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Ed's Wife-- Shopping Him Into the Poorhouse

6/17/2008 12:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The one word that's turning Ed McMahon from baller to beggar: Plastic.

Our sources tell us Pamela McMahon, Ed's wife of 16 years, is literally spending him onto the street. We hear she's completely "oblivious" to the late night legend's cash troubles, and shops like their life depended on it. Her AmEx bill is legendary -- the couple reportedly owes them nearly $750K.

That's causing an issue for Ed's friends, who are conflicted about bailing him out. They don't want to see their 85-year-old friend foreclosed on and homeless, but they also don't want to encourage Pamela's passion for Prada.

And to add insult to injury, now Donald Trump wants to exploit Ed's sad situation for publicity. The blowhard famewhore has made a public "offer" to help the "Bloopers" star, but that's news to Ed. Trump's only reached out to the public -- not the McMahons -- as you think he might. A source close to Ed tells us the "people who are talking publicly aren't necessarily the ones who are helping." We hear there are others who "quietly" are trying to assist.

Ed's rep denies Pamela's spending is the reason for their troubles -- the rep says she's not "extravagant."

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Poor Ed? Ha!
I hope the day never comes when I feel sorry for rich, old stupid men who merry much younger women who are willing to prostitute themselves for money.

2285 days ago


When Ed passes on his wife is gonna be on the curb with NOTHING! God bless them west side gold diggers

2285 days ago


Why else would someone her age marry someone his age? Please !

2285 days ago


typical the mess this kind of people get themselves in. flashing their bling and gold teeth. What clowns. he deserves whatever he gets. too much money, not deserved, and no head for money. to top it off dumps his low class baby momma for some high class white piece. he should be allowed to drown. that is how these people roll.

2285 days ago


He's 85 friggin' years old... what's he still got a mortgage for?

2285 days ago


No sympathy at all. With all of the money he has made over the years there is no excuse to be broke. Try saving and living within your means. Also stop upgrading wives like cars you should have stopped having kids at 45. His wife was complaining that they can't live in a condo because they have ten dogs. Maybe try owning one dog. I am so glad that they hsave been humiliated in fornt of the nation they deserve it. Kudos to his ex wives who got his money and are debt free. This Bimbo is gonna be broke when he kicks the bucket.

2285 days ago


I don't feel sorry for him at all! Apparently she gives him something that he overlooks that he married a gold digger

2285 days ago


Well it's not like she held and gun to his head and demanded he marry her so yeah he get's what he deserve's by marrying a golddigger... Lif'e's a bitch aint it

2285 days ago


Oh she knows what she is doing. When they get evicted she will want a divorce with allimony.

2285 days ago


She sounds like quite a shopper. Can't she sell her jewels to bail out her pathetic husband? I have a feeling she has plenty. I hope he doesn't expect hard working people to feel sorry for him. He had a fortune and blew it all. Sell the house and move into a two bedroom condo. And cut up that btches credit card, for God's sake!!

2285 days ago

San Francisco    

I live in San Francisco, which has a high number of mentally ill homeless people. Ed M should be ashamed of himself, begging for mercy over a 6 million dollar home. What an idiot!

2283 days ago

Michael Jones    

This is no problem, it is a slim opportunity to knock on doors and to get recursive action started at best to resolve a buyer to assume payments so to eliminate the third parties Ed has encountered and decrease for the buyer to one simple agreement. Yet the problem as I see it is Ed's lack of what to do, he has done for the most part of his life practically as much as many people would not have and still we can't blame this entirely on a wife but if the courts had their say Ed would be garnished if he had something going in employment to meet the bills cause of no buyer. OK so that is not a solution, garnishing wages is a bad concept, makes for court costs in addition to what is owed and that is out on a wild slug. Well, a solution maybe closer to resolving other problems, seeing a Realtor making it a certain screwup proposition in the first place would be sure signs of inconsistency for payments being out of a realm. On the other hand this sort of situation would resolve best if Ed could be employed and receive a advance of funds to pay off the bill then he and his family has a place to sleep if that lasts for long without repair bills or upgrade ideas.
A job for Ed is a simple spokesperson situation, something relative to his past lifestyle, how he was encouraged to comply to the military, how his transportation affected him (that is those gasoline automobiles) then backing up a future Ed could show how things could have been different if Electric Vehicles had been part of his life. Generations are coming and going folks, and there are a lack of service facilities and recharge facilities for Electric Vehicles. Which really makes you begin to wonder why when bank's and realtor's have none to manage they don't even own an Electric Vehicle themselves and that says a ton of words without writing. A realtor might need not just one but have to have a fleet so when they realize one small estate cannot bring them this they might consider finding themselves a way to accomplish their goal and help the US Government with environmental laws which are turning away from fossil fueled vehicles.
Talk-n-Talk Show situations are really not a desired telecast appeal to the viewers, which I might add like serial shows that exist outdoors primarily and have a flare to bring in news and happenings which are relevant to say the least. A foreclosure theme is not what the people want to see on the telly. So which way is this going besides towards Ed McMahon's ordeal that he must comply within due time or face the consequence. Direct motility to bring about a change in the world such that the US vs. OPEC sparks the reality to end as quickly as possible that oil rich gridlock that fuels the price fixations increasing every day or so. When the cookie crumbles the OPEC is going to realize just how bad it has been for the American Consumers and that is the main point we should realize since of course consumers have been dictated to ever since fossil fuel vehicles began the endorsement for everyone needing transportation esp. those in the oil and fuel service industries. It does not seem unlikely that Exxon/Mobile shouldn't have considered leaving the US for Saudi Arabia since most of the resources they must process in oil refineries must eliminate as much sulfur as possible, yet China seems more likely the major purchaser of that grade of crude oil so what we see then is Exxon/Mobile making a stance to support China out of the US and not have to encounter the sulfur environmental issues within the US. Americans are therefore waiting to be free of OPEC but this Exxon/Mobile movement does not seem a solution to end that rich feeling they are having.
More on the score of solving the issue we should create a Free Electric Vehicle Conversion Authority since the US Government is lacking the willpower to do this making a Department of Electric Vehicles possible to thereby grant the conversions it then might be better to endorse a Foundation which can do that and more operating on donations and contributions and deriving metals from conversion vehicles of consumers willing to end their connection to the OPEC Gridlocked pricing. In so many ways this seems more logical so that is why I am endorsing The "Internet Alliance" is the voice of "The Free Electric Vehicle Conversion Foundation". If this looks and has the feel you expect it should you might think to endorse it also and be prepared if and when it does start to make some headway. Right now it was just an idea before Ed McMahon came around needing a job as so many college students do and it just seems logical they need work as bad as the oil refineries do and need incomes and a livelihood so why no go for making Electric Vehicles more than just a hobby. I appreciate all the support you can produce.

2283 days ago


I was really shocked when I first heard about his financial situation. I remember many years ago they talked about how wealthy Ed was - worth MILLIONS. There had to be some kind of overspending involved, and I'm guessing it was HER spending that got him in the mess he's in. He did mention something on Larry King about having had to help various family members out - wonder which family member? The whole thing is sad.

2282 days ago

Bad Joke Tellet    

Yes, Ed needs to get rid of the wife's credit cards PRONTO! When I heard her on Larry King whining that she was forced to shop at TARGET, I wanted to hurl. This woman, who claims she'd "never owned a home before", would STILL be an apartment dweller had her gold-digging hands not latched on to Ed McMahon where she then spent him into the poor house. This woman obviously needs a REALITY CHECK, and she's getting it. Maybe she'll be forced to work at BARNEY's instead of just run up a big shopping and plastic surgery bill she cannot afford so she can try in vain to act like she accidently belongs in Beverly Hills in the first place.

2282 days ago


I do not feel sorry for him at all!

2282 days ago
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