanor.
During sentencing Nick was desparately trying to stay out of jail by feigning remorse which was just an act.

2298 days ago


To #31, You do realize that if Hulk is so concened about the fact that only "snippets" were released, he could release the entire 26 hours of tapes to show us just how selected the snippets were...that's if he has nothing to hide. He talks about how the family was shown in a negative light with these "SNIPPETS" lets hear all the tapes and see how off base, again, I ask you..why do you think the Hogans have not redeemed themselves by revealing the tapes in their entirety..hmmmm!!!

2298 days ago


All this about it not being Nick's fault. Nick was driving well over the speed limit, lost control and crashed. That makes the accident his fault. Period. Anyone who thinks that Nick isn't at fault just because he is young and/or didn't mean to crash (who does??), get a grip. People are upset because Nick and his family refuse to accept any blame for what happened. Yes, it was an accident, but it was Nick's fault.

2298 days ago


Yes it is his fault for going 100 mph. Just because someone "WILLINGLY" got into a car doesn't give them the right to exceed the speed limit. Nick was the one who made that choice. How do you know the passenger didn't tell him to stop. Doesn't give you the right to take someone's life into your hands. And it's not an accident when you go this speed on your own. And the Graziano family is not white trash - you have it backwards.

2298 days ago

Movie Ticket Buyer    

The Hogan Media Whore Circus brought this on themselves by bad mouthing the victim in this horrific accident for which their son was entirely responsible. To blame the victim who will most likely remain in a coma for the rest of his life is an irresponsible, narcissistic act that would push any close family over the edge. Play with fire, you get burned , and most likely the entire Hogan Whore Circus will burn in Hell for what they've done

2298 days ago


This pass weekened, same area, two males skidded, car split in half.. Both are in serious condition. Live here, please, have Mercy...Slippery old roads in Clearwater....

2298 days ago


Obviously it was stupid for the Graziano kid to make a threatening phone call - they don't need any negative attention at this point and time. They should stifle their negative energy until after the civil suit. I don’t think I would have left a message; I would have waited it out and gone after them when the case was considered over and done with. I laugh when people talk tough through posting such as this and support 'Hulk Hogan'. Terry Bollea is what is a prime example of what is wrong with America and the fact that celebrities are always set to a different standard (than us common folk) when it comes to legal matters. I side with the Graziano family and understand their feelings in this whole matter. The smart thing for them to do is hire a top notch attorney and take the 'Hogans' to the cleaners (see O.J. Simpson civil suit). As a veteran (and current member of the U.S. Army) I respect John's sacrifice to our country - he is the real American hero, Terry Bollea is a roided up orange leather purse who acted (poorly) in spandex tights and has been a complete joke ever since he appeared on the scene. I wish him leukemia and kidney failure for his abuse of steroids, I hope Nick is sodomized while incarcerated and I hope both his former spouse and daughter receive multiple STDs which are painful and incurable – the whole family deserves to burn in Hell!

2298 days ago


I don't know John's family. I am sorry their son is in such a horrible situation.
What I do know of the Hogans (due to their need to be famous), I am disgusted by them. Nick is a spoiled child who doesn't seem to have any understanding of personal responsibility. Hulk is a caricature, and Linda is a scary, middle-aged 21-year-old wannabe. They're just a big fat mess waiting to get messier.

2298 days ago


Well, I listened to the tapes and it sounds more like a crank call then anything else. It could have even been setup by the Hogan family...I am not buying it til they do a voice analyst and even with that, who only stands to reason if Hulk is going to go on television or even be heard "wondering what kind of guy John was" know John the guy who lived with your family for 6 years, Hulk you deserve a good threat or two. As for Brooke, no she didn't to anything, literally..she didn't even show empathy or remorse, she didn't step up and admit the truth about her brother and she has allowed her dad to lie. She is as guilty as the rest of the family in trying to cover up what really went down the day John was basically killed.

2298 days ago
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