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Ed's Wife-- Shopping Him Into the Poorhouse

6/17/2008 12:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The one word that's turning Ed McMahon from baller to beggar: Plastic.

Our sources tell us Pamela McMahon, Ed's wife of 16 years, is literally spending him onto the street. We hear she's completely "oblivious" to the late night legend's cash troubles, and shops like their life depended on it. Her AmEx bill is legendary -- the couple reportedly owes them nearly $750K.

That's causing an issue for Ed's friends, who are conflicted about bailing him out. They don't want to see their 85-year-old friend foreclosed on and homeless, but they also don't want to encourage Pamela's passion for Prada.

And to add insult to injury, now Donald Trump wants to exploit Ed's sad situation for publicity. The blowhard famewhore has made a public "offer" to help the "Bloopers" star, but that's news to Ed. Trump's only reached out to the public -- not the McMahons -- as you think he might. A source close to Ed tells us the "people who are talking publicly aren't necessarily the ones who are helping." We hear there are others who "quietly" are trying to assist.

Ed's rep denies Pamela's spending is the reason for their troubles -- the rep says she's not "extravagant."

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That's what he gets for marrying a gold digging wh0re. Ha ha! I hope they end up penniless.

2312 days ago

Noelle Paige    

Poor Ed, I seem to remember he dumped some women year ago when she developed breast cancer, maybe there were other factors but what a time to leave! /Anyway he was an agrreeable not especcially talented spokesperson for decades made more money than most people can even imagine and now he crys on Larry King about it.having run out. If he had not been so ridiculous as to marrying younger women he would be able to live quite hanesomely now. He blames it on his accident and not being able to work, hey reality check, did he think he'd be employable for ever? I doubt old fools with money will learn to keep their starter wives but it mighr keep them up nights! Noelle

2303 days ago


I know for a fact, not rumor, but FACT.... that Pam's expenses, every month, for years have been about $250,000. That is a QUARTER of a MILLION dollars. PER MONTH.

She buys shoes that could fill a boat and then buys some more.
I used to wonder how he afforded her habit. Now I know. He doesn't.

2303 days ago


If she wanted to show-off to everyone all the money she had (or had "Access" too) then why not use "Cash" at the cash-register to flash it around instead of all these plastic credit cards.

Ed should have cut up that AmEx Card of $750,000 debt.

If he was afraid his young gold-digging wife was going to leave & divorce him if he drastically cut her spending....... Go ahead, the only "HALF" she would be getting out of the divorce would be an "Equal-Half" of their Mutual-Debt since that's all that's left.


2302 days ago


Hugh Hefner is an intelligent business savvy genius.

Hef keeps all his girls who live in the Playboy Mansion & across the street in the Playmate House on a strict financial regimen of $1,000/ per Month, plus rent free.

It's up to the girls to come up with the rest via endorsements, appearances, acting/ modeling jobs, etc.

All the girls are also responsible for traveling at their own expense too - which is why they always fly Southwest.

Only time Hef will pick up the airfare-tab is if Hef & any of the girls are traveling to the same destination & when that happens it's Ultra-Luxury the entire way. Hef travels on a private chartered Boeing Jet via Boeing Business Jet (BBJ).

Seems like Ed could have used some good, friendly, neighborly, advice from "The Hef."


2302 days ago

northern gypsy the old fart some's the she-bitch i'm keeping tabs on !!! i'm waiting for the $$$ statements to surface...then we'll see how serious her jones is...

2266 days ago
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