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Javon -- Sprayed Out Before He Got Laid Out

6/17/2008 11:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hours before Javon Walker got his face broken during a late-night robbery, the NFL superstar was partying his face off at a nightclub.

SpyOnVegas.com caught Walker, who wore a gigantic diamond watch to the "Sunday School" party at Body English, spraying the crowd down with bottles of Dom Perignon Rosé from his own private booth. We're told Walker, who just signed a $55 million deal with the Raiders, dropped at least $15,000 inside the club that night.

Hours after the pics were taken, Walker was found unconscious at an intersection near the Strip, having suffered a fractured eye socket.

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Any c$%^k sucker who keeps going out after his so-called friend and former Bronco Teammate Daren Williams, was gunned down last yr in Denver, which happened to skip his funeral deserves this....karma is a b!tch

2285 days ago



2285 days ago


I know Javon, and have known him since high school. He really is a
nice, generous guy. The people commenting don't know him or the
situation. He was mugged while walking by himself in front of the
Bellagio. He ISN'T the thug you say he is, he doesn't have an
entourage or security team. It's so offensive to hear all the racist
names everyone is calling him. If people weren't jealous of him they
would all feel bad that this happened and not wish terrible things on
another human being.

2285 days ago


thats what you get when u sign with the lowly Raiders

2285 days ago

Lucy Phoenix    

"Cops refuse to confirm any details about the incident, including where exactly Walker was found.' NEWS ARTICLE.
"He was mugged while walking by himself in front of the Bellagio. Rosco"

Where did you get your info, Rosco? I doubt someone could get mugged in front of Bellagio and not be found for several hours. They are open 24 hrs, you know, along with everybody else on the strip.

2285 days ago


I can't say I feel sorry for Javon. Much like most people said, if you are going to flash your goods, be prepared to be laid out, esp. nowadays when there are so many people living below the poverty line. It's not so much about jealousy, but who really likes showoffs? If you are going to act like a 'big bad man' (look at me, I am worth over $55 Million), then you will end up on the ground like one.

2285 days ago

that guy    

Floyd Mayweather did it.

2285 days ago


I agree WTF?. I can't stop laughing at the people who are upset about being sprayed by champagne. You're in a club in Vegas, first of all, and secondly, the club probably asked him to do it as a planned part of the party. Have these people ever been out to these kinds of places before?

And none of this has anything to do with him being a thug, learning his lesson from Darrent Williams, etc. He was a guy walking down the street by himself because he probably left his friends to go back to his hotel, and he was mugged for his diamond jewelry. It's really simple...and really sad.

2285 days ago


So if you have money, you should not buy nice things or wear them in public and you should definitely not walk on the street by yourself? And you deserve to be mugged and almost killed? That's such an odd idea. And I know for a fact that he gives a lot of money to charity, so don't go there either.

2285 days ago

tired of cry baby    

that's the same crap that got his best friend killed!!!! darrent williams!!!! who wants to get there cloths and hair sprayed in a club. dumd ass. for every action, there's a reaction!!!!!!!!!!!!

2285 days ago


You effen idiot! It would have been so much better and counter productive for you to donate that $15K then to spend that money on douches and champagne then make a club richer. I only hope that you've learn from this experience and you've proven again, that young money is loud and wrong and that true wealth whispers........

2285 days ago
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