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Seal Rages on the Road -- in Reverse!

6/17/2008 1:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Seal doesn't like the paparazzi, fine. But gunning it down a residential street -- BACKWARDS!!! -- to avoid a few photogs is just dumb and dangerous.


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If only he had sped up going forward and killed the paps. THAT would have deserved an award!!!!!.

2230 days ago


Your video guy and other paps are the ones who are dumb and create dangerous situations. You guys are morons.

2230 days ago


I'm the smart one....I think you hit that nail on the head, my friend!

2229 days ago

Puter Boi    

The dangerous antics come from the slugs and vipers and animal dung who work for TMZ.

2229 days ago


Seal Rules...He should have taken out those flambouyant paps. That guy was laughing like he was in some tickle fight. What the hell is going on? Why do you people post this crap? Why am I watching this...I can't wait for the no Paparazzi rules to go in effect in 2009...must be a bad news day.

2229 days ago

just wondering    

What a idiot. If Britney did this it would be world wide news and charges would be laid. He shouldn't be with Heidi Klum if he can't stand the papps, NONE of them would be paying any attention to him if it wasn't for her. Send an errand boy out Seal if u can't handle it anymore. What a selfish wreckless STUPID irresponsible thing to do. I can sure picture u when u lose ur temper, ur poor childeren, wonder what goes on behind closed doors in ur household?

2229 days ago


i didn't mean to say "if he kills someone stupid" (that's what you get for not proofreading) duh!

2229 days ago


This guy hasn't had a hit in years...he's basically irrelevant to pop culture as a whole. Big deal he had some hits in the early 90’s – early 90’s at that. What Kiss from a Rose (can kiss my ass) and Crazy (it’s crazy the photogs even film this prick)? Who cares?

I heard they call him Seal because his face is liked to being clubbed like a baby seal. Just another moulinyan with some money. I’d like to see Seal walk his black ass through Howard Beach…

2229 days ago


I love how everyone is saying the paps are crazy, but yet their the ones on the pap's website supporting the "stalking" behavior. If you don't support the pap's actions, don't support their website. Seems obvious to me.

2229 days ago


It's obvious by the video that he *wasn't* speeding. The only time his speed was anything faster than the paps could match on foot was when he had a clear route in the parking lot.

2229 days ago


Pisan, racist much? Ugh, when will people like you die so the world can be a better place? Maybe migrate underground where you really belong, caveman. You sound so angry as if Seal did something personally to you. So jealous...and yes, Seal will walk on Howard Beach (where ever that is), and nothing will happen to him. Why? Because hopefully all people like you wil be dead. I promise the world will be better pace w/o the greedy, hateful, closed minded, murderous, racist.

2229 days ago


People like me don't get celebrity 'cause I'd run your pap a$$ down and then still proceed to my next errand or appointment. One thing is for sure, somwhere, LA, NYC or some celebrity ladden place, a pap will probably go down and if it's one of yours tmz, there probably won't be that much sympathy, if any.

2229 days ago

Rock Singer    

What ASS HOLE's all of them some one could of gotten killed and for what.. come on people lets kill people in Iraq the right way not on the streets of Beverly Hills. :)

2229 days ago


stars need to remember that they are not above the law and they would not be stars if no one would buy there music and see there movies so people should stop and remember that even if they are running from the paparazzo....the dude has kids come on!!!

2229 days ago


he's used to gunning down that
tattooed model backwards;

2229 days ago
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