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Luke Russert: I've Got Dad on My Side

6/16/2008 10:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Luke Russert appeared on the "Today" show this morning, just three days after his father's tragic death -- and told a hilarious -- and touching -- story about getting tatted up ... and his dad's curious reaction.

And just like his dad, Luke shared some sage advice on when to tell your folks about ink.


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Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be slut-whores    

"Only an attention whore, or someone who is seeking a media job"

That was about his kid, specifically. It was not a blanket statement. Again, TRY READING. I assume that anyone who needs to appear on TV so soon after losing their father is either an attention whore OR wants to follow in daddy's footsteps and is laying the groundwork now.

Otherwise, he would be home grieving privately, not seeking adulation from strangers, most of whom have the attention span of hamsters and most of whom will have moved onto something else in a week or less.

"You dont like his son giving a tribute to his father - change the channel! "

I don't have to change the channel because I don't watch TV. I read books. That's why I know more than you do. I believe that television is geared towards the lowest common denominator. People like you, for instance.

Yes, I also read some gossip. I like to know what stupid people are up to.

"Better yet, get off the computer and go outside."

I'm working. I'm at my desk. I own a business. I employ people. If I go outside to play, my employees and their families go hungry. In other words, I'm not that selfish. I'm sorry you are.

"an executive job with a prominent company"

Yeah, right. I believe that. Can you hear my eyes rolling?

Congratulations on your promotion to cashier!

"Get a life"

This is the last bastion of a mewling simpleton who knows she is losing an internet argument. It's what I expect a 16 year old half-wit to type. A 37 year old really should be able to offer something better.

You should have something more to show for your advanced years besides wrinkles and an inability to comprehend basic English, don't you think?

2287 days ago

Im just sayin'...    

You just took ASSumption to a whole new level. Apparently - your "business" is the psychic network of friends.... you seem to "know" that I dont read books, that you know more than me, that I watch tv, that I am selfish, that I am a cashier, that I have wrinkles, and that I cannot comprend english - yet you have never met me. Wow! You're good....

Here's a little secret - I have been checking the postings every few minutes to see if you have responded to my posts and when I see that one is there - I laugh and cant wait to see how heated you have gotten! I have been playing with you and pushing your buttons and getting under your skin and you make it SOOOO easy! Now who is the simpleton? What entertainment you have been this afternoon. Pissing off stupid people is fun - but I have grown tired of you.

CALM DOWN - take a deep breath and go "manage people" or something. Apparently the fate of their future is in your hands (God help them).

2287 days ago


Tim Russert was nothing but a gossip talking media whore just like all news ancors thing for sure he wont be spreding no more gossip.............lmao

2286 days ago


It's really disgusting to see comments from people who think they are funny or clever by making jackass remarks. This boy just lost his father, one of the most loved men in broadcast journalism, and people comment he should lose weight and he seems happy his father died?? What's the matter-did you get bored playing dungeons and dragons in Mom and Dads basement, finished surfing the net for underage porn, were done listening to your Peter Frampton records and decided to check out TMZ? What a bunch of losers. Are you just sorry no one will ever remember you??

2286 days ago


Luke is one class act!
Has MSNBC thought of putting Luke it Tim's spot?
He'd be great at it and would also bring in a great crowd!

2286 days ago


God bless you Luke! Your dad will always be looking down on you so proud! May God bless and comfort you and your family through this great loss. Your father will be greatly missed! A fine man, great father!

2286 days ago


Go Luke! Thank you for sharing your memories of your father. I look forward to seeing you in the future because you are such a bright young man! I am sorry to see that you are being criticized in this time of sorrow, sadness, and remembrance!


2284 days ago
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