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Heidi Klum: Sealed with a Tat

6/17/2008 2:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nothing says "you're gonna regret this" quite like getting inked with the name of your significant other. Paging Johnny Depp!

While in NYC on Monday, Heidi Klum was snapped sportin' a tattoo of her speed demon husband's name, Seal, etched into her arm.

Is there anything classier than a gorgeous woman in a gown -- and an exposed tattoo?!


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at least seal wears this
white BEFORE labor day.

2318 days ago


If I would not have read that it was Seal's name, I would not have known. Therefore, it they would happen to separate (and I don't wish it on them) she could spruce it up to look like a random symbol.

2318 days ago


How is their relationship "doomed"?
That sounds so stupid

2318 days ago


31. I guess that is what that mandigo d**ck will do to some of you white chicks. Take not sleep on a man with tribal scars.

Posted at 2:28PM on Jun 17th 2008 by ML
OR,as the PITT shows(a female d**k with tribal marks)LMFAO........i bet seal isnt sporting her name tatoo'd on his a..(like Braddy...

2318 days ago


She looks amazing as usual
Great dress
Fabulous hair and I assume makeup

The tattoo, well that was her choice
and I hope their relationship isn't doomed
they seem a fairly solid couple and really wanting to
make a family
It wasn't all about the million dollar wedding
they wanted a marriage
I hope they make it

Although the odds are against them they seem to have a solid foundation
to build a life on

Maybe they will be the couple to beat the odds
Who knows?

I don't wish divorce on anyone

2318 days ago

hot snot    

i can see where it reads Seal if you tilt your head to your left shoulder. Oh well...i do not think tattooing anyones name is a good idea, unless it is your parent or child. those are the ones you never worry about leaving you in the dust. But hey, to each his own. I love reading TMZ but i hate how they always say women with tattoos are trash or insinuate it. to each his own. Just because a person has one tattoo or is heavily tattooed does not make them a bad person, or "gross". Sheesh. You would be surprised at how many people are fully sleeved with tattoos, i know EMTs, Dentists and even Teachers with full sleeves. Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they aren't there. And TMZ...IF you are going to report on them it's TATTOOS not TATS

2318 days ago


" being illerarte "

surly you either mean
belligerent or illegitimate.

either way, it speaks volumes
saying the same thing.

2318 days ago


melanie griffith has antoino bandera's name in heart on her arm. and they've been together for YEARS. she ADORES him and i'm pretty damn sure he damn near worships the ground she walks on. so tats dooming relationships is bunk. PEOPLE ruin relationships. and i think it's cute. whatever it is. for the life of me i can't make anything out of it besides the fact that it's VERY squiggly.

2318 days ago

Make It Right!!    

LOL! Spew all your racial hatred and then what? You still will NEVER KNOW OR HAVE the kind of love and happiness that these two have with each other! You should be so lucky to be either one of them!!! It's character that makes class and not a tattoo...and you rascists have no class and it is you who have to hide your face in shame in public so no one knows this garbage you spew alone on your computer!!! Ignorant and COWARDLY!!! Say your REAL NAME if you are so proud to hate!

2318 days ago


Out of all the celebrity couples Heide Klum and Seal have the "REAL" thing. I'm usually against the tattooing of your partners name but i think this is an exception. They have been married for five years and by all accounts extremely happy. They renew their vows every year so that says something. I think its a personal choice in the first instance...I wish them all the best.

2318 days ago


It's her arm.
It's her husband.
It's her choice.

2318 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    


bitter, jealous hater...

2318 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

"mandingo d**k",



2318 days ago


I love how she was called the body and her legs are worth a million dollars in insurance money even though she has a little scar on her leg, wait until they see that ugly thing on her arm, I dont get it VS is goin be mad and hello why cant she just put seal instead of somethin that looks like a drunk guy did by mistake, stupid mistake

2318 days ago


She is a beautiful woman, and this isn't directed at just her.

Why would ANY woman (or man either, for that matter) want to spend the money to get a stupid tattoo inked on your body? Do you know what those are going to look like when you're about 65 and the muscle tone starts to go and you get wrinkly? Take a look at people over 65 with tattoos. They look like crap! And surely you could have used that money for something more important!

2318 days ago
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