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"Idol" Reject to Police: Oopsies!

6/17/2008 1:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vonzell SolomonVonzell Solomon has released a ridiculous statement about airport security finding a gun in her bag at a Florida Airport.

"I in no way intended to enter the plane with a firearm. I was rushing to make a scheduled flight and simply did not realize it was in my handbag until I went through security." Dontcha hate when that happens?

While most of us are struggling to pack 3 oz. of liquid, Baby V has a Glock in her clutch.


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The girl came strapped. lol, nice one

2317 days ago



2317 days ago


What's so strange about it? Women carry guns in their purses.

2317 days ago

To #26    

I've seen this excuse before. Pray tell, how does one move about with a Glock in her handbag and not know it's there?

2317 days ago


Vonzell is super talented. Hopefully she will get it together soon and stop making stupid mistakes.

2317 days ago


WTF is the problem? A common mistake for those of us with a concealed carry license. If they would update the laws, then we could (and should) be able to fly with our guns.

2317 days ago

Another dumb ho.........LOL!

2317 days ago


#4 cathy
So what if you fly allot. What does your activities have to do with anything? When you carry a gun with you at all times you don't think about it as being an issue. She forgot to take it out before she left home. Simple mistake.

2317 days ago

Mama Says    

Reminds me of the time I carried a 8" pair of scissors around in my bag for three days, until the security guards found it. It happens.

2317 days ago


As each of me and my 4 sisters left home, our mom gave each of us a very nice pocket knife for protection, I had that knife with me for 28 yrs, when I went thru airport security with it. I had completely forgot about it. Luckily, they believed me and I was not aressted, but they did keep my knife. I believe that this could have happened to her.

2317 days ago

Droppin' Knowledge    

It was a mistake people! Geez....furthermore, I've made a mistake similar to that before and so have others. I went to see a CAVS game and forgot to take the pepper spray off of my keychain and I was forced to walk all the way back to my car to take it back while my family waited for me. Stuff happens. She's probably used to having it there and completely forgot about it in the rush of trying to make her flight. Do you really think that she expected not to get caught had she actually remembered it was there??? People are always looking for an opportunity to pass judgment. By the way, she is a really pretty young lady...nobody noticed that though, huh? If she were ugly, there would have been a barrage of comments about that too! Never anything nice on here just criticisms...

2317 days ago


FIRST!!!! Get lifes to those that post on this site...Me included!

2317 days ago


uh.first of all..when traveling, i always have EMPTY bags to pack for checked or carrying on...............i always CHECK that what I am bringing on board is legal...............lighters, liquids, etc................If I had a GUN license, I am sure my gun would not be in a bag that I just carry around everyday and may accidentally just bring it to the airport...........common sense is the issue.........not forgetfulness etc.......................................Mike in NYC

2317 days ago


Hmm...know what's interesting? Vonzell, a black woman, says this and you call it a ridiculous statement. Dennis Farina, a white man, says it and you don't call it a ridiculous statement.


2317 days ago


You people are all retarded. That stuff happens all the time. You are only talkin smack because you never fly anywhere. I have left the craziest crap in my luggage only to be told that, apparently, "you can't carry a five inch hunting knife on the plane" (word to the wise...avoid packing while very drunk at five in the morning for a seven am flight). You idiots think that she intentionally brought the gun with her? An excuse? ha ha ha either she is so stupid that she thought they wouldn't notice are you are all stupid enough to think that her explanation is just an "excuse".

2317 days ago
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