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Chelsea on Barack -- Silent But Deadly

6/17/2008 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With her mom out of the running, we wanted to know if Chelsea Clinton was pulling for Barack -- and it's what she didn't say that spoke volumes.

It's not like she's going to vote for McCain or anything -- so why not back Barack?


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"McCain is more a moderate, not a conservative. He doesnt pander to crowds like Obama and Clinton. He is a straight shooter."

That may have been true before this campaign started, but not now. How about McCain's position on oil drilling, Bush's tax cuts, and on interrogation tactics? Even though I am an Obama supporter who is not supposed to know Jack about politics, I know that McCain has completely flip-flopped on all of these issues. Isn't that pandering? Obama at least has tried to educate the American people on issues such as this gas crisis. Instead of offering a quick fix that could have been an easy popularity point, he chose to learn from his mistake in Illinois. Repealing the gas tax just creates a larger issue in the end. A real leader explains the difference...what side was McCain on? Oh, that's right, he tried to tell everyone what they wanted to hear...can you say pandering?

2318 days ago


That is one ugly nasty hoe. Ewwwwww!!!

2318 days ago


She's as ugly as her mom's personality. Poor waif has some serious genetic disorder connected to those two pigs that created her. Looks like she's been sucked into the quagmire (giggitty-giggitty) of there repulsive self centered politics.

By the way, get implants...cheek, chin, etc...

2318 days ago


Give that girl a chin IMPLANT. Surely Mom and Pop clinton can afford to do that? Chelsea is full of herself and rude. . . What on earth has she done with her life that would merit a run for anything? Big ICK.

2318 days ago


I'd vote for Chelsea !!!! ...

2318 days ago


Chelsea for President!!! ..

2318 days ago


Do these blow up shoes make my butt look FAT?

2318 days ago


Because the Clinton's are JUST as racist as most of White America is in this country. It's no secret, especially the way her Moma campaigned. I have NO respect for them anymore.

2318 days ago


Unfortunately there are only two real options in this campaign. Vote for McCain or not vote at all. It's SCARY to think Obama might be running this country. Also scary is McCain running it and continuing the slaughter.
Also regarding Chelsea's lack of comment - why should she comment? I remember growing up and being told by my parents that you don't reveal who you are voting for. I don't really know the reason for that but the point is it's her choice. I'd be on the side of my mother too and just because these crazy people in the country pushed him ahead why should she be saying anything at all about him? It's not needed and is kind of a dumb question anyway. They are just trying to embarass her.

Here's a novel idea! Let's get rid of the electoral college so the President is actually voted in by the people aka the popular vote. Unfortunately I am going to have to vote for McCain, if I vote at all, in the hopes that it will help put more Republicans on the electoral college and therefore possibly keep Obama out. OMG - I can't believe I've been forced into this position. I know my Dad is turning in his grave about his children voting Republican.

God Save America.

2318 days ago

Sherri Jones    

Obama hasnt even finished a term as Senator, why should he even be running for President? For the first time in my life I'm ashamed to be a Democrat!

2318 days ago

Purebred in USA    

Obama could be the 1st African-American president. I am sure I am not the only that thinks of what could very easily happen if he is. I'm just saying....

2318 days ago

jodi gunn    

Leave Chesley alone, she has more smarts than the people making stupied remarks.

2318 days ago


Always was and always will be fugly.

2318 days ago

Republican for Obama    


But thats the problem, see the people who vote for McCain are used to being told what to do, thinking for themselves is a problem. I was watching the new the other day with a member and the host was ripping this woman about how stupid it would be for voting for McCain while his policies vastly differ from Clinton's and Obama's are much more inline and all she could say was character.

Here is the thing, the President is but one man and really a figurehead more than anything, the problem is the adminstration as a whole and that people in this country be sure that nobody from the current joke of an adminstration remain and the only way to do that is vote Democrat. Its more important that a President be itelligent and able to think for himself, be informed. From the eary speeches its plainly apparent who that will be.

Informed people in this country won't let the ignorant take the vote this time, like in 04. I'm not even worried.

2318 days ago

Sherri Jones    

#58 You have it all wrong its the Obama people whom are the follower's. The people voting for McCain just are not falling for the crap coming out of Obama's mouth, nor are they voting for a President becauz of his color!

2318 days ago
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