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Hulk Threats: "Your Kid's Gonna Bleed"

6/16/2008 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The voicemail threats made against Hulk Hogan and his family -- calling them "whores" and threatening to "piss on you and your family's grave" -- have been released ... and, man, are they disturbing.


Bubba the Love Sponge, radio host and Hogan family friend, played the messages allegedly made by John Graziano's brother, Frank, on his show this morning. Clearwater PD tells TMZ there is an "open investigation" into the calls.

According to the Tampa Tribune, John Graziano's dad, Edward, confirmed today that the voice on the tape is that of Frank Caruso, John's 32-year-old half-brother. He said Caruso is a child from his estranged wife's first marriage.


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pk3palm beach    


2318 days ago


I hope he does pi*s on their grave .... the Hogan "family" is a disgrace! I don't condone doing anything to hurt them (physically) but I hope the Graziano family sticks it to them EVERY SINGLE WAY THEY CAN financially. Everytime some loser in the Hogan "family" opens their disgusting mouths with horrible comments about John, I just add another million to the civil settlement. They better live it up while they can because things will be A LOT different for them once the civil litigation is over. We all know Brooke's "career" won't support them and Nick's a complete loser so .....

As for a new reality show - Brooke's or any other "family" member - I would NEVER watch that. I won't even watch American Gladiators anymore (does anyone watch it anyway) because Hulk Hogan repulses me everytime I see something about him. I wouldn't even watch the Larry King interview because he is SUCH A DISGRACE to humanity. I live in central Florida and am always having to hear something about these disgusting human beings. I wish they would MOVE OUT OF FLORIDA.

Bubba The Love Sponge sucks too !

2318 days ago


I wouldn't put it passed Hogan to make a Pay-for-view lumberjack match with the victim's brother, his son and Linda and her boyfriend. Brooke can referee and inject her dad in the buttocks with Dianabol ........

2318 days ago

Realistic Charlie    

Yeah Hogan's Son may very well be spoiled beyond belief but your just kidding yourselfs if you believe that the other kid was just an innocent passenger. I'm sure he was hooting and hollering and living it up with Hogan's Son. Did their mistake cause John to be hurt yes, but innocent he is far from it. We've all been young once and young people do stupid things like not wear seat belts!

2318 days ago


You know, an accident is a an accident. Given Nick shouldn't have been driving (for past behavior) and John should have been wearing a seat belt or requested out of the car since he is grown and knew what was going on... probably telling Nick to go faster. It's an awful accident and since it is 2008 everyone wants to sue someone and not take responsibility for their own actions. I think it is awful that Nick's private conversations are plastered all over the news. People let their emotions take over and that is what both sides are doing.

2318 days ago


it's about time that they did something like this. I would have already had them in court. I HATE THE HOGAN FAMILY NOW. Not that they really did anything prior to this. They do deserve to have piss on their graves!

2318 days ago


Hogan should not have released this tape. I think a majority side with John's family. He would have shown class for the first time since this happened by just keeping it quiet. But noooo, he has to be the center of media attention all the time. Just something else to make their disgusting family look bad.

2318 days ago


I don't approve of the Graziano threats but frankly how much more are they supposed to take? Yes, if terry is so damned concerned about the "taken out of context" phone messages, release them all. It will not help them in any way. His speech about trying to raise Nick's spirits is the bunk. He did the crime and he does the time like the rest of us. For those who still want to dump on John, isn't he serving enough of a sentence for you? If frank really did make the call, can you really blame him? With everything that each and every member of the Bollea family has said over all these months and if it were your brother or son with the brain damage John has sustained, you would lose it too. It's sad it has all come down to this but the blame still lies with 3 people...Terry, Linda, and Nick. I don't care what kind of people John's loved ones are. They didn't deserve this. I am willing to bet it was someone the Bolleas paid off to make the call.

2318 days ago


I am not saying that what Nick did was right but this MAN got into the car at full will. He was not forced into the car by Nick or anyone else. Nick is in jail for what he did wrong and unfortunitually John is in the hospital. I do not agree with some of the things that the Hogan family have done but we all do things that are not right. People just need to lay off of them and let them deal with the situation themselves.

2318 days ago


GRAZIANOS ARE TRASH!!!!!!!!! They think they are better! Why can't everyone see this for what it really is. A chance for the Grazianos the get $$$ and attention! John should have put his seat belt on and actually should have been hanging out with adults instead of a child. Get over it. He was an adult who made a bad decision and now his family needs someone to blame. Please just cause he was a marine. Every thug i went to school with went into the service cause they couldn't get into a decent college anywhere. I don't personally think John was a bad person but his family is making a fool out of him. If he could tell them to stop acting this way i bet he would. SAD JERKS

2318 days ago


Everyone involved in this fiasco needs to keep their mouths shut.

2318 days ago

Maria Faria    

Graziano is Italian: I am Italian. We are fiery fighting folks. Just disrespect us once and suffer the wrath of our whiplash-like vengance!! Long Face Steroid Jerk Ass should have never said or implied that John G. deserved vegetableness. His lazy, no-morals family and son need to find God and ask for forgiveness....In the meantime, may the Italian vigilanties get you brother, and when an Italian gets you back, you never forget what you did wrong!!!

2318 days ago


Hey Hulk.... pull your wrestling tights up.... your ass is showing!!!!

Having spoken with a few people that have met Terry Bollea, I have always understood him to be a very like-able, friendly individual. However, the opinions that he expresses concerning John Granziano and the reasons he gives for John's misfortune, are totally misguided. First off, God does not punish people for their mistakes. Secondly, I don't see a lot of "good" coming from Mr.Granziano's current vegetative state. Perhaps some good could possibly come from it, if Mr. Bollea would focus his time, energy and considerable wealth on helping to fund research into severe brain injury and it's treatment, rather than coddling his son and trying to cash-in with a "real-ality" show. The "lessons" that he is attempting to teach his son, are the ramblings of an self-absorbed egotist, trying to rationalize the mistakes of privileged youth. Unfortunately, the Bollea's appear to share in the beliefs of so many of the worlds wealthy, that they have somehow been anointed by our heavenly Father as being "special" and above the rest of us. Perhaps Mr. Bollea should question the reasons behind his own family's current state of affairs.... and I do mean affairs!!!! What a freak-show, but then again, that's what Hulkamania is all about. Time to get real brother, the Great Referee in the sky is watching... don't be counted out!!!! One.... two....thr

2318 days ago

lets hang her    

Really seeing peoples true colors. or true stupidity.
if this really was a tape from the brother, i think we're all getting a picture of these low lifes.

2318 days ago


Great! Now we have some hick radio show host fanning the flames!!

2318 days ago
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