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Graziano Fam: You're Not the Victim, Hulk!

6/17/2008 10:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In the ongoing battle between the Hogans and the Grazianos to appear more sympathetic, the Graziano family has scored a knockout blow with some actual reality television.

Last night, Nancy Grace aired exclusive home video of John Graziano -- the victim in all this, lest we forget -- and what it's like for him in his day-to-day life.

Prison doesn't seem so bad now, does it Nick?


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blue gem    

I feel for both families and think this bickering needs to end ,it gets them nowhere.But the fact is , John chose to get in the car and chose NOT to wear his seatbelt! If he had that on it would most likely be a different situation now.Seatbelts are there to save lives and in this instants we see what happens when you choose not to wear one.

2284 days ago


How heartbreaking! I had a cousin in the same state after a car accident - he lived that way for several years then died. Such a senseless waste of a young life :(
Leave it to Nancy Grace to cut through the bull - love her!!

2284 days ago


The Hogans's behavior has been atrocious and I just pary for the victim and his family.

2284 days ago

Amazing T!    

Hey "you're not God"- How's your former Hawaiian Tropic model girlfriend?

2284 days ago


It looks like he is getting really good care. God bless his Doctors and nurses and God bless John.

2284 days ago


Should John have worn a seatbelt......Yes Should he have gotten in the car.....why not Nick may have been drinking but as it has already been said he was below the legal limit so he wouldn't have appeared drunk and John would have had no idea that later on Nick would decide to race another car As a driver it is your responsability to care for the wellfare of your passangers, in my car I will not put it in gear if everyone isn't buckled in no exceptions ever! As hard as it is to see a 17 year old in prison,and I have a 17 year old, he needs a harsh lesson in reality he has to understand that his actions and inactions did this. If and that is a big IF the phone calls came from Johns family I guess I'd have to say I think I'd feel the same way remember his family hasn't said much until the Hogans started publically blaming John, I'm sure the calls were big talk from an angry and frustrated family, can any of you say you'd feel any different if put in the same position

2284 days ago


I hope Nick gets put with genral population he deserves it!

2284 days ago

vanessa m    

Hulk Hogan and his family suck. There are low life.

2284 days ago


John was an ADULT. He was an almost 24 year old WAR VETEREN hanging out with a spoiled little rich KID.

He was participating in the delinquency of a MINOR because he was drinking right along with nick.

He and Nick have drag raced before

He got in the car when he knew Nick had been drinking

He knew Nick wasn't a safe driver yet he refused to wear his seatbelt.

When did an underaged teenager become responsible for the actions of himself AND responsible for the actions of an adult?

Just because the kid is in a coma and its sad, and its horrible that he's in it for life... how does that make him a saint who didn't screw up and how does that make him NOT responsible for his own stupid actions that contributed to the position he is in now.

Nancy Grace is a freakin moron. She claims to know so much about the law, yet she forgets contributory neglegence. And when people point this out to her, she accuses them of wanting him to end up the way he did becuase of "minor indescressions of not wearing a seatbelt', when all they did was point out the truth.

You contribute to your own damages if you don't take the least of the necessary steps to avoid potential damages. hanging out with an underaged kid when you're an adult, Drinking with a minor, getting into the car with a minor who had been drinking, and not wearing your seatbelt when you're in the car with an unsafe driver who had been drinking...

I think he contributed to his own damages.

2284 days ago


Enough with the "John should have been wearing his seatbelt!" A seatbelt would not have prevented that head rest from going into his skull.

My thoughts and prayers go to John and his family. Anyone who defends the Hogan's needs to watch this video again and see who the real victim is.

2284 days ago


Those silly voicemails pale in comparison to seeing this young man laying in a hospital bed in a vegetative state.
~Shame on you, Bulk Hogan!!!!!!

2284 days ago

wayne dh    


2284 days ago


I think more people are mad at the way the Hogan family is dealing with the whole thing then how it actually happened. They have no remorse ESPECIALLY NICK so that of course will anger Johns Family. I would feel the same exact way

2284 days ago


The Grazianos sort of remind me of the Goldmans with regard for putting their son "on display" for the world to see. I think they would rather not, but at this point it is anything it takes for "Justice for John" in my opinion. I am sure the Goldman's have technically put what happened to Nicole Simpson and their son to bed; but they will do anything it takes to put O.J. on the hot seat and make his life as miserable as possible (as it should be). I don't think they really ever expect to see anything monetarily from the guy but they have done anything in their power to keep him from living as lushly as possible.

The Grazianos in this case, just want to display (mostly for the Bolleas, since they obviously don't ever intend to visit John anymore, if they ever did) exactly what their son helped create. Perhaps John should have been wearing a seatbelt, etc. but that doesn't absolve the idiocy of Nick Bollea and the responses from the Bollea clan.

2284 days ago


THIS was not a true accident.. an accident is when you are driving down the road with your family and some Ahole runs a red light and t-bones you. Or you blow a tire doing the spped limit and lose control and flip your car.. even Seinfeld had his brakes go out.. thats an accident.

When a rich, spoiled, irresponsible idiot driving his Daddy's suped up ride after a few drinks doesn't make his passanger buckle up before he makes the lovely decision to race another car on wet public streets and wraps his car around a palm tree.. that is not an accident.. that is pure reckless endangerment in my book. Not too mention a giant heaping of idiocy.

And yeah.. poor Nick.. boohoo.. give me a break! He should be thanking his lucky stars he only got 8 months.. cause if he had gone to a jury trial.. he knew he would have received more... and thats exactly why he plead!!!!

Be thankful Nick that your stupid pathetic useless ass can walk, breath, talk, remember your dysfunctional family, can have a future with GOD FORBID children.. John has a life sentence. A life sentence You gave him when you decided to race that day.

Hey Nick I have an idea for what to do when you are out of jail.. now that the military has lowered their requirements for new recruits.. why don't you honor your fallen best firend and your country and volunteer yourself in Iraq.. Serve two terms in fact like your dear buddy John. I am sure your fellow soldiers will have your back..

2284 days ago
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