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Tyler Perry:

Talk to the Hand, Cuz!

6/17/2008 5:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tyler Perry's flicks mine his family for all kinds of material, but heaven help the family member who uses Tyler's name for a little career boost!

Tyler's cousin Marlon Campbell, an Atlanta producer-director, tells TMZ that when he mentioned his cousin's name in connection with his own movie, something called "Oblivious", he got a smackdown letter from Tyler's lawyers. (We're told by another source that they've hardly seen each other since they were little kids.)

Any connection between Marlon's stuff and Tyler, says the letter, is "intentionally misleading" and "wrongfully infringes upon the economic value of Mr. Perry" -- a guy whose movies and plays have made well over $200 million.

Perry's next flick? "The Family That Preys." No joke.


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NO more insulting FIRST people !

2287 days ago


But he's such a good ol' christian boy....NOT! I always say the almighty dollar is best at revealing true character.

2287 days ago

currently preggo    

Hey, I ain't mad at him, he made his empire without name dropping. Who knows, maybe his cousin's stuff was crap that he didn't want his name on. TMZ is always trying to start something.

2286 days ago


Never heard of either of them.

2286 days ago

currently preggo    

Everybody has that one relative that comes out of the woodwork to make money off of you!

2286 days ago


I agree with #5

2286 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

#4 and 5 are right. IT is just business. Why don't Maroln just do it on his own without mentioning Tyler Perry and Marlon's name is not even Perry. Business,

2286 days ago

Crack is WHACK!!!!!    

Excuse me "Fake Religion" where was good ole Marlon when Tyler was HOMELESS and living in his car? It's funny how when you get $$$$ you inherit all these relatives that could not be found when the $$$$ wasn't around.

Besides he helps people all the time. Homeless people, people down on their luck and the Katrine victims etc.etc.etc. Did you know he paid for 20 homes to be built for displaced Katrina Families? OR how he helped the homeless woman who only wanted shoes to put her feet and he ended getting her a place to stay and as it turned out she turned her life around. Got a job and a permanent home.

What have you done for anyone......that's what I thought NOTHING!!!!!!!!

2286 days ago

Crack is WHACK!!!!!    

By the way......I agree with #5 also!!!!!!

2286 days ago

michigan watcher    

Good for Tyler!!!! I totally agree with the comment about where were these peeps when Tyler was struggling? In the same hole that Mr. Perry was in! Now they are using his fame to climb out also! Lawyers hell, Just send Madea out with her piece of steel to settle the matter between kin!! lol

2286 days ago

PHX Ahole    

Uh, isn't it spelled "whose movies and plays..."?

2286 days ago


Gimme a break...Tyler Perry sounds like a jerk. Why would someone not want to gve his family member a boost when Tyler's had so much LUCK in the business? It's not like he's hard up on money. I think that when you've made as much money as Perry has, you have a moral obligation to help out your family. And a cease and desist letter? Come on...ever heard of picking up the phone and asking your cousin not to use your name? Either way, how arrogant can you be, when you won't let your own family member say hes related to you. GET OVER YOURSELF!

I never liked his movies before-they're REALLY predictable and badly acted. Now I have even more reason not to watch them.

2286 days ago


Tyler might be the black director/producer du jour, but his movies suck. If I were the cousin I wouldn't want to mention him anyway.

2286 days ago



2286 days ago


Tyler is correct!!! His cousin is trying to use Tylers name to make his mark. He should have been man enough to go to Tyler with his plan.

2286 days ago
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