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Graziano Fam: You're Not the Victim, Hulk!

6/17/2008 10:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In the ongoing battle between the Hogans and the Grazianos to appear more sympathetic, the Graziano family has scored a knockout blow with some actual reality television.

Last night, Nancy Grace aired exclusive home video of John Graziano -- the victim in all this, lest we forget -- and what it's like for him in his day-to-day life.

Prison doesn't seem so bad now, does it Nick?


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Beth Halle    

Never cared for Nancy Grace, but this makes me happy. I couldn't care less about the Hogan family, but any one that makes the kind of comments that "hulK' Terry did should be pissed on in their grave. I can only hope the Graziano's have mob ties and the Hulk will meet his maker sooner then later and that Nick can suffer twice what the other kid have to endure.

2318 days ago

the Missus    

Who do all of you people think you are??? Thou Shalt Not Judge.... I'm sure that NONE of you are perfect and have made a few mistakes in your lives.... This was an ACCIDENT, and it wasn't some crazy conspiracy to put John Graziano in the hospital. It is a sad sad thing, but again, it was AN ACCIDENT!!! Nick is doing his time, and that should be that... Terry Boella is a loving father whose world is crashing down around him... Should he just sit around watching tapes of his old matches??? NO, he must go on about his daily life, same as Linda...
Grazianos brother sounds like he needs some serious anger management. Threats aren't going to change anything, except maybe put him behind bars for terroristic threatening...
I hope this is a lesson to ALL of you to put on your seatbelt, make all of your passengers wear their seatbelts, and DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE, even if you've only had one or two...and always observe the posted speed limits... Any of us could be John, any of us could be Nick.

BTW, what would all of you be doing if TMZ did't allow you to post your comments???

2318 days ago


Just when I think I can't dislike these Bollea people more than I already do....they prove me wrong.

2318 days ago


did you people see the automobile after the accident, I doubt a seatbelt would have made much of a difference. that video is heartbreaking and I feel much sadness for the Grazianos.

2318 days ago

Saw It    

I remember a while back TMZ posted a story of Frank on a radio show. It sounds just like the guy making the threats to me.

2318 days ago

Duhneese Richerds    

Hey yall!! I love the Hogans, great tippers at the club. I started stripping at twelve and gave the whole family lap dances on the holidays. Love you Terry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2318 days ago


Agreed, this was a tragic accident and maybe John should have known better than to get in the car, should have had a seatbelt on, blah, blah, blah. The issue here is Nick Bollea is a repeat offender and spoiled brat and the entire family has been horrible during this ordeal. John Graziano is the only victim here and his life is pretty much over. The Bollea's seem to have little remorse for that fact. It's really unfortunately that this experience wasn't a humbling one for them. The Bollea's need to wake up and realize they got the easy end of the stick on this one....unless little Nicky is getting the end of a stick he doesn't want! Bollea's, shut up, go fade into the background and realize you're the lucky ones who still have a son who's alive and well while the accident your darling child caused has torn another family apart forever. Get over yourselves. When tragedy strikes your family you will obviously find very little support on the outside.

2318 days ago

hot snot    

thank you for posting this tmz, it's about time we see the other side

2318 days ago

patsy ramsey    

omg i just visited john and he came out of acoma and whispered in my ear, " when i get out, i'm gonna pee on all the hogans"
its no wonder the hulkster and his loser family are all scared and calling the cops

2318 days ago

Duhneese Richerds    

Leave my family alone you bastards!! You don't know the first thing about what happened!!!!!!!!!

2318 days ago


This was not a accident,it was a crash caused by a person who was old enough to have a driver's permit,which means he is resposible for his passenger and obeying the rules of the road and not drinking,this could not happen to all of us because not all of us get in a car after drinking,drive a racing car on a highway,break the speed limit and drag race,most people don't even move their car unless their passenger is hooked up,wtf a accident,i think not,every law there was to be broken was broken and this is what happened,now if he was driving along the road in a normal car,at the speed limit and had not been drinking and the tree jumped out at him,well then you have a accident.

2318 days ago


John should have had a seatbelt. But it was his choice to get in the car with Nick. If he had had his seatbelt on he may not have been in the condition he is currently in. I do feel sorry for his family, because of his careless actions they are now suffering the ramifications of his actions as well as he is. I am sure this is not the first time he was in the car when Nick was driving like a total idiot.
This accident is on both of these boys, John is old enough to know that you are required to where a seatbelt and that Nick races his cars on the streets.
So both families did a poor job of teaching their kids right from wrong. The Hogan family as self centered yes but John was not an innocent victim.

2318 days ago


Yup, God had a plan to make John a better person, that worked real well....

2318 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

I feel so bad for John Graziano, but wonder if he would want his privacy invaded like that. However, It is a sobering wake-up call for everyone who drives too fast, drinks and drives ect. Nick is going to have to live with that picture for the rest of his life, and someday, the reality of what happened is really going to hit him hard. His parents cannot protect him from that.

2318 days ago

kenneth turner    

I hate the Hogans!!!!! Especially that spoiled punk nick.. This guy was a vet nick is just a straight punk.. Hulk is a steriod juice bag, Linda is a fat ugly slut, and brooke can't sing and she is a whore... I won't put them on my tv ever again...

2318 days ago
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