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Seal Rages on the Road -- in Reverse!

6/17/2008 1:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Seal doesn't like the paparazzi, fine. But gunning it down a residential street -- BACKWARDS!!! -- to avoid a few photogs is just dumb and dangerous.


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Seal could have killed someone and needs to accept the fact that being in the public life, just like any other job, there are advantages and disadvantages to that job, unfortunately the paps is a disadvantage. Is it right? No, but what if he had hurt or killed someone, whose he's going to blame, the paps? GIMME BREAK!!! You can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

2317 days ago


What an idiot...he could have hurt someone! Too bad he didn't drive forward, the paps are the ones who deserve to get run over.

2317 days ago


Re: 12. I love when dumb people come and bitch about the paps while they visit the site and look at all the pics that the same paps take. You silly morons.

Posted at 12:58PM on Jun 17th 2008 by I'm the smart one
I was just thinkin the same thing. We must enjoy looking at this sight and where would it be with the photogs.

2317 days ago


Seal is in a Parking Lot, not a street. He did the right thing by not hitting one of these pushy idiots. This is getting ridiculous that a celebrity can't go do some grocery shopping without the paps making a big deal about it. Celebs are people too and deserve to blend in with the rest of us. If the paps want to take pics of celebs shopping go to Rodeo Dr, that's what they made it for!

2317 days ago


This is part of the price you pay for electing to have a career in the public eye. If he would just ignore the paparazzi and go on his way I don’t think anyone would care too much about him, especially when he is alone. Now, if he’s with Heidi that’s something else again. I’m just saying he’s bringing on this publicity with his reaction and should wise up and control himself.

2317 days ago


Wow, that was scary to watch...totally reckless! I know the paps are totally annoying, but two wrongs don't make a right. He could have hit an innocent person.

2317 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

I am not anti Seal and Heidi or anything.
thepaps are chsing him---WRONG on their part. Whychase him? He is really not newsy because he does not make himself that way. Heidi is. He really is low profile famous. He does his music and shows and does not seek publicity and interviews.
HE should stop al lof the running and sending up F-U fingers and stuff. Smile and move on. Goout ingonito. Go place sfor errands thephotographers will not be. He could get another job. Be a mail,an if he does not wnt this fame game. It comes with the job.If he does this, they will stop. B-O-R-I-N-G. They do not want boring pics. Seal going in revers was STUPID. HE could have hit somebody and that person would have sued him AND the photographers and would have won in a very good, clear, and easy case$$$$

2317 days ago


I guess Heidi likes them mean and ugly.

2317 days ago


True the photographers are way out of line, but come on that flashy little convertible for a big guy like Seal? If he didn't want to be spotted he wouldn't be riding around with his VERY RECOGNIZABLE FACE in a convertible sports car. Please he's got more DIVA moves than his wife!

2317 days ago


#22. He had PAPS before he met Heidi. Kissed By A Rose was the number 1 song in the word, wriiten years before he ever met her. How old are you?

2317 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Seal is the UGLIEST man in the world - inside and out. YUCK !!!!!

2317 days ago


I can't wait till you guys get a BEAT DOWN!!!!!!

2316 days ago


seal needs to get that lame shizz outta here. what retard drives backwards and could have potentially caused an accident to avoid CAMERAS? hello?! you're not being shot at. you didn't just rob a bank. quit being so effin stupid. he doesn't want attention, but he acts like an attention whore and makes the paparazzi chase him? i just lost all respect for seal. he is way too childish, when it comes to this. if other celebrities don't wanna be bothered, they smile and nod. he's ready to take an innocent person's life for this non-sense. he needs his license revoked. he wants to be treated like a normal person; punish him like one. any other person would give to be in his shoes, and the paparazzi has to make a living too. i've seen instances where if a celebrity was polite to a paparazzo, they would back off a little. grow up, seal. you're not that big a deal anyway.

2316 days ago


Seal acted like an idiot. Plain and simple. Doesn't matter what his opinion of the pap is. It doesn't warrant that type of reckless behavior.

2316 days ago


god you guys defend your stupid paps way too much. what about when the paps follow celebs in packs of 15 cars running red lights and nearly causing deadly accidents every turn they make. or chasing down celebs in their cars almost making the celebs crash, which i bet is their main motive so they can get exclusive pics of the crash they just caused.
give it a rest TMZ you guys are disgusting when it comes to your wolf like aggressive tactics.
go to hell

2316 days ago
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