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Chelsea on Barack -- Silent But Deadly

6/17/2008 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With her mom out of the running, we wanted to know if Chelsea Clinton was pulling for Barack -- and it's what she didn't say that spoke volumes.

It's not like she's going to vote for McCain or anything -- so why not back Barack?


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La quinosha...gimme a break. That is the worst attempt at "being black" I've seen in a minute.

2218 days ago


come on! she was also silent when the reporter asked her how her mother was - should we conclude that she is showing contempt for hillary as well? all of these speculative remarks here are an example of how the cheap sensationalist media has power to control your "independent" thinking. if you are going to be intelligent in your analyis here, you will conclude this video says nothing of importance to the upcoming election and was a complete waste of time to view. get off the hysteria bandwagon and go read a book, maybe "huckleberry finn" for starters.

2218 days ago


Who gives a S*** what Chelsea thinks???

2218 days ago

2218 days ago


#24: I think you meant 1936 not '26 as that would make McCain almost 82...unless you were joking re: his being old in which case I apologize for taking you too literally...

2218 days ago


You Are Not African American.
You need prayer.

2218 days ago



Are you going to continue tongue kissing your dog, screwing your daughter, and funding her spring break sexually deviant activites?

Your daughter's truths are beginning to be visible to one and all globally through print media and the GGW series of tape.

White men are turning away from white girls in record numbers, because they are not trustworthy, money grubbing, and deviant. plus don't throw stones: Jerry Springer and Maury Povich and a number of other talk shows are detailing the fact that statistics had been manipulated to read lower in the white communities to the number of single parents you all have and to the fact that there are a significant number of you that are not married, but living together.

Don't throw stones. Your daughters are so free sexually that they don't know who the father of their children are. your children have sex parties after school with their friends and sleep with your friends.

I can go on and on about your darling deviant daughter and morally bankrupt sons, but I will stop here.

Obama, NO Take care of your own home, before you throw stones.

2218 days ago


Eff O-bomb-a!

2218 days ago


#14 - la' quinosha - you are brilliant, and I wish there were more people like you!!

2218 days ago


damn this is a tough choice of an election.. but we definately need change i dont know if we need another republican in the white house. I dont think the country is better off now then when Bush took office? but can this guy with no experience b the one. I dont think there is much choice in this upcoming election.

2218 days ago


Because She doesn't back Losers!!!!!!

And he was stupid for hiring the low life bitch for his campaign manager for his potential VP
He would have been straight to the white house had he chose Clinton instead we will have another 4 years of stupid republicans running the country into the ground and we will all be feeling the hurt from not having any money to support us.

2218 days ago


She already publicly announced her support for Obama. Maybe if you idiot "reporters" at TMZ would stop showing pics of celebrity moms' cellulite and actually read the news or hired educated people.... oh wait...educated, intelligent people would not work for TMZ. IDIOTS!

2218 days ago


TMZ, is there anyone on your staff that isn't a functional illiterate? Good gawd....Hey Chelsea, we love you Chelsea, hey Chelsea, how's your mother Chelsea, Chelsea Chelsea.

Of course, that seems to be the course of "questioning" exhibited with EVERYONE you stalk.

2218 days ago


Hey TMZ, I think La'quinosha would be a PERFECT addition to your staff. LOL

2218 days ago


LOL Good! She and the Clintons are yesterday's news.

McCain Mr. Not Important when the troops are coming home- is ABSOLUTELY INSANE & SENILE. With the gall to want to have a bunch of Town Hall Meetings with Obama-... Not to "debate", but to merely get exposure.... also yesterday's news...

OBAMA 2008 Baby watch it happen!

2218 days ago
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